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Didi 45

Didi 45Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 49 reviews

Misleading information given


On enquiring about a refurbished iPhone, I was told by Catch that it definitely was a new phone not pre owned and it would have just been slightly scratched or a demo model. I rang a second time as a different iPhone did describe it as pre owned but again I was told it was new. I read the ad out to the person on the phone and after making some enquiries they told me that one was pre owned. What amazes me is the staff working for Catch would not have any idea whether these phones are new or pre owned and are giving out false information. I am waiting for a message back after they contact the seller.

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Gina Stevens

Gina StevensPerth, WA

Phone network locked


I bought a Samsung s6 brand new in box unopened,Australian lot, as stated in the add on eBay, in September 2017 it has worked perfectly for over 1 year and now it has come up with network locked, T mobile which is American not Australian have been told cannot fix this.Anyone else had this issue?

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AIDSouth East Queensland, QLD

Do not buy off them!

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ProfessorSydney 2000

wont use them again


item arrived late and was dead on arrival.. Too much trouble.. spent time to fix it... wont use them again



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Horrible experience


I bought a samsung note 4, 3ipads and 1 samsung table spending just over $1500. These were presents for my kids for xmas. I paid express post and didn't receive my items when said. A month went past and still didn't receive anything and very little communication from the seller. I ended up receive the goods 2 and a half months later and they were all fakes! Replicas of the real thing and none even lasted more then a week. Outraged.



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Stay away -bought a new ‘iPhone’ & VanHeusen shirts- both fakes


Took my ‘iPhone’ into Apple with battery issues & they advised it wasn’t a real iPhone. It’s made of used spares & fake parts.
Shirt material is so thin that the white shirts are virtually transparent. Waste of money....
I should have read others reviews first.

Shark nv800 vacuum,fantastic,


Excellent service,quick delivery,even had tracking for parcel,safe transaction,great customer service with good helpful advice on product,a pleasant expeirance all round



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Terrible. DO NOT recommend. Would give ZERO stars if possible


Purchased a phone from them, advertised as new. Has been replaced 4 times under warranty and even then only after i had to explain Australian Consumer law. Initially refused telling me replacements weren't covered by warranty. Not what the law says. Service is shocking. Still trying to get a refund. They have resorted to ignoring my emails, and refusing to allow me to speak with a manager. Would never consider buying anything from them again.

Really bad customer service/faulty phones


I bought a Samsung s6. It had terrible reception. They replaced it with another that also had poor reception. The internal screen then broke. I returned it via post and despite proof of receipt through Aus Post, they are saying they haven't received it. No refund. No replacement. Not happy. Awful company with awful phones.

fake company


I have really bad experience in Catch Deal, they sell only rubbish products and no trust peoples, only lies.
My phone send back tree times and all ways send me other rubbish phone, looks cheaper but its more expensive products in the world.
The products as all old and doesn't work.

Don't make the same mistake like me, never!!! is my Advice





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Dodgy reconditioned lemons out of Samsung warranty


I ordered a Samsung S7 last year. I am now need the 3rd phone replaced. Imagine my surprise when I contacted Samsung direct as these guys take a month to get you a 'new' one. Imagine my surprise when Samsung told me that the 3rd new phone I received in Feb this year actually rang out of warranty in March.

They are clearly selling defective phones.

Excellent experience


Got my package on time as described
Very good customer service and always reply for any questions instantly provide a relaxing experience



very happy


I bought iphone 8 from them, and this is my 2nd phone purchased from Catchdeal.
Once again they have come out in top! Great phones at great prices, very happy customer!
Great experience overall. Definately use Catchdeal again.



CCTV camera Faulty


I would not recommend buying anything from this company. After numerous of emails to return the faulty CCTV camera for either a replacement or refund, I am still left with a camera that doesn't work, out of pocket and like a broken record they keep trying to advise me of obvious methods of how to fix the camera myself, when I have exhausted all avenues of hard resets myself. Getting no where. Never buy from them again.



Quick replacement service


Super satisfied with Catchdeal. The first phone, demo phone of Iphone 7 128gb that i bought was defective, so I emailed customer service and they requested me to send it back to us. I just need to wait around 1 week and i  received the replacement lens yesterday, and it works great now. I have bought a lot of things from Catchdeal in the past, and I have always been totally satisfied with the prices and the quick delivery of everything. This is the very first time I ever had to deal with customer service, and I felt they were fantastic. A+ all the way. I will keep buying from them, as they deliver what they promise, without a sales pitch or bait-and-switch, ever.



got free upgrade


I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB-Black from Catchdeal. And i can confirm Catchdeal is a very easy company to deal with. The product was out of stock and they e'mailed me to inform me and offer me Samsung galaxy S6 64GB with no cost extra with FREE case + screen cover and it was delivered promptly. My husband is very happy with his gift. I would recommend Catchdeal for the service is fantastic all the way to Tasmania and a great price as well thanks Guys Great job will be back .



recommended website


I purchase a new Samsung A9 pro phone, great value, quick delivery.
I was recommended this website by a work colleague and am more than satisfied with my experience. This is my first experience using Catchdeal and i really HIGHLY RECOMMEND they're service..
They were extremely helpful when I contacted for product related questions and placing my order.
Thank you Catchdeal...  :D

A schonky deal with catchdeal/ jumpingtech




Bought a so called Apple IPad, boxed and sealed. Had it less than 12months. It turned out to be counterfeit in every way. I only saved $50 on buying from a proper retail shop. After many emails and not being able to ring. I have heard nothing.

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I purchased a device from Catchdeal and it turned out to be a fake one. I emailed them anf they replied saying that they offer me a refund but im still not sure if I can get because I’ve read many complaints of people who couldnt get any refund at all.Someone please help me :((( thank u all in advance

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Go read all my posts, as I answer this. 1, Go read your rights under ACCC consumer law. 2 you will see that they must refund you in full including all your incurred costs like postage ( its law! ). 3 inform Catchdeal of your rights and file the claim. Catchdeal have outstanding ACCC enforcement and must carry out this, so also inform the ACCC of your issue. The ACCC can only inform you about the process. Catchdeal must by law fully refund you but however they do try to drag it out so you will give up. Don't give up, be firm know you rights. Remember they have been doing this a long time and the ACCC have orders they must comply too.

The trouble with all this Catchdeal and their many other alias names they use, still sell these rubbish phones from China. Read all my posts I explain where it all happens. They are never new and not ever Australian models and never will have Australian brand name warranty EVER!!! Google China refurbish phones.

I won, I got all my moneys back after they tried to delay tactics and never ending never answer questions in emails. I challenged them and kicked their a!!.





Online electronics retailers, BXT International Ltd (BecexTech) and TCF Global Ltd (which operates Techrific and CatchDeal) have admitted to contravening the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and provided court-enforceable undertakings to the ACCC.

Mikayla W

Mikayla Wasked

If you order a couple of things from Catch all in the same shop, do they send one package or individual packaging for each item?

5 answers

Don't know, I guess they would send it all at once, to save postage, I only ordered one item.


Have you not read any thing in Product review about Catchdeal or the other many alias names they go by?? All the ACCC enforcement rulings?? All the verified posts on their experiences?? WOW!! They tried to scam me then and I begun legal action upon them to enforce my rights under ACCC law for their scam. I proved my point and won. I even helped others here in their claim.

My experience with their postage was this, the tracking number did nothing at all, their time was incorrect for delivery, it took a long time to show up ( top it off the phone was Broken useless and so was the replacement after they tried to delay me with over 30 useless emails never answering my questions and requests) and they never answered any emails about postage/delivery times, or by whom is the carrier. The useless phone came from China a location near Shenzhen, google it XD


Hi, regarding Catchdeal, I wonder how long you waited to receive your refund from them? I purchased a product and it turned out to be a fake one. I emailed them anf they replied saying that they offer me a refund but im still not sure if I can get. thank u so much in advance. Someone pplease helped me :((

Paige H

Paige Hasked

How long did shipping take for there phone?

4 answers

Have you not read any thing in Product review about Catchdeal or the other many alias names they go by?? All the ACCC enforcement rulings?? All the verified posts on their experiences??

Go buy from them and learn the hard way XDD, go buy an phone not made for Australian net work, go buy a phone that is essentially second hand than this so called refurbished term, go buy a phone that comes with some ones else's problems, buy a phone with no! brand name Australian warranty ( you will be stuck with their endless, never answer your questions emails and delay tactics for any refund due to you ) and catchascam. I'll give them 10 stars out of 5 for outstanding work on how to scam sell useless broken phones. Truly outstanding work. But they fail when taken to court in this endeavour selling broken phones. I WON ALL MY COSTS BACK :P suckers :D

Michelle M.
Michelle M.

WHY Then is this still operating?
I have just purchased a dud have been emailing NO reply??


That's what they are so good at until you give up! Anyone these days can set up a internet sales sight so DO YOUR HOME WORK FIRST!
1. Do they have a real address?
2. Do they have a real phone number in Australia?
3. Did you Google their business name and read anything you find? (and you would have found this sight)
4. Did you use Google maps to go to street level and see the building in the address bar? and what did you see?
5. Did you read their email address?
6. Did you Google their ABN number? ( this will lead you to all their other names )

All this will not take you long to do and if a few min of your time is worth your money well...........

This will not take long to do, and after my experience I do all this now. There are 100's scam sights every where these days.

Go and file a charge back ASAP (Transaction Dispute form) and your Bank will refund you within 5 working days. Then inform the ACCC your issue and they will advise and register your complaint for future dealing with these scammers. If you used Paypal inform Paypal your ACCC rights and they must by Australian law refund you!!!

They will never stop as people are just always going to buy some phone if the deal sounds so good lol.

Remember so called refurbished is just a term for "old used broken phone ready for some sucker to buy"

I WON ALL MY MONIES BACK INCLUDING POSTAGE COSTS they were not happy, even got a QQ email from the scammers. They did try to delay me but I filed a charge back and that's when I got the QQ email from them "LOL"
Then after waiting some time I challenged them and forced them to pay all my other outstanding costs or face the Courts and all the costs they would be facing from that!!!

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