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225 reviews
Goce South East Queensland, QLD

Horrible experience with Eagle Farm branch

The Gemini Eagle Farm branch what a bunch of Liars and manipulators I will never advise anyone to get their car repaired by them the had my car for 4 weeks did not touch a thing after the told me they only waiting on a bonnet. After 4 weeks of just sitting there I took the car out of there to a different repairer which he got the car done in 4 days and there was a bonnet available in Brisbane not from Japan.To the staff there I advise you you get your lies in order before you ring your customers.

WTF · 2 posts

Check the "quality of the repair" before you contact the customer

Replacing a part that was damaged back into the vehicle, should have been replaced with a new part the first time. I pointed out the issue upon inspecting the completed repair, but if I had not noticed it then what? (you think about it) The part was ordered and replaced but the headlight was still not flush with the repair as I ask it to be. It was a headache dealing with them, you may want to continue reading other feedback the company has received, good luck!


Disappearing Petrol

This was the second time I used Gemini in Joondalup . First time there was no issue . This time when I booked the car in I had a full tank . The fuel range on the digital display was 650kM . When I picked the vehicle up the Fuel range was 520 kM and just over three quarters of a Tank . The mileage was only 3 kM more than when I brought it in. The Gemini booking slip clearly showed I brougt the Car in with a full tank !!!

Mick Central Queensland, QLD

Not good enough

Took my Ute to the Mackay workshop after hitting a Roo. Car was delivered with a broken windscreen that they finally agreed was there fault after asking me to claim on my insurance. No. Get the car home and find overspray all over the roof and dimples and pieces stuck in the paint where they had repaired. Also the inside door handle thatsIm no winger but this simply isnt good enough. Id saved and worked hard for the Ute and to get it back like it is is not right! leather was ripped obviously when they removed or replaced. Do yourself a favour and go to one of the known local repairers itl save you some heartache if you love your car.


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Andy PP
Andy PP Sydney Surrounds, NSW · 27 posts

Also know as accident repair management penrith

runner Perth, WA · 2 posts

Im doing a runner

I was rear ended today, rang my insurance company and they have given me this repairer to take my car to. After reading your comments, my car isn't going anywhere near this place. Glad I took the time to read the reviews.

Samuel U.
Samuel U. Sydney, NSW · 2 posts

Worst Repair Centre..... DO NOT GO THERE


Job not professional

My car insured with RACV n sent me there for repair the rear bumper, less than a year paint came off but they happy to repaint for me, just no time to go back

Danielle Central West, NSW

Worst job & unsafe to drive


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Oliver Perth, WA

Just the worst quality ever, is there any quality control there?....

Nawal A.
Nawal A. Sydney, NSW

Pathetic customer service

Anon Sydney, NSW

Worst job EVER !

My car went in for a minor repair job recently and was returned to me in an even worse state than it went in. I have no idea how they do their repairs or what their quality control is but this is truly the very worst repair job I have ever had on a vehicle. It even has very visible signs of hinges that have been broken off during the repair job. If you are looking around for a panelbeater or if your insurance co tells you your car is being sent to them then make sure you know the risk you are facing with these guys - absolutely shocking !


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phil AU · 2 posts

No customer service

These people do not understand what "service" means. Changing my insurance company as they only use them !! Need new front desk personnel who understand that they are there for the customers.


Never go there!

I would never recommend this place. My car went there as part of insurance but came out of there with more issues then it was worth. They lack in customer service and get VERY defensive when you ask questions. They clearly did not take care when 'fixing' my car. A 'quality check' was apparently undertaken before I picked the car up only to find that the area on the car was not safe to drive and left the car not being secure. I had to take back and the attitude was poor, service was not ok or professional. I still have issues with the car and refuse to go back there.

DRFILL Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC · 2 posts

Denied car was there after accident but was there with keys in ignition for TWO weeks

Terrible service. Had an accident two weeks ago and insurance had organised to tow the car here (the Wantirna VIC branch). Despite me ringing Gemini Wantirna directly I kept getting told the car wasn't there. It wasn't until I rang the original tow truck company that things started happening and Gemini admitted the car was there. Also find out later that the car had been sitting in their yard for TWO weeks with the KEYS inside. This is TERRIBLE SERVICE

Carol setter
Carol setter Sydney, NSW

My repair

I would like to thank Ali for his service today, I had my Toyota Yaris repaired there today, and it looked brand new, Ali was very professional and friendly! It was really great to get my car back! Thank you Ali!

Peter Sydney, NSW · 2 posts

Excellent service

I picked up my car this afternoon after a repair to the rear bumper. Gemini did a first rate repair job with attention to detail that 'went the extra mile.'

Mizael Filho
Mizael Filho Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

The service is taking more than 5 weeks


Poor service

Not honest work! I dropped my Hyundai Tucson here for 2 weeks going through insurance to have a rear quater panel replaced. After the 2 weeks my car was given back with the panel poorly bent back into place with putty and dodgy paint. As well as the inside of the car being left in an incredibly poor state.

The manager agree'd it wasn't good enough, so they had it for another week to "actually" replace the quater panel. after receiving the car back I have noticed they still have not put the rear stone chip stickers on the car which I asked them to do last time!!! There is no point in taking it back again and getting the run around!


Brian Central West, NSW · 2 posts

Like getting a new car

I have just picked up my 2011 Lancer from Gemini Bathurst. The whole experience was terrific from reception through to a freshly cleaned car returned looking like new. The staff were friendly and the quality of their work is excellent. They really went the extra mile for us.


Treat their workers and customers like garbage

Went into Stafford shop only to be told by workers that the shop had closed down and their workers were given no notice of this. As a customer I was not told that shop had closed down. Poor organisation. I feel for anyone working for this company.

KAP Perth, WA · 2 posts

Would not recommend - delay after delay

My car was in the shop for 8 days, 3 days longer than quoted. On day 6 and day 7 new excuses were rolled out as to why the job was not completed. I was told on day 7 it would be ready at 4:30pm so paid for an uber to pick it up, but was advised at 4:15 it would now not be ready until the next day as a staff member had broken a tail light. I don't believe repairs had even been started on my car yet. Will never use again nor recommend. Customer service is non-existent here and they had no interest in hearing about my complaint, nor reimbursing me for my 2 ubers ($70.00) to Wangara for no reason.

Susanv South East Queensland, QLD · 3 posts

Terrible service, terrible quality repair

Delay after delay after delay.
Rude staff.
Really poor quality repair.
I will actively discourage anyone I know from ever leaving their car with RPM Tingalpa.
I won’t return my car to them to give them a second chance of botching it even more than they did the first time.

Val Starr
Val Starr

Repairs to Mazda 3

I recently had repairs to my Mazda 3 Touring at Gemini in Canberra. The repairs entailed a new right hand side rear door panel and kick panel. The service was excellent the staff were courteous and the repairs immaculate. Initially I was a bit nervous about the respraying but I was so happy when I saw the result after I picked up the car. Thank you Gemini Canberra.

FARBOD F. Perth, WA · 4 posts

Never even past by Gemini

They are racism people who are not from north Europe don't insure with RAC the person who took photos was very rude that I walked 10 kilometers home I be like him when I see him in my land fillings are the same.

Lee lee
Lee lee Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC · 2 posts

Excellent service

Very happy with the service and repairs done to my car, my vehicle looked new again. All works done in no longer than a week, and friendly staff to go over everything that was done

Essendon1974 Perth, WA

Excellent service

I have been provided with top quality services on 2 occasions that I have used the Kelmscott team. Both times I was given great information, the service was fast, friendly and jobs I requested were completed. Would highly recommend their services.

moggy Perth, WA · 44 posts

Very lengthy delay - Joondalup

Joondalup Centre:
SGIO mandated repair after being rear-ended.
Took 10 weeks (VW a couple of parts had to be imported from Germany)
Could not replace tow bar with like for like.
The crash repair appears to be completed competently however there were several issues with the towbar fitted by [name removed]. The trailer socket was 'mounted' in a vulnerable position. It was attached by screwing loosely into a weak plastic fitting. One screw was finger tight and fell out on the trip home.
I have had to make good the mounting before I could actually use the tow bar. When I did, I found the internal wiring of the socket was incompetently done. Lots of exposed copper strands and the screws had not been tightened fully.

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Adam T.
Adam T.


Left the car there for a 2 X minor repairs before we went overseas. Returned to find only one complete as apparently “we didn’t have the tool to remove the wheel nuts” upon further investigation with the dealer there isn’t such a tool. What made matters worse is they wouldn’t release the car because their computer system said we hadn’t paid the excess when we had already.
I even offered to pay the excess again (as long as it was refunded) so I could get the car and go to work.

J.M.Mort Perth, WA · 2 posts

Referred to Gemini Balcatta by my insurance company.

Balcatta - Fantastic service from first contact and then I received regular updates about the progress of the repairs . Taxi voucher to travel there and back .
And great customer service Thankyou
Gemini Balcatta !

Joel S.
Joel S.


Taken more than two weeks to fix the car and I still haven’t got it back they don’t inform you of anything unless you ring. Absolutely poor service and they keep stuffing up.

Upset customer.
Upset customer. Sydney, NSW
 · Verified


Told would take 1 week. Each week i called and was told it would be ready the following week. Took 4 weeks in total.
Arrived eventually and my car was not ready and there were additional scratches on the car that had not been there before. I had to wait 15 mins before my car was ready and an additional 30 minutes while they looks at the scratch on the car. Customer service is useless. The people in the office are not equipped with information required to answer any meaningful queries. I will not be returning.

Kase · 17 posts

Poor quality repair. Tingalpa.

Bad quality workmanship. Poor communication.
We had a repair done which was an insurance repair following an accident. Gemini only did a partial repair of the front bumper but they missed several areas.
Will never use Gemini again and I’m looking for a new insurance company - cannot believe this is an RACQ preferred repairer.


Air bag fault

Had this company repair our Nissan quashqai 62 plate while repair was ok they are rubbish at
Mechanical could not sort air bag
Problem out didn’t want to know
Sent us away with the air bag still flashing and we have to put our
Grandson in that so we have got rid of a good car because of them please be aware your safety is more important

Ellie Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Very poor customer service

Got sent here by the at fault party’s insurance after a rear end collision. They were dismissive, patronising and unthourough. A very poor experience. We ended up going elsewhere. I wouldn’t recommend Gemini to anyone.

Demig · 7 posts

Poor quality and car won't start 24 hrs after

Car insurance claim and was sent to gemini eagle farm. Repairs ro be guaranteed. Pick up car which has an extra scratch on car and side panel not put on properly. Gemini said ti come back and they would fix. Poor opening hours for their customer service Then 24 hrs later the car engine cut out. Waiting for RACQ to come and get it started. Not happy Jan!

stephanie w.
stephanie w.

fixed panels covered in rust

worst repair work ever and also bad customer service. Gemini eagle farm told us the repair work would take around 2 weeks. 5 weeks later we were told the car was ready to collect on a Monday. Fly up to Brisbane to collect the car (we live and the car is garaged in Sydney) and no it is not actually ready.... Finally get the car shipped home only to find the air conditioning is not working, and there is now 3 different variants of white on the car.... Took it to a sydney smash repairer who then showed us the MAJOR rust damage on replaced panels. now we are going through the process of fixing the car again. who knows what else they did under the bonnet that was sub par on the car? so disappointed


Gemini Cheltenham service and trust

We took our car for repairs here, the repair time commitment was not kept, no updates on progress and we had to keep calling to find out if it was ready for a pick up. The bigger issue was on receiving our car back we found a scratch we hadn’t seen before and ver conveniently they said it was there before and photos were taken, very interesting. Please wait check your car have the photos taken before leaving your car there is my advice. Very disappointed how they handled it, pretty much said they staff can be trusted and we their clients are lying hmm

Delay Delay Delay
Delay Delay Delay South East Queensland, QLD

Delay Delay Delay

I had dropped my car at Wacol Gemini and they told me for 8-10 days, now it’s 21 days. Their mechanics don’t know how much their job will take... and they called me for 5-6 time for change the pickup schedule.... very very poor customer service

Andrew O.
Andrew O.


Too long waiting and proceeding to complete. They have some communication problem with customer.
And the workers including managers are very lude not kind.
Also, around a quarter tank of fuel was spent while the car was there – this leads me to believe they were using my car when it was supposed to be waiting for service. Someone I know has said this has happened to them.

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