ieatwords.com.au's Ambassador Program FAQs

What is the Ambassador Program?

ieatwords.com.au’s Ambassador Program invites users to post reviews about new and pre-release products. This help researching consumers make better purchasing decisions. Reviewers are invited to become Ambassadors based on the quality and helpfulness of their reviews. ieatwords.com.au provides reviewers with products from participating brands that they get to keep.

Ambassador submitted reviews are the independent opinions and experiences of our reviewers. Brands are not able to influence, modify, or edit these reviews. Similarly, ieatwords will not modify or edit these reviews, as long as they comply with the ieatwords.com.au Posting Guidelines.

Why is the Ambassador Program important?

The Ambassador Program provides customers with unbiased and useful information for new products in the market. These reviews are written by trusted ieatwords.com.au users.

How do I get involved in the Ambassador Program?

Our Ambassador Program is available by invitation only. Writing consistent, well-composed product and business reviews will increase your chance of being selected.

You can see examples of well-written reviews below:

When selecting Ambassadors, ieatwords.com.au does not look at the ratings of the reviews, but at how valuable the content is to other consumers. The reviewer’s demonstrated interest in products will also impact the products that they are eligible for. This ensures that the reviews are written by people who are familiar with the category that the product belongs to.

Are the reviews written by Ambassadors different from other reviews on ieatwords.com.au?

A review that has been submitted as a part of the Ambassador Program will be identified with an ‘Ambassador Review’ badge.

Where does ieatwords.com.au get the products?

Products are provided by manufacturers and brands who are participating in the program.

Are Ambassadors expected to write only positive reviews?

No, we are looking for genuine and unbiased feedback for these products. This can be positive, neutral, or negative, as long as the review meets the ieatwords.com.au Posting Guidelines.

Are Ambassadors paid to write reviews or influenced in writing favourable reviews?

No, participation in the Ambassador Program is voluntary and Ambassadors are not paid to participate in the Program however they get to keep the product(s).

Will writing a negative review remove an Ambassador from the Program?

No, writing a negative review will not impact an Ambassador’s future participation from the Program. The main focus is to ensure that their review is a genuine recount of their experience in using the product.

Do Ambassadors receive products before they are officially released?

In some cases, Ambassadors will receive pre-release products for participants to review prior to launch.

Can participating brands and manufacturers influence Ambassadors?

No, brands and manufacturers are not allowed to contact Ambassadors in an attempt to influence their review under any circumstances.

How do Ambassadors fill in the "purchase date" for their reviews if they received their products directly from the brand?

Since Ambassadors receive products from brands in return for an unbiased review, they do not purchase the product. Instead, the date in this field refers to the date that the Ambassador received this item.

How can Ambassadors determine value for money for the products they receive from this program?

Ambassadors are not required to purchase the products that they receive. Instead, their evaluation of the value for money are based on whether the quality and performance of the product is worth the RRP of the product. This field is also optional and is completed at the Ambassador’s discretion.