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AmyMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Best pregnancy vitamin out there


I started taking Elevit as I didnt realise there were alternative pregnancy vitamins. Elevit made me so constipated I went from going to the toilet 1-2 times a day to once a week and that was little black stools. It also aggravated my morning sickness which was horrible. I switched to Blackmores and was surprised about how much better I felt ! I was no longer constipated, it did not aggravate my morning sickness and I just found them easier to take in general. I will be taking Blackmores again for my next pregnancy, highly recommend!

Rach W

Rach WSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Used throughout 2 pregnancies


These are great. Can be found on sale at woolies or chemist warehouse at a fraction of the RRP.
They are gentle on the stomach, don't cause constipation and don't repeat on you.

I used these throughout both pregnancies and during breastfeeding with no issues and did not need additional iron supplementation. Highly recommend



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Good alternative to Elevit


I had heard from people who used Elevit that it caused them to become a little "backed up" so I prefer these. I find Blackmores easy to swallow, don't have a gross aftertaste like some multivitamins and you can pick them up for a good price when on special (which is often) at Chemist warehouse.

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Loved it and affordable!


This is really good product of blackmores. I usually buy heaps if they are on special. Can’t fault it

MandYYYY y

MandYYYY yPerth

  • 8 reviews

Easy to swallow


I had difficulty swallowing elevit due to tablet size.
So happy that this was recommended by my pharmacist as now do not have problem consuming it or making me nauseas.
Although comparing the products Elevit has a higher content of the vitamins and minerals however this does not bind me up as experienced with Elevit in the past.


ShayWestern Australia

  • 15 reviews

Highly recommend..


I used these vitamins from start to finish of my pregnancy with both my 2 kids, and until i finished breastfeeding. Blackmores pregnancy vitamins were recommended to me by my midwife. I always felt great when i took my vitamins. And it's was great to be reassured i was taking the right vitamins for my babies.


DaniMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Absolute best vitamins!


I used these vitamins throughout my entire pregnancy and now that I'm breastfeeding I still take them everyday. The vitamins are fantastic and I love that they don't make you constipated! They are competitively priced compared to other brands and I've almost always gotten them on special for $25 rather than paying retail $50-$60 for the 180 capsules.

Very happy with this product


I find this product really good- complete range of vitamins and minerals that I need for my pregnancy and can't beat the price. I haven't tried Elevit because Blackmores was so competitively priced. I have had no issues at all with constipation, gas etc. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I find the tablets a bit bulky to swallow- my gag reflex with pregnancy nausea is strong so I really have to concentrate to get them down!

Really not a fan....

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  • 5 reviews

Saved me from too much nausea & vomiting


Fine so far


Been using this for almost two weeks since I found out I was pregnant, no major issues, I can't say whether it's helping my vitamin levels but overall there's been no major constipation like others have mentioned.
I do feel a bit gassy/burping after taking it which lasts about an hour, I'd suggest eating - take tablet - eat a bit more because there is a strange taste that comes up too... the actual tablets are reasonably sized, have fish oil and have a 'pleasant' taste/smell when they are near/in your mouth (haven't dared to let it dissolve or bite it though obviously!) so thats always a bonus

I bought this one because it was 40% off at Priceline


karenn.elizabethPerth, WA

  • 24 reviews

Great pregnancy vitamins


Used blackmores Pregnancy gold with my 2nd child and had no issues or symptoms. Once in a blue moon I did get the fishy after taste but that never bothered me. Tablets are a bit big and you require to take two. Currently using it again for my 3rd and still no issues.

Constipaion, nausea, gas,gas, gas....


The constipation is unbearable ! I have been eating prunes, yoghurt, fruitjuices, plenty of water,etc... but still I'm extremely constipated, I can feel the vitamins flavour in my mouth all day since I've swallowed then they are like a brick ! I am 7 weeks pregnant but I look 6 months pregnant because I am so full with gas!!! I cant eat properly, because my stomach and my bowels hurts.... its a disaster,I already lost 3 kg,
but Im happy I found the reason....


Mama_KSydney Surrounds, NSW

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good and bad


I've been taking blackmore's breastfeeding and pregnancy gold during pregnancy and a post-partum. Had no issues with it during pregnancy but since I've given birth, it gave me severe constipation. I wasn't sure what was causing the constipation until I stopped it and my bowels returned to normal...so really, it's a matter of trial and error.

Louise A

Louise AMildura

Would not recommend


I started taking these tablets based on the reputation of the brand. After a week of severe bloating, horrible stomach pains and so much gas I have decided to swap to another brand that I had absolutely no problem with in my last pregnancy. Seriously - so bad are the gas/stomach pains it has been keeping me awake for hours at night. I have not enjoyed the start of this pregnancy at all due to being so uncomfortable.

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100 happy

100 happyNewcastle

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3rd baby sooooo constipated!


I am now 10 weeks my Doctor recommend I use a supplement that had iron. So I choose blackmores as I have used it in the past it seemed fine. This time around after may trials with different things I have come to the conclusion this suppliment is the cause of my nausea, constipation and gas ! so as of Today I am officially giving it the flick . sorry but I won't be using blackmores again it just doesn't work for me this pregnancy.

Highly recommend


I gave this a try as soon as I found out I was pregnant... it's a new and improved formula and smaller capsule. I don't know what fishy smell is talking about i think it smells fine! U can't expect it to smell the flowers it's a multi vitamin for crying out loud haha. I love it i feel like it's everything my baby needs as well as myself. I feel confident taking this product :) love it



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It is all you need in pregnancy


My GP recommended this product to me for a healthy, non-complicated pregnancy. This is the only supplement I took throughout my pregnancy and it was brilliant! It provided me with everything I need for the baby on top of the usual healthy meals I have everyday. All my blood test results were great so thanks to Blackmore pregnancy and breast feeding gold. The only negative is it does smell a little fishy but I guess that is the sacrifice I have to make to have a healthy baby! Buy this in chemist warehouse because they are always on sale!



  • 28 reviews

Didn't have any issue


I didn't have any issue with this product so I kept taking it throughout my pregnancy and I still take it as I express breast milk. I could've tried other brands but Blackmore is a well known company so I didn't want to risk using other companies' products. I didn't notice the fishy smell others have mentioned but I had very good pregnancy and didn't really have morning sickness so maybe that's why. I found capsules to be large but soft so not so hard to swallow. My baby was born healthy so I guess it helped. If you look out for sales, you can buy them much cheaper, although I still thought they were pricy. For the benefit of your baby I guess it's worth it.


jodienasPerth, WA

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Good and easy to swallow


These are smaller then other horse table sized pregnancy supplements I have tried and so it make them a lot easier to swallow. They have a vanilla scent when opening the jar although if you suffer from burping during you pregnancy you can sometimes taste the supplement when your burp which isn't nice. I recommend having them at night before bed if you can't handle the burp flavour of it. I find that these help a lot too with soothing my nausea especially now that I'm in my second trimester (if I stop taking them I start to feel like I'm in the nausea first trimester stage again). The major thing with these that I think could be improved upon is making it one capsule a day instead of 2.

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