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WaynoGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Great ceiling fan, so glad I bought it


I bought this fan in June 2018 when renovating our bedroom. I was a little unsure as DC fans are expensive, but it has been well worth the investment. We are in Melbourne, and we run it far more often than I expected. It has turned out to be very quiet and very cheap to run. Most nights we use it so that we have some air movement while we sleep, so mostly we only run it low, but this is more than enough to keep us cool and comfortable. I also really like the low profile.

Highly recommend this product.

Purchased in June 2021 at Beacon Lighting Springvale for $339.00.

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Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Value for Money
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Love it


I love my lucci ceiling fan I put one in every bedroom in the house.
They are really quiet and smart modern looking.
Wish I had of purchased them earlier.
We have remote control it’s is fantastic.
They do cost a little more than some fans but well worth the money.
I cant remember exactly how much I paid for them but it was over $300 each.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

JimmyJNewcastle, NSW

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Excellent quality low profile fan


Bought two from Beacon Lighting, along with the Clipper light kit and LED bulb. Straightforward to install, and easier than some I've done in past houses. Very quiet, remote control operation only. It's low profile so suits a low ceiling (like ours). Highly recommended, very pleased with both the look and operation. Soft start, quiet operation. The light kit is easy to install and the light is just right. My only minor gripe is the remote has a button just above the light button which reverses the direction of the fan (say for winter), could be easy to press this in the dark, but really, not something to worry about.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Ceiling fan with a modern base and good speeds


This fan has six speeds with remote control. The best thing about it is the base that connects the fan to the ceiling. It is very short and modern looking (without the usual stem) and you hardly notice the fan when you enter the room. Ours is in the bedroom and the lowest speed is very slow allowing us to have the fan on al night without getting too cold - many fans' slowest speed is often quite fast. We have had the fan a month now and are very happy with it.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Questions & Answers



Hi, We have an Airfusion Nordic 56 dc fan and find air flow not as powerful as required. We like a lot of air flow. Is there a fan that will produce a stronger breeze?

1 answer
Lucci Air
Customer S.Lucci Air

Hi Trish, The Nordic does have one of our highest airflow's. With all fans they do need some avenues or walls to trap the air to help push it down to create a higher airflow, if you have this and still feel like your fan is not up to the standards please contact our warranty team by filling out the following form.
Regards Amber - BL Customer Service




I have installed a Airfusion Radar in a new house, works great but often we come home and the fan is running on high speed - and it was definitely off when we left.
Thought it must have been some sort of thermostat trigger but cant see anything online about this function, it has the RH78TT remote.

1 answer
Lucci Air
Customer S.Lucci Air

Hi Wade, the issue maybe to do with someone near you that has a fan on the same frequency as your fan and so when they switch their fan on, yours comes on as well. Please PM us at [email protected] the issue and we can supply you with instructions on how to fix this and re-pair the fan to a different frequency. Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service



I have three Lucci Airfusion Radar DC ceiling fans, purchased and installed just over 4 years ago. All have been working well until this morning, when we noticed that two of the fans would not turn on (we always use the remotes to turn the fans on and off). The third fan had been running overnight and was still running, but when I turned it off with the remote I was then unable to turn it back on again.
I was eventually able to get the third fan running again (the one that was running overnight) by following the receiver and remote pairing instructions in the installation manual. But when I turned it off again it would not restart. I have done the repairing successfully about 4 times (although with many other unsuccessful repairing attempts in between), and each time the fan will not restart again after turning off (have to repair again). When the fan is running I can change speeds and reverse direction using the remote, but if I turn it off with the remote it will not restart. I have now left the fan on, and am turning it off at the wall switch. When I turn the wall switch on again the fan restarts and speeds can be changed using the remote.
I have tried the receiver/remote repairing procedure multiple times on the other two fans but have not been able to get them to restart at all.
Any suggestions on what the problem might be?

5 answers

Hi Stephen, I don't really have a definite answer for you but I am interested to see how you go with them, in case it happens to mine. In the manual there is a troubleshooting section and some additional notes if the pairing process is not working properly, might be worth a try/look (if you haven't already), very basic though. If it were happening to mine I'd start with the batteries in the remotes (I'm assuming you've done that already), then I'd try different remotes with different fans and on different channels. If still no joy I'd try a new transmitter/remote, apparently they are available through the retailer, although a universal one might work too. Lastly I'd suspect the receiver in the fan was the problem, which according to the manual can also be replaced. It is odd that they have all gone around the same time.

Kind regards,



Hi Wayne
Thanks for the response. I haven't actually tried changing the batteries in the remotes (didn't have any to hand), but the fact that all three fans failed not just around the same time, but at exactly the same time, makes me think that the batteries are unlikely to be the problem. I will buy some next time I'm out though.
I've pretty much done everything in the manual re troubleshooting, but all it really talks about is repairing the remote to the receiver. I will try swapping the remotes to different fans though and see what happens, although again I'm not confident.
My suspicion is the receiver in one of the fans maybe has failed/done something weird, which is maybe generating a signal interfering with the other fans. I'm not an electrical engineer so I don't profess to understand much of this, but trawling info on the internet has made me think this is a possibility.
I'll update here if I discover anything.

Lucci Air
Customer S.Lucci Air

Hi Stephen, I am sorry to hear about the issue with your fans. there cold be an issue with the remote receiver - this may have been affected by a power surge/lighting strike - which is located inside the fan itself. My suggestion is to speak with our Warranty Department on 1800 602 243 and discuss this with them as they maybe able to assist you. Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

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