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Our buying guide will explain which type of portable air conditioner would suit you most, how much you can expect to pay for one, and which features are worth looking out for.



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    Unsure81Launceston, TAS

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    Cools incredibly well


    Really impressed with the performance of this unit, using it in a 42 square metre lounge room with adjoining dining area and and it has dropped the temperature from uncomfortably hot to very comfortable in both areas. Just set to 20 degrees and it does it’s thing, and quiet too.

    Date PurchasedJan 2022


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    Delonghi portable air conditioner


    Great buy, it cools down 3 rooms yes that’s right,
    3 bedrooms get cooled down by this machine. Best Buy I didn’t have the wall space for another split system in the bedroom area so I opted for a portable solution for summer. As I said it cools down 3 bedrooms so we now enjoy a very comfortable night sleep.

    Date PurchasedDec 2018


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    So Fresh and Cool


    This unit has been a life saver over summer. Cools our loungeroom down and keeps it cool all day. We have also run it in the Bedroom at night and it is a little loud but you get used to it and once the room cools down the unit becomes a lot quiter. Only use we have is the vent hose could be double or tripple the lenght

    Date PurchasedNov 2017
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    A Comfortable Cool Summer


    The cooling feature has been awesome over this Summer and I hope that the heating will be as affective this winter. The water tank lasts for at least a 12 hour day which isn't a problem.
    The air vent hose isn't as long as indicated online so dont expect too much.
    The noise isn't that noticeable in our living room but it would be annoying in a bedroom.

    Date PurchasedNov 2017


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    Needs constant repairing


    I bought this air conditioner 15 months ago and have had it in to be repaired twice. I used it a whole summer the first time and did the end of season clean and found corrosion on the internal panels. Once I received it back and started using it again this summer, I found the internal water tray kept needing to be emptied after 2 hours and the system stops until this is done. Again, it has been sent off to be repaired which they then found that the limescale filter needed replacing too. I agree that it is a great system for a small bedroom and cools well but the constant repairs will put me off ever buying another delonghi product.

    Date PurchasedOct 2016


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    Great value


    Almost soundless but installing the unit took alittle longer than expected with its 4 pieces. It moves around quite easily and overall performance is great. This unit is pretty good against extreme australian heats but does not work very well in weathers below 30C. Good for apartments or bedrooms, not very good for the lounge room.

    Date PurchasedDec 2017
    Tony C

    Tony CSydney

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    Does a great Job.


    Bought this to cope with the recent Sydney summer nights (hottest on record). After looking at all the available options this model stood out as best value for a reverse cycle option. The unit is a bit noisy & takes some getting used to but the noise issue is far outweighed by its cooling capability. It was used to cool a large bedroom with a ceiling that has no insulation and it did the job extremely well. Didn't notice a huge hike in the power bill after having it running most nights through summer which was a nice surprise. Looking forward to seeing how it works as a heater in winter.

    Date PurchasedDec 2016


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    Love it!


    Pricey, but this saved us in summer this year! We specifically wanted a reverse cycle air con and this one looked to be the best investment. As we rent we needed to invest in a portable air con. Looking forward to trying it in winter with its heating ability also!

    Date PurchasedJan 2017

    it's not satisfactory


    PAC WE 120 HP Model
    Can't cool properly, even a small place around 18 meter square
    When the weather is hot outside,
    It can't work unless 2 or 3 degree less than outside.
    You can't change the air route, its wind goes
    In a fixed route!?
    there is no way to change blow direction.
    Needs filing water every day or every other day !!
    About 8 liters !

    Date PurchasedMar 2015
    Portable Air Conditioners

    Find out how DeLonghi PAC WE120HP compares to other Portable Air Conditioners

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    topionSydney, NSW

    • 14 reviews

    Not bad unit.


    It cools adequately a moderate sized room & tends to cool adjacent room.
    Portability is good, can be moved from room to room with ease.
    The unit is reasonably quiet allowing one to sleep even if it's on.
    I like the timer function where one can leave it on as you go to bed and will turn off automatically at time set.

    Date PurchasedMay 2015

    Excellent Product


    I have been using this A/C over the past 7 months including the awful summer we have had in Sydney. I live in a 2nd Storey Addition that was built about 20 years ago and was not insulated properly, so it freezes me in winter and scorches me in summer. This has saved me as I work from home on high powered computers that generate a lot of heat.

    mario fruzan

    mario fruzanMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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    Does its job nicely





    I read so many reviews on this model and all were negative. Even the salesperson told me it was going to be too loud. I purchased it after many many hours of research as it met all our requirements; heating & cooling, energy efficiency, portability, sound (dbs) level, and size for our space. We've had it for 6 months now and not one issue. Of course if makes a noise but is gentle and easy to sleep to. Plus the dehumidifying aspect makes it suitable for my mother with chronic asthma. Worth the $$$ but get the extra warranty just in case.


    swaytanCentral West, NSW

    • 8 reviews



    This air conditioner was actually a replacement for another Delonghi air conditioner that stopped working.

    I have had this product for 6 weeks & already it is asking to have it's limescale filter replaced. Also another error that cannot be found in any Delonghi information or on the internet.

    Will be getting my money refunded for the air conditioner this week.


    Questions & Answers

    Gordon Cate

    Gordon Cateasked

    have changed the filter as per inst. but the c.f.still keeps showing on the display screen.how do I reset it so it wont show until needed again? thanks

    No answers
    Gordon Cate

    Gordon Cateasked

    I have a pac we120 hp which showed c.f. I changed the filter as required with a genuine filter purchased through leader & watt. p/nth nz I followed all instructions properly, but when I restarted the air/con the C.F still shows on the screen .How do I get the C.F. to stop showing?

    No answers
    Jay jay

    Jay jayasked

    F1 error message keeps flashing. I’ve replaced the filter. What do I do now?

    No answers

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