Be rewarded for writing genuine reviews

Get a $20 Coles gift card by writing 4 informative reviews (negative or positive) with a proof of purchase document for products you have purchased in the last 12 months from the following categories.
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Promotion Notes

  • You are required to provide a proof of purchase document for the reviewed products.
  • All four reviews must belong to one of the categories mentioned above in order to be eligible for this promotion.
  • The products reviewed should be currently available for sale from an Australian retailer. (Tip: If an item has a yellow notice saying it has been discontinued or replaced, it is unlikely to be eligible for this promotion).
  • Please be detailed in your review! Your contribution will help thousands of consumers to be more informed in purchasing these products.
  • Each individual member is eligible to receive one gift card for the duration of this promotion. Gift cards are not stackable unless otherwise specified.
  • You will not immediately receive the gift card. Gift cards are sent out on the last working day of the week.
  • This promotion is open to residents of Australia only. Any reviews written by members outside of Australia will not be eligible for a reward.
  • Read the promotion's full terms and conditions.