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simple and uncomplicated way to build a new home.


The display home consultant [name removed] was amazing. Knowledgeable, helpful and on the ball. She had no problem going out of her way to assist in the planning and design and followed up with us regularly.The site supervisor [name removed] was helpful and also always available. Arranging site meeting were easy with him and he was always on top of the trades who where at time casual and thoughtless. One warning when at the Metricon studio do not be rushed as once it's written in the contract there is no changing.


VivianGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Building with quality and ease.


We are very have happy with Metricons build quality and options provided to us. We feel lucky to have had [name removed] as our Site manager, he made our experience in the whole process much easier, as he was understanding and patient with us, great communication, time management was impeccable which has allowed us to go and take our final inspection way ahead of our scheduled time.

We thank you Metricon and [name removed] for getting our lovely home built. We strongly recommend your services.


Ryan and Vivian.


JuggernautGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC



Our build was managed very well by an experienced building manager.
Workmanship was good only if closely monitored (quality of tradesman variable and quite junior at times).
Unfortunately major issues we had are post construction - poor follow up of defects, worksmanship mistakes and despite Q&A assessment noting these, now being denied any form of resolution for this as we are being asked for written evidence of these issues which were noted by the assessor at the time and we trusted would be followed through on their direction that they would.
Multiple email exchanges with slow resolution still ongoing 6 months post build.

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Team M.Metricon
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Ashlee A

Ashlee AGippsland, VIC

good build with a range of issues

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Team M.Metricon
Daniel A.

Daniel A.Gippsland, VIC

Love our new home!


Santorini 25

Couldn't be happier with our first home. Our site manager [name removed] was great throughout the build. Keeping us up to date at all times with how the build was progressing. The whole process from start to finish was great. But the best part was receiving our new home. The house is beautiful and everything we could of expected and more. Workmanship is first class throughout the home.


RickyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Reliable and Efficient Builder


KSinghGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Below average quality and poor service


MomokoIllawarra, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Bad quality for aluminium sliding door


We just handover for our new house it very bad quality for and aluminium sliding door And Marble benchtop . aluminium sliding door Gots of rust and Marble benchtop crack and big marks on it. front entry door painting got big problems, even my nails cross the door it will got scratch.

  • +4
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Team M.Metricon

ScottyGippsland, VIC

Built our first home with Metricon, great experience!!


We built for the first time in Sale with Metricon, the experience was faultless, great product and experience.
We weren’t familiar with the process at all and the team walked us through each stage. Tradesmen were great and the site supervisor answered all questions within a matter of hours.
Our build came in under budget from the initial quote and all deductions were made automatically.
Aftercare is all online and easy to complete.
Overall, we’d definitely build again with Metricon Gippsland!!

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Go West they said.

Go West they said.South East Queensland, QLD

It should always be this easy

vaa u.

vaa u.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Quick build


Very satisfy with how long it took to build a two story house (Bentleigh 38) given the fact that it was over the Christmas holiday break as well. Communication was great from our site supervisor [name removed] Made which we appreciated. We only had a minor issue with a blind that was missing from one of our windows but otherwise we didn't have any major immediate concerns. Overall cost was no comparison to other builders which is why we chose metricon.

Deepak T.

Deepak T.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

This is the perfect company And specially thanks to [name removed] from ABC Pty Ltd and Metricon homes [name removed] and [name removed]


Extremely helpful and easy go through. Very polite and familiar to customers Make sure guys who going to build the house please see [name removed] in ABC Pty Ltd . He is the best We had a great experience with [name removed] and Metricon homes [name removed] and [name removed]. They helped to make sure we got everything we wanted within our budget so that our first experience building a house was great. To anyone going to make own dream house, I would recommend to see [name removed] ABC Homes.

Very polite and cooperative, Quick response on contact.


[name removed] management with the construction work is good. The quality of work done is quite satisfying. The cost is little bit more as we have planned to spend on the new house but it is worth it. We are very happy with the service by the sale representative [name removed]. He is really helpful and cooperative. We are not happy with the cleaning job at the time of handover. [name removed] is really helpful at the information provided related to house post construction. Happy with service provided by [name removed] and Team.


Allison85Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Would build with Metricon again!


My site supervisor [name removed] was an absolute champion, great customer service!

Small issue with frame stage, with my previous site supervisor.
I questioned the quality of work and was provided with the Independent Report.

I am now very happy with the quality of my build, costing was pretty much bang on.

Would build with Metricon again!!

fred d.

fred d.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

Good build, post build support, not so good.

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fred d.
fred d.
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Wonderful and smooth experience!


We had a wonderful site supervisor and he guided us through the entire build process and gave weekly updates on the progress. We could contact him for any queries and he was very helpful. The build was finished in record time and we are really impressed with the quality and finish of Metricon.

Great first time building experience. Thanks Metricon!


Metricon just completed the build of our Lawson Mk22 home. We are very happy with the quality of the build and service provided. We hired an external inspector for most of the build stages and majority of issues reported were addressed and fixed prior to handover. There are minor issues we spotted only after handover however they are minor cosmetic items which we’re sure we’ll be addressed soon. Our SS [name removed] was great to work with and ensured we had a smooth building experience. The only suggestion we have is that it would been nice to be provided more frequent updates rather than having to seek them ourselves however our SS was always reachable over the phone.



  • 2 reviews

Thank you Metricon!


Metricon recently completed the construction of our home (Amira 22A) and my husband and I are very happy with the service we were provided. Our site supervisor [name removed] was extremely helpful, easy to contact, friendly and professional. The construction was completed quite quickly and although there were a few minor issues along the way, they were rectified quickly and the entire Metricon team have always been willing to help. The house looks amazing, we've had many compliments on the facade and interior. Great work team and thanks again!
Building permit: 4527747183317

Jevgenijs K.

Jevgenijs K.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Excellent job by Metricon! (Job number 701826)


Metricon just finished construction of our house in Clyde (Glendale 39 Deakin). Construction was done very fast and with very high quality. We are very happy with both the result and the process. Site manager [name removed] and Building support coordinator [name removed] were very supportive and very responsive. [name removed] went above and beyond to make sure that we, as customers, would love our new house... And we really do :)

Thank you both very much.

Nicholas B.

Nicholas B.Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

Working alongside our New Home Advisor

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I recently purchased an 18 months property from the original owners which was built by Metricon. I have asked Metricon to send me the hand-over documents which has all inclusions (features, fixtures, etc) and a login details to their warranty portal.
I have been refused to these requests and was told that such request should come from the original owners before they can send the documents to me as new owner.

The original owners have nothing to do with the property anymore and have no obligations to get involved.
As the second owner who has all relevant papers to prove that, why can't I request to have these pass on to me?

Thanks in advance.

1 answer
Team M.Metricon

Hi SageMaker, please be advised we have received this same request via our website, and have responded with relevant information, details and next steps. We wish you all the best with your established Metricon Home.
National Customer Care
Metricon Homes

Paula S.

Paula S.asked


Who in this day and age doesn't want nbn to their house? Apparently we don't because we weren't given the option of connecting it.

No answers
Nilanga S.

Nilanga S.asked

VIC, Metropolitan Melbourne

Hi I live in NSW and build a house in Melbourne. Now the house is ready for final inspection and Metricon wants me to appoint somebody to do the final inspection and settlement or it will go for settlement as per the contract. Please see below the exact wording from Metricon Management. (Knowing the situation of the country I believe its unfair to force me to accept conditions as per the contract.

"In accordance with the signed contract clause 36, Notice of Completion has been issued and seven days has now passed. We understand due to current circumstances you are unable to attend the inspection and would like to appoint a Power of Attorney on your behalf.

We request that you please provide your POA by close of business Monday 6/04/2020, in order for the inspection to be conducted. If you are unable to organise your POA, the home will be completed and we will proceed to settlement."

I am happy to appoint somebody to do the final inspection. However I want to be the settlement to take place when the travel restrictions are over as I want to be satisfied that I am getting what I was promised.
(I believe that I only get 90 days warranty to point out any further issues or any items not as per the contract)
If Metricon is in a hurry to settle it, All what I want is to provide 90 days from the date the travel restrictions are lifted (When it is safe to travel).

1 answer
Team M.Metricon

Hi Nilanga S.

Thanks for your question via Product Review,

We understand your concern regarding travel restrictions. Travelling to facilitate obligations under the building contract for the purposes of a home settlement (including final inspection) is permissible. It is challenging for all of us, nevertheless, we have needed to find ways to still meet our obligations under the contract.

A Travel Certification letter, confirming you are a customer of Metricon Homes, can be provided. This should be carried during travel, verifying to any authorities that it is permissible for you to do so. Metricon Homes and the residential construction industry continues to be an essential service and travel is allowable between Metricon Offices, displays, design studios or build sites.

As per contractual obligations, Metricon is required to proceed with your home settlement as scheduled. We are unable to hold on to the home, having it sit dormant for an indefinite period. Metricon continues to operate with our Construction operations building homes to meet our obligations for all customers.

As outlined, if you are unable to be present at the home settlement, a Power of Attorney will be required to assist the handover of your home, or the home will be handed over without final inspection.

We are confident that the customer travel letter will provide peace of mind. Please contact us at [email protected] with your Contract Number and/or Site Address and we will send you the travel letter as soon as possible.

Rest assured, whichever way you decide to go, you will have 90 days to raise any Service items that you feel require inspection/correction. You may use a Power of Attorney for this activity as well.

We appreciate your understanding for Metricon to continue performing “business as usual” in line with our obligations to you under the building contract, and we look forward to hearing from you with regards to what measures you are taking in order for settlement of your new home to take effect.

Regards, Nathan National Customer Care, Metricon Homes

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