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  • 2 reviews

Ozbargain - total waste of time! never again


Posted a deal 25/12/19, went to post another deal 19/1/20 only to find out i have a 1 month ban. Like WTH. how are you supposed to list your offers if they keep banning you WITHOUT warning??? deleting my account with them and would recommended other to do the same.. Waste of time.

Oryx A.

Oryx A.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

don't waste your time, they are working undercover for specific brands


don't waste your time, they are working undercover for specific brands. you post your deal and they remove it and penalise your account while keeping your competitors deals. this website doesn't deserve it's ranking.


belindaSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Good for finding bargains ... and being trolled


The bargains are often great. If you ask a question or even post a bargain expect petty, nasty trolling. Really has shaken me up in the past. I stick to just looking for offers now and let the nasties try to outdo each other.


CoinBattery.ShopSydney, NSW

Rude rude rude beyond words - I was left feeling like a criminal


Poor little me with a new website trying to drum up interest by offering what I think is a great deal "Buy one get one free".

To get to the point, I submitted a deal/bargain - following the instruction to the best of my ability and given prompts. The offer was rejected, so I asked why and for help.

The response was so unprofessional, basically saying that they are bombarded by businesses like mine that go out of business all the time. Have no ABN (I have its the about page along with phone number etc) and that i cannot appeal or reply and my site it banned.

No opportunity to respond, they obviously have no time to check.....

Nathaniel G.

Nathaniel G.Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

I wouldn't bother contributing but worth a couple of minutes of scrolling.


It's worth a quick scroll but most of the time savings aren't worth the hassle or long delivery time. Comment section mostly for people trying to be rude or funny for votes from anonymous users, occasional insightful comment about the actual product.



  • 6 reviews

Good bargains. Hit & Miss with community members.


Am definitely a fan of the bargains & site. I have given up on posting deals and commenting because SOME of the community can unfortunately be quite unpleasant at times. I generally don't read the comments or forums anymore because of this culture. Moderators have removed posts I've flagged as offensive in the past quite promptly.


HonestreviewSydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews

It's Good


It's Good but I give it a 4 star because of missing deals, but still 4 stars from me
Better than other bargain hunting websites
I almost browse it everyday, I bought a lot of things which I found from OZBARGAIN


TECHHEAD08Wattle Grove

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User experience from posting a deal point of view.


On occasions, I have tried to post some deals that I have come across. I have found bullying, trolling, unfair practices by moderators, turning a blind eye to site policies to favor friends.


drunkntigrGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 6 reviews

How can you honestly rate a bargain website?


seems like the people who post neg reviews are the ones who can't handle criticism. perfect example of the social climate promoting snowflake syndrome. ozbargain for record is the first site i visit in the mornings by habit now just to catch any decent deals. the deals are posted by users, not the site itself.

it's like you have this entire website filled with people using their time to post deals to share the savings and then you have these people who complain that they are offered savings..... lol.

adam d

adam dSydney, NSW

This website will steal yor coupons from your subsciption service and add it on your website without your permission!


Scam website don't deals don't work! Ozbargain website posts deals without your permission! They will steal your codes from your website! Merchants beware!

They stole my coupons from my subscription service and used it on their website without my permission!



  • 2 reviews



A very helpful community coming together to find the best deals around for everyone! Although at times deals can run out quickly but then you wouldn't have known about them in the first place ;)


LingGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 8 reviews

Perfect place to creep on those sales


Great place to find out about sales and bargains as well as a large community answering questions + working together to get the best deal.
I work in an agency that does some marketing and often we joke about scrapping ideas and just posting something on Ozbargain.

internet user Perth

internet user PerthPerth

  • 9 reviews

Love it


Great place to go and check out for bargains. Unfortunately some bargains disappear exceptionally quick after it’s posted. Found reading the posts and treads useful as well as there are useful hints posted by other users.

Amazing website, lots of money saved (and gained)



  • 4 reviews

Best website for bargains!


Easy to use website with a great community posting bargains consistently throughout the day. Forums also available with a marketplace to sell other items. If you are an impulsive buyer you will spend a lot of money by keeping track of the latest deals!!!

What a nasty place.


Looking for a troll? You've come to the wrong place.
Looking for a bargain? Try elsewhere

Moderators here tolerate trolls who get a high by trying to make you feel stupid. For instance, instead of answering your enquiry, they may say something like "there's no point in you asking this, nobody cares". If you tell them to not respond if they're not interested, guess what the moderator does? They unpublish your reply and give you a warning, but they allow the condescending troll to continue.




  • 2 reviews

Bullies who leave negative comments to shut down deals


Put a deal up got 5 negative comments of scam in tge first 30 seconds
Got abused by the same crew as mentioned in other people's comments
Those people shoulbe banned

If Ozbargain was a country, it would be North Korea!


Looks like Kim Jong Un of Ozbargain and his few sycophants are the only ones gaining from this website.

I am told they make about $10M in a year. If the whole idea is to build a community which help each other find a bargain for nothing in return then why [Name Removed] makes a fortune out of it and doesn't give back to the community!

It is all a sham! Worthless site.


Hawks2011Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Logging onto ozbargain is part of my morning routine!


I have been using Ozbargain for over 2 years and have discovered many fantastic deals & promotions, deals updated throughout the day and the search features allows you to search for past offers.


wiredSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 3 reviews

Heaps of good deals, relatively decent community


I've gotten plenty of good deals through OzB. The comments section is always helpful when it comes to clarifying things about the product.

As with any internet forum, there will always be members who just like arguing, trolling, feel extremely entitled, or are just rude. But that's the exception rather than the norm on OzBargain, fortunately.

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