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Dimitrios Tzitziras

Dimitrios TzitzirasGippsland, VIC

Your Vision Without Action Is Just A Dream


I've been using Herbalife for a while now, have lost over 15kg and am loosing more as I go. Its been awesome and changed my life. If you think this is not for you then just don't use it, don't say it doesn't work as I know it does.
Use the products if you try it and make it your lifestyle. You have to want to change to do this, not go in half Hearted as you wont get anywhere with that mind set.
And just so you all know I'm using the products for myself.
Cheers all.

Purchased at Herbalife.

Additional Physical Activities Sport and Weightlifting
Weight LostYes

Kouta Fit Club A Scam


Has anyone else has had a negative experience from Kouta fit club? This is a pyramid scheme and one to stay clear from. False promises to feed his lifestyle. Stay clear.

Kung Fu Chicken

Kung Fu ChickenMelbourne

  • 14 reviews

Slims your wallet, not waist



  • 5 reviews

Pyramid Scheme pure and simple


I got conned into a starter pack which a so called new friend wanted me to try. The pitch sounded like I was getting some free samples then the Oh its this much for s few sachets of bad tasting crap. Then I did my research into this sham of a company. Watch all the Doco's on how they were sued and fined in the U.S. They don't try and sell the product, it's all about getting people to sell for them so they get paid up the line. They couldn't care less about actually selling their own product. Like all MLM it sucks you in to buy more product so you get it cheaper and level up. People end up with a garage full of the stuff they can't sell and unless they have lots of people under them they go broke. Don't support this pyramid scheme



When joining Herbalife you have to know you will be compatible with your coach for life


When joining Herbalife you have to know you will be compatible with your coach for life, because Herbalife will not let you switch coaches. Even though your coach is not in contact with you. The Main Company stated to me that I would have to leave Herbalife for a full year, and lose all my downline to my coach who is not in contact with me.

I love their product but I feel Herbalife should be a more understanding if a coach is not in communication with their downline.



  • 8 reviews

What a load of rubbish




  • 8 reviews

Would give it zero.


We bought from husbands colleague so he felt we could return. Extremely pricey. I had a huge reaction where I could not sleep for about a week, palpitations and I’ve never been so anxious yet hyped up. My gp suspects it had a “natural” speed effect on my body. This pyramid sham is like a cult. Avoid avoid avoid!!!!


ShazzbarMelbourne, Victoria

  • 14 reviews
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Life changing


First 8 weeks I lost 15kgs with no exercise. Last 4 weeks I began to exercise & complete transformed my body in one of their transformation challenges. (And won $750 by winning it!) Did my research after reading some bad reviews, found Herbalife listed on the New York stock exchange, so happy it’s legal & not a pyramid scheme, looked into their product development & quality control & it all checked out. Not the cheapest or most expensive products I’ve used but they worked, & something I can continue to use. Also enabled me to bin a bunch of nasty medications. 2 thumbs up from me.



  • 2 reviews

This is perfect specially for a busy mom.


I am using vanilla flavour meal replacement shake twice a day and Heralife tea. I love the test and how it makes me full. Morning shake I make a smoothie with frozen fruits like strawberries etc... it’s easy on the go and for a busy mum like me. I haven’t weighed my self yet but I feel more energetic and the change is visible on my clothes

Herbalife = Horriblelife


Never ever use this product. It is synthetic and caused havoc with my cycle to the point I had to go to Doctor and even had to get blood tests as I was so sick on this diet. It's a horrible money hungry cult. Stay away!

  • Verified purchase

I can't believe this



PearleWon Wron

  • Verified purchase

Great health and straightforward solution


Documenting my progress and experience




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Good Qualify and Good results


I used Herbalife products for more than half year. I lose more than 10 kg within 3 months and I felt I am more energy and healthy than before. I am very happy.


RicoGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Watch the documentary


Its a pyramid scheme. Watch Betting on zero. The products are over priced crap designed only to be a pyramid scheme. The documentary is on Netflix. Pretty sad but good watch.





I had stage 5 kidney failure. 13% kidney function before starting Herbalife, Now its 0% kidney function due to Herbalife Crawled into hospital and basically straight onto dialysis 3 times a week. The person I purchased the stuff of said it will improve my kidneys.Wonder if I'll get a refund on the unused product?

This products do the trick !


I followed the routine for 3 weeks. Not only did I notice my belly looked flatter - I dropped almost 8 pounds !
I´m happy to say : this product does the trick ! Next year I will buy it again. Highly recommended ! BTW my colleagues ( flight attendants ) say the same. Share your experience guys !



  • 2 reviews

Fantastic products


Started my program in January lost 6.7 kilos and 43 cm off my hips chest and waist love my shakes for breakfast and lunch take cellulose and nrg and the multivitamins I have struggled all my adult life with weight and this is the first thing that has worked have learnt a lot from Herbalife yes it's a lot of money but you think about how much money a week you spend on junk food and crap it actually works out more a month you spend on that than it does on Herbalife and you learn to eat right anyone that says it doesn't work well it's because you not doing it right

Low quality, high price


First, like most MLM's, these products are completely overpriced. Save your money. Second, research soy. Understand that in no way is it a health food. It causes thyroid issues and over 90% of it is genetically modified. It should only be consumed in small quantities and should in no way be used as a protein replacement. Kaayla Daniels offers great, scientific proof of these claims. It's amazing how many people believe salesey reps. Of course, as they claim, you can lose weight on a very low calorie meal plan.

Great products!!!


Love the teas & shakes. Will be trying the cell loss tablets next. Can't wait! Perfect for a busy mum on the go who doesn't have much time at all.

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Malini R.

Malini R.asked

Is Herbalife safe for diabetic patient?

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Joseph H.

Joseph H.asked

Advanced program products how long it last and how we use it?

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Hi Joseph, the Ultimate program will last about a month.


Jackie asked

What year did the old NRG expires???

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