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It has never worked


I had the same problem. Bought the product in a shop in Switzerland and brought it to Potugal to use. It charged up once and then the charge ran out very quickly. It never charged up again. Of course it was too much hassle to send it back to the shop in Switzerland so it has been a complete waste of money.

Purchased at Manor, Geneva, Switzerland for $60.00.

New out of box Will not power on


I have charged this for 2 days with the switch in the off position and will not power on at all. Seems like a waste of money because no way to return it being no one will respond DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

Purchased in February 2021 at 12 Volt Direct Online store for $42.00.

Tired of having to lift brush so it will turn correctly


First time I used this it was fine. Recharged 2nd time ok Recharged, 3rd time Brush is slow and not scrubbing as it should. Not very good in cleaning needs more power!

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Don't Lie

Don't LieNew South Wales

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Very disappointed


Not a good product. Doesn’t keep spinning when touching a surface. Attempted to clean shower tiles and constantly stopped working as soon as the head came in contact with the area that needed cleaning.

Purchased in September 2021 at eBay for $25.00.


WiffaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 12 reviews

Should last longer


Having regard to the price I would have thought the batteries would have lasted longer. Get less that 2 minutes use after a full charge. Charged it for 2 days still get the same amount of usage. As usual out of the warranty period. Thought to was a good idea. Elbow grease is still the best.

Purchased in September 2021 at Global Shop Direct.

very happy


As I am 77 I have trouble cleaning shower alcove. The hurricane does the job and I dont end up with a sore back. I used to hate cleaning shower before, now its a breeze

Purchased in July 2021 at Global Shop Direct.


RaeSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Spin scrubber


I used the scrubber on my shower walls and glass panels, it worked a treat, my shower came up nice and clean, I wouldn't go without it now, very good for me, easy to use,

September 18th 2022 Update: I am very happy with my spin scrubber

My scrubber works well, it gets all the grime off in the shower and the glass door, i am glad that i have this it makes my cleaning a lot easier

Purchased in September 2021 at Global Shop Direct for $199.00.


LesleyMid North Coast, NSW

Great little invention


I find the spin scrubber a useful cleaning tool. I use it for the shower, The tile floor areas can be done where they need that extra scrub. Its also good on the outdoor furniture. However I do find the extension handle feels a bit week.

Purchased in January 2021.

Hurricane spin scrubber


Very good to clean my floors and my wife can use it to very easy to move around and light to carry and l like the colour of it don’t know what else to say

Purchased in February 2021.

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AdamSouth East Queensland, QLD

Makes it a lot easier to clean the shower


My cleaner used this and has recommended it to all her clients. She has also bought one for herself. My bathroom has never looked so clean. I can recommend it

Purchased in September 2021.

Dead after first use


Will not charge. Checked wires and they are intact. Piece of junk! Good luck trying to find a customer service address or phone number. Not return as received as a gift.

Purchased in March 2021 for $40.00.


ValerieSydney, NSW

Don't buy


I was given this item as a christmas present. I brought it back safely to australia in my luggage. Used it 3 times. It stopped on my third use and it has never worked again. I was too embarrassed to tell the relative who gave it to me. I emailed the company last year and never got a reply.

One operation wonder


Used this once worked okay.
Tried to use it again 6months later charged battery as instructed.
Went to used no power, battery just goes flat after 2 minutes
Having read most reviews this seems a common occurrence and l noted does not even warrant an answer from "hurricane official".

shopping lover

shopping loverQueensland

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Utterly useless


After taking two weeks to arrive it did no better a job than just wiping my tiles with a cloth - which is what I ended up doing. In fact just using a cloth did a better job than this did. I wiped up grime in corners and edges that this scrubber had made no impact on. It stops spinning the moment you apply any pressure. It barely cleans the surface of a tile and makes no impact at all in the grouting. Then to add insult to injury (quite literally!) I got a bleeding knee for my trouble because the brush had left broken bits of bristle lying about too, which embedded in my knee as I was crawling about on all fours wiping up - on the first day of use! It is just cheap junky rubbish that does NOT deliver on promises.


JaniceSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 17 reviews

over-rated rubbish


i was looking for a device that would make cleaning the bathroom not such a break-backing chore. I did my research, which steered me away from the Spin Scrubber - 8 hours to recharge? Each single time! Ridiculous! When I purchase an item I want one that uses as little energy as possible! And, so many complaints from dissatisfied buyers. So, I ended up getting the Karcher Steam Cleaner instead - a bit pricey, but at least it is reliable and does the job - I have resigned myself to the fact that cleaning the bathtub will always be a chore. At least I have cut back on using chemicals!

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Maree Watt

Maree WattNorth Wagga Wagga

Only lasted 3 uses.


I purchase the hurricane spin scrubber in June 2017. It only lasted 15 months. I paid $79.95 plus $9.95 postage.
I see now they're only $39.95. I think I know why. Very disappointing.

Used it once before it wouldn't charge.


I received the Spin Scrubber as a gift. I used it once and the battery would no longer charge. I removed the battery (with difficulty) and tried to but a replacement from various stores and was unable to find one. I phoned customer service and was advised they don't sell the batteries. I have NO receipt or paperwork so unable to replace the item although under warranty so will now throw it in the rubbish. Complete waste of money. Very disappointed

Battery won't take a charge


I only used the spin scrubber twice and now it won't take a charge. Based on the other reviews, this is an issue that Telebrands has not corrected. I paid $50 for this from Amazon. This makes me skeptical of all Telebrands Products, so I will not order Telebrand products anymore. Don't waste wour money on this product.

Biggest waste of money ever


Charged once will not charge again ! Sick of trying to ring customer service costs a fortune and they are no help at all how do they get away with selling such rubbish.



  • Verified purchase

No support for faulty battery


Bought a Hurricane Spin Scrubber in March 2018 from Australia Post. It will no longer charge. Neither they nor the vendor will help with a replacement battery. I would not recommend this product!

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Questions & Answers

Earl T.

Earl T.asked

Can the hurricane scrubber be left on the charger between use several days apart?

1 answer

My Hurricane Spin Scrubber never worked. It charged up once but the charge ran out very quickly. Since then, it has never charged so impossible to use it.

Anil G.

Anil G.asked

What is voltage required for scrubber motor, wattage of motor meand voltage and ampearage?

No answers
Stacey H.

Stacey H.asked

I purchased a Sani spin unit with 3 brush heads I used it a few times but it did not perform as well as I thought it should. Now I tried to charge it and it just won't charge. I am very disappointed. I am a clean freak and I had a cleaning business for 6 years. I would not recommend wasting your money on it. But, Recently. I received another one as a gift and it has never worked. So Hurricane Spin Scrubber sucks and not only do I feel like I got robbed, but I would have been happier lighting $40 dollars on fire. And my new unit was another waste of money. I would like to get my money back for both of these units or have one that will work! Ripped off and Disappointed in Montana!!! Any help?
Stacey Hill
Polson, MT

1 answer

Can only agree with you. I had the same experience. Also, mine did charge a bit the first time I had it, but if any pressure was used when using it, it would stop. So disappointed with this product.

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