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Disgusting. Constant fishy breathe and reflux


Prefer the old formulae. This new version has fish oil in the capsule. Makes me gag after taking it. Tried different time of the day, before big meals, lots of water don't help at all. Throwing the unopened bottles. Other brands with fish oil don't have similar issues. Also need to take 2 so not really good value.


TH88Sydney, NSW

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Highly recommended!


I took these vitamins from day one of finding out we were pregnant!

The doctor recommended them over Elevit and other brands.

If you can manage to swallow vitamins on the larger side you'll be fine. I took two per day throughout my whole pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding with no issues.

Each woman is different and their pregnancy will require different needs/supplements... I would suggest after seeking medical advice/approval to give these a try.

You can purchase the larger container relatively cheap on the Chemist Warehouse site.
No side effects, reasonably priced & easy to find
Larger sized vitamins - but a small sacrifice to ensure your babies health and well being.


JulieXXPerth, WA

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The pregnancy vitamins are disgusting I swapped recently from elevit as blackmores were far cheaper now I know why. The constipation is unbearable ! I have been eating prunes & drinking hot water & lemon & prune juice but still I'm disgustingly constipated, I can feel the vitamins in my stomach all day since I've swallowed then they are like a brick ! I am 8 weeks pregnant but I look 8 months pregnant because I am so full of air I fart & burp all day & night it's disgusting, my doctor agreed this is a bad brand and causes severer constipation !


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Good all rounder


I liked this vitamin - I researched all sorts of different ones and this one came highly recommended. My obstetrician recommended this one also, which is a big endorsement in my books. Taking 2 capsules a day didn't bother me, if anything it provided more piece of mind about ensuring baby got enough of the nutrients it needed.
Price compared to Elevit



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Great vitamins but where did the vanilla go?!


Have been taking these vitamins throughout entire pregnancy but it seems that the longer I take them the worse the smell becomes. Easy to swallow and keep down but the worsening smell of fish food is starting to put me off. Most importantly they have everything a growing baby needs. Shop online and you can buy them much cheaper than the supermarket or pharmacy < $30/180
Easy to swallow and good on the tummy
Vanilla scent seems to wear off over time

Miss e

Miss eGold coast, QLD

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Can't fault them!


I took these with my first child and now with baby number two on the way i converted straight back to these. Never had any problems with them - they seem big but go down with no issues. You do have to take two a day which might be annoying but most people just take them both at the same time.
Cheaper then elevit; bulk pack available; all the essential vitamins etc



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Great Vitamins


I just changed to these from Elevit as Elevit was making me feel sick. So far I've had no problems with Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold. I also like that these have fish oil in them so I don't have to take another tablet as well (being fish oil). I got it on special at $33.99 for 180 tablets (two tablets a day so three months supply). They are a bigger capsule but I don't find them hard to swallow at all. Also the vanilla flavour is barely noticeable, in fact I don't notice any taste at all.
Includes fish oil which is excellent for brain development (Elevit does not contain fish oil).
Two tablets instead of one, but I just take them at the same time so not too much difference.



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Have loved them until now


I had my 2nd baby 5 months ago and used them throughout my pregnancy and for my first son too
Recently they changed to the new vanilla flavour which I really liked but in the last week my tablets have started smelling and tasting awful it's best described as fish food. No idea why but I wish it would go away!

Still great vitamins tho, these are the ones I recommend to all my newly pregnant friends
Easy to swallow
Started smelling & tasting like fish food


Mandy-lee13NSW, 2470

  • 22 reviews

Only ones i use!!

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Great all-rounder


With this being my first pregnancy I was worried about every choice, luckily this one was an easy one.

Our local woolworths always have them discounted so I dont have to shop around. I have used blackmores when I have been iron deficient and they worked really well without any side effects and after 5 months I can was say the same about these supplements too.

Contains all the important vitamins and minerals the baby needs such as iodine, folic acid, iron, b group vitamins etc. The omega 3 is natural from fish with low mercury levels.

I will continue to take these for many more months
Easy to swallow, often discounted at woolworths, good vanilla taste.

Mummy C

Mummy CSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 23 reviews

Great Supplement


I started on Elevit but found the high levels of iron made me extremely constipated. After my first trimester I went to Blackmores as it contains fish oil also so it was one less tablet I had to take. They are also much cheaper than Elevit and can be purchased from the supermarket. When they are on special they are much more affordable.
less iron and more fish oil



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My husband is a pharmacist so he started me taking these when we started talking about trying to conceive. Once I was pregnant and morning sickness started I struggled to take these are the capsules are very big. Once morning sickness eased I was okay and continued to take them after birth and until my child weaned from breastfeeding. The Blackmores formula provides all the nurtrients required for a pregnant and breastfeeding woman and also helps the developing foetus and breastfed child. This is the number 1 pregnancy vitamin that my husband recommends to customers in his pharmacy.
Contains fish oil
Very large tablet, hard to ingest when suffering morning sickness



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My doctor recommended I take these multi vitamins as they contain the full range of vitamins and minerals including fish oil (apparently a lot of other supplements don't contain fish oil and it is very beneficial for your developing baby). I only managed to take these supplemlents for the first three months as I found that they were just too big and made me gag.
Contains fish oil
Very big - hard to swallow



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There is better vitamins out there.


Blackmores was the first vitamins I took when I fell pregnant, however I found them to be very expensive and they smelt horrible.
When I finished them I looked around for another vitamin and found Swisse pregnancy ultivate one a day. They were cheaper, smelt better, only have to take one a day and they contain fish oil.
You can find them everywhere



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I was using Elevit prior to this. After seeing my OB, he suggested that I switch to Blackmores instead as this has iodine and a few more extra goodies that Elevit doesn't have. With Elevit, I have had a problem with constipation. This went away as soon as I switched to Blackmores. I have used Blackmores until after giving birth well into my breastfeeding days. This has been highly recommended by all of the people in the medical profession that I have seen (OB, GP, midwives and nurses).
Cheaper than Elevit and it contains iodine (which elevit that does not have) which our unborn babies need for brain development
none really. some people have complained that the tablets are bigger. However, their smooth design means they go down easily.

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Find out how Blackmores Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Gold compares to other Pregnancy Supplements

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After having a horrible time with using Elevit...I switched to Blackmores with great success. Not only did my morning sickness leave, I also saved a fortune as Blackmores is cheaper. I reccommend this to any woman needing it.
Great product at a reasonable price.
Nothing to dislike.



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I started with these tablets as they have the fish oil which some other leading brands don't. However in the end I could not swallow them without gagging and then vomiting as they are so large and you need to take two. I would have to get my husband to distract me to help me not gag. I am not one normally to have difficulty taking large tablets. I went onto another brand for the remainder of both pregnancies and then used them up during breastfeeding.
Contain fish oil. Easy to use bottle that comes in a large size to make it cheaper to buy.
The tablets are large and I had morning sickness throughout my pregnancy so I had to switch to another brand.



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Reliable for use


I feel like I didn't have any morning sickness as I had this pills continually. It includes many useful ingredients for baby n Blackmore is reliable company



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I would recommend this product. Contains fish oil which is good for the developing baby. Also cost effective and easily available.
I have used this product during both of my pregnancies and am currently using as we are trying for a 3rd. I have found the product to be easily digestable, leaving no unpleasent aftertaste. Readily available in chemist and cost effective. With Blackmores products, I know that I am getting a good quality product. Also comes in a bulk "trimester" pack, adding to the value.
You have to take 2 large tablets, making it difficult for those who do not like swallowing tablets.



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Its best to buy the large tubs because they run out too quickly otherwise and it works out cheaper. I also keep an eye out for deals at chemist warehouse. Overall I think these supplements are worthwhile because they contain all the nutrients you need for a healthy baby and you dont have to take anything else. Which is helpful when you are rushing in the morning with a baby. All you need to take is 2 with water every day.
Great supplement for taking throughout. I started taking them whilst trying for a baby and I am still taking them 1 year later because I am breastfeeding.

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