An excellent product no longer available.


We are very disappointed this product is no longer available. We have been using it for many years with excellent results. No side effects were experienced and it was better than having a fluoride treatment when having a dental clean and check up. The cost of the fluoride treatment was quite expensive as well as unpleasant.

Purchased in July 2021 at Chemist Warehouse for $16.49.



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Recommended by Dental Hospital Melbourne


I was advised to use this product by a Professor @ the Royal Dental Hospital, Melbourne, which I have now been using for about 8 years. Let's just say, if I don't stick to the routine of proper brushing, using this once a week & Toothmousse once a week, I really notice the difference when I eat, in particular 2 sensitive teeth. I don't know what I'm going to do now!!!!!



Discontinued by supplier???


Most perplexed that Colgate discontinued the 900 Weekly Fluoride Rinse. It is an excellent product and was highly recommended by my dental hygienist. I have been religiously using it for a couple of years and believed it played a significant role n my dental hygiene. It would be great if Colgate could reconsider bringing it back.


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MotherMoonWA, 6210

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I have to say Colgate has finally got it right with this weekly mouth rinse. I use it knowing it is helping my teeth and gums. The taste is great and the product packaging is up to date. Price wise you are looking at a costly item but if you want something that is the best then you have to be willing to pay for it. I find you only need a small amount therefore it lasts well making the product less expensive. Ten out of Ten for this one.
I have to say this weekly rinse is really great and I use it quite happily knowing I am helping my teeth and gums.

julie conquest
julie conquest

this product is great, but I do not like the new version.can I still get the old version anywhere

julie conquest
julie conquest

I think this product is great, but I do not like the new version it burns my mouth. Is the oringinal version still available anywhere

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michi a.

michi a.asked

what is the replacement/equivalent to Colgate Neutrafluor 900?

2 answers

They sell Colgate Neutrafluor 220, but it's marketed to use every day. I don't want to use it every day, u're not supposed to. (it shouldn't even be in our water!!!) I hope they bring back the 900 ASAP. Also, the Royal Dental Hospital now have a vending machine in their foyer. Of all the great things in there, they're selling Toothmousse. This should also be used once a week on another day. & it's a reasonable price from there. Not sure if you can order online from them, some Dentists sell it online, but for a lot more money. If u're in Carlton anytime during their opening hours - grab some. I also have many other excellent tips they gave me for perfect teeth for life!! The sooner you start - THE BETTER!!!!!!!

michi a.
michi a.

Thanks very much; yeah, I bought the 220, which I don't use everyday either.



Regarding the discontinuation of the 900 mouthwash l contacted Colgate and asked if it was discontinued and was told that it wasn’t discontinued but would start production again in March 2022.
Not happy with the answer l then wrote an email asking why accompany the size of Colgate would stop a product for 9 months when it is part of people’s oral health routine especially people at the greatest risk of dental decay.
Something just doesn’t add up to me.
ETC Is there something in the Mouthwash that can cause illness or long term health issues?
Or is it just a idiotic decision from the decision makers ?

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