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Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable

Electric KettlesCuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable · includes 2 listings

3.5 from 64 reviews

Latest review: Now on the 4th kettle in 6 years. Lid failure, electronics failed. Because of the initial cost & inconveniance of claiming on the warranty, it's time Cuisinart made this kettle more

Price (RRP) $199.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
Kambrook Aquarius BPA Free KAK60

Electric KettlesKambrook Aquarius BPA Free KAK60

3.9 from 27 reviews

Latest review: Bought Jan 2016. Not one single problem; used daily; still works like new. Though I suspect Kambrook, like many companies nowadays, has quality control issues, based on the other reviews here. We run

  • Capacity1.7 L
Smeg KLF03

Electric KettlesSmeg KLF03 · includes 7 listings

4.0 from 22 reviews

Latest review: The kettle isn’t too bad to use but within a few months we noticed that the laminate on the kettle began to form a bubble. It looks really ugly and to be honest from a good brand like smeg, we didn’t

  • Capacity1.7 L
Kmart 1.7L Kettle with Variable Temperature

Electric KettlesKmart 1.7L Kettle with Variable Temperature

4.1 from 18 reviews

Latest review: I have the glass kettle with the variable temperature and I do love having the option of different water temperatures as a tea drinker. It is fairly quiet and boils water quickly. For the price, this

Price (RRP) $59.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
DeLonghi Icona / Icona Vintage Kettle

Electric KettlesDeLonghi Icona / Icona Vintage Kettle · includes 2 listings

3.0 from 107 reviews

Latest review: My first kettle lasted about 2 yrs then stopped working so we bought another one and same thing happened after 2 yrs stopped working, expected more for the price these sell for. Wouldn’t buy another

  • Capacity1.7 L
Kambrook 1.5 BPA Free Glass KKE760CLR

Electric KettlesKambrook 1.5 BPA Free Glass KKE760CLR

3.7 from 24 reviews

Latest review: Bought the kettle in 20 June 2018 so it is 21 months old. It stopped working 1 April 2020. Element failed. Very disappointed. 21 months is a very short life. Kettles should last longer. Consumer

  • Capacity1.5 L
Tefal Mini 0.8L

Electric KettlesTefal Mini 0.8L · includes 2 listings

3.4 from 32 reviews

Latest review: We bought this kettle for caravan seemed ok for 2 years then tea tasted funny like plastic blamed tea/water etc tried bottled water new tea same taste! Only plastic is lid ?not safe plastic ! Would

Price (RRP) $49.01 to $59.95

  • Capacity0.8 L
Breville Crystal Clear

Electric KettlesBreville Crystal Clear · includes 4 listings

2.9 from 98 reviews

Latest review: I bought the Breville The Crystal Clear BKE750CLR Electric Kettle recently, but unfortunately the next morning, we noticed a lot of water on the kitchen bench and in and around the electric base. It

  • Capacity1.7 L
Breville the Compact Kettle Clear BKE395CLR

Electric KettlesBreville the Compact Kettle Clear BKE395CLR

4.1 from 17 reviews

Latest review: I bought this kettle because of its claim to be plastic free - which is a lie! The lid is full with plastic (boiling water will condense there). Glass Jug

  • Capacity1 L
Morphy Richards Aspect Kettle

Electric KettlesMorphy Richards Aspect Kettle · includes 13 listings

3.4 from 30 reviews

Latest review: This is best looking kettle i've owned and by far it's been working perfectly. I have the matching toaster and my kitchen is now complete! Definitely purchase Morphy Richards

  • Capacity1.5 L
Breville the Soft Top Clear BKE495

Electric KettlesBreville the Soft Top Clear BKE495

3.2 from 37 reviews

Latest review: This kettle looks good and works fine until the soft open lid fails. It is the weakest link. The soft open gradually stopped working, then when trying to manually close the lid the entire mechanism

  • Capacity1.7 L
Kmart 1.7L Euro Kettle

Electric KettlesKmart 1.7L Euro Kettle

4.8 from 10 reviews

Latest review: What a great kettle. I have spent a fortune on kettles for them to only last 12, maybe 18 months. This kettle we have had for 3 months and it's great so far! Reasonably quiet, looks great, easy to

Price (RRP) $39.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
Breville the Soft Top Luxe BKE735

Electric KettlesBreville the Soft Top Luxe BKE735

3.6 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Kettle is less than six months old and glass lid has cracked and coming away from lid. This was an expensive purchase and I am very disappointed in the quality. Don’t buy this After reading the r

  • Capacity1.7 L
Morphy Richards Accents Traditional

Electric KettlesMorphy Richards Accents Traditional · includes 22 listings

2.6 from 127 reviews

Latest review: Had the kettle for a few years and the paint started chipping within a few months. The paint also faded in a drip mark pattern, almost as if from hot water dripping down the sides. I thought it was

  • Capacity1.5 L
Sunbeam Morning Frost Glass Kettle KE6200

Electric KettlesSunbeam Morning Frost Glass Kettle KE6200

4.3 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Bought one of these and within a week or two the plastic on the spout began to split so it leaked when being poured. Only got worse from there with more and more leaks which meant I had to pour over

  • Capacity1.7 L
DeLonghi Brillante Kettle

Electric KettlesDeLonghi Brillante Kettle · includes 3 listings

2.9 from 36 reviews

Latest review: Love the look of my red kettle, but the noise is unbelievable which I find surprising for such an expensive kettle.The water boils quite quickly, but it is difficult to see the water level

  • Capacity1.7 L
Kogan Cordless Smart Glass

Electric KettlesKogan Cordless Smart Glass

4.1 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Great looking, fast to boil and easy to clean. No issues and I like that I can set the temp. I drink black tea and used to use a dash of cold water- only heat to 90deg now and I think the tea tastes

  • Capacity2 L
Sunbeam Belle-Aqua KE7110

Electric KettlesSunbeam Belle-Aqua KE7110

3.6 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Used ours maybe 5000 times over 3 yrs, and it's still great. Looks a little bit tired but fair enough. Fills easily, boils quickly, pours well. Quite robust as a few mistakes haven't killed it. About

  • Capacity1 L
Kmart 1.7L Stainless Steel Kettle

Electric KettlesKmart 1.7L Stainless Steel Kettle · includes 7 listings

3.2 from 24 reviews

Latest review: Had a black one horror peeled inside over time probably slowly poising me, then i thought ok stainless steel cant go wrong, Nope that funky taste is back!!! Nasty kettles from China no doubt!!!

Price (RRP) $20.00 to $39.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
Bellini BTK615

Electric KettlesBellini BTK615

2.7 from 52 reviews

Latest review: It boils water great but the three unnecessary ear piercing beeps when it’s finished is ridiculous. Great if you’d like to give up your early morning cuppa or the late night Milos. Its going in the bi

Price (RRP) $49.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
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