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Absolute life saver for eczema suffers


We have 5 children 3 of which suffer terribly from eczema. We used wet dressings regularly till we found these filters. I now have pain free children and on top of that great tasting water. I find it hard to drink unfiltered water now its tastes like a swimming pool

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Pure Healthy Water.


Having a kidney transplant this unit was exactly what I was looking for. This unit will help with my ongoing management of my kidney.My food and water will be a lot healthier by using this unit .The price was well in my budget. I will also let my friends know how good the unit is and refer them to the company. Very happy with the service and follow up of the staff.

Date PurchasedOct 2016




I have had my water filter for about 8 years now and it's been fantastic. Have been loving this product because I didn't have a water tank at our house and only on mains water I am very thankful for having this product in our home to give us filtered drinking wate. I would highly recommend filtering systems

Date PurchasedMar 2007
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An ideal compliment to my kitchen


It is great to be confident that each time I turn on the tap that there will be clean drinking water. It is simple to install and use. The follow up calls to remind me about purchasing replacement filters are very helpful and the optional payment plan makes it affordable.

Date PurchasedDec 2006

Water Purifier


I have found that the water tastes a lot better since having my water purifier and are therefore drinking a lot more water. The service is great and the follow up for replacement filter each year is excellent. The price is good, the staff are friendly and helpful. I would recommend the purifier to my friends

Date PurchasedOct 2013

had mine for 9yrs and love it


Best investment I've ever made. Everyone loves it huge difference from using the regular tap water. I won mine and purchased a new filter there after. I initially got it for my parrot because of the chemicals in tap water I wanted him to be healthy. Now we are all hooked.. By the time you buy expensive filters for water jugs it works out similar price and the counter top system does a better job I believe.. You cant put a price on your health.. Pure water systems have been amazing always lovely and helpful cant fault them.

Date PurchasedJan 2008

CraftyGold coast

Great Product. Excellent Service.


Pure Water Systems are one of the few water filter companies that back their product with excellent service and support. It was great being able to speak to a real person, to have all my questions answered and to ensure I ordered the correct product. Highly recommend both the product and the service.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Think the sysytem is great but very expenssive


I enjoy having the system but feel the company is very pushy. Every year they ring me asking when they can book in to change the filters and then on the last 2 occasions they have replaced parts. An O ring and when my husband got home and looked at the old one he said it was still in perfect condition. The last time they wanted $69 for it and I said No thank you. Once bitten twice shy! They can be a bit sneaky like that so be aware. hen they rang again I had to end up telling them I was the new owner of the house and that there was no water system in this house and that I was not interested in purchasing theirs. I have not heard from them since.
We have purchased another one for half the price from bunnings!

Over priced and does not remove large amounts of flouride


We tested out the so called electrostatic filter cartridge at work.It did not remove all the chlorine let alone flouride.I am all for filtering dangerous chems from our water but there are cheaper companies who dont use fake airline tickets or false promises to sell their wares.My mother in law bought a benchtop as they promised her free flights with a holiday she booked.The flights were free but the amount they charged for her room for 2 weeks was over the top.She could have flown back to Brisbane from Sydney everyday on Virgin and still saved money if she booked her room on WOTIF and payed her flight.

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Absolute rip off, do not trust this business


Pure water systems should be ashamed of themselves ripping off people with high cost poor quality chinese made filter systems. If you call their telemarketing team they will tell you that its all USA made quality and everybody else selling water filters sells rubbish chinese made systems. I would ask a pure water systems employee to prove me wrong on this page for all to see. I will retract my statement if proven wrong. Cmon pure water own up and start giving the public what they have paid for. My system burst after 3 years flooding my kitchen. The insurance company advised they are not watermarked certified and cheap housings etc.


LucyGold Coast





Very happy.


We got our counter top from Pure Water Systems and it's very good. I like the easy fit filters and we got 2 with the main unit, and then an additional pack to store up. Our water is yellowy brown from the pipes and no one in our office will touch it until now. The water tastes a lot better and we are not getting the complaints. Overall a decent product, fast delivery and good filters. Very happy.



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Cooling off period


Yes I'm with you. Didn't receive the unit till after cooling off and now won't take it back. Link for cancellation policy in very small print at bottom of email, and no mention of this during initial call. Give this mob a wide berth! Not impressed at all by them.

Pathetic sales consultant


Maybe pushy sales person Tony needs to inform the medical fraternity of his discovery that unfiltered tap water causes breast cancer, facts are needed Tony, facts!

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Feeling duped and no one seems to be able to help


Thought I was doing something positive for my young families health by purchasing a pure water systems countertop for $389.00. After I received the syxtem I thought it strange that there is no country of origin stamped in any part... I was informed it was a usa system and mistook that for USA made. I now realise I was conned by a quick talking sales person from pws. I have since purchased another countertop that looks the same for about $200 cheaper right here in sydney that has better quality and specifications without the bull that pure water systems uses to make gullible people fall for the marketing technics. Do your research before parting with your hard earned dollars.


ScottyPNSW, 2256

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Pure Water Sytems portable counter top unit - 2 thumbs up


Love it


We have had our bench top purifier for many, many years, and was glad to pay the initial price, sometimes we get our new filter through the company and sometime we get it somewhere else, ... we now have one for our shower...ahh..a nice clean body...



I am totally confused are we talking about the same company I have been using for years now.
Totally happy with the product and the service.
I understand people have bad experiences but it is not what I understand to be true.
Thank you.



Have nothing to do with these people. If, despite this advice, you are prepared to deal with them, get them to explain precisely when the 10-day cooling off period begins and ends.

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What does the date on the back of the unit represent?

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Can I use this for my counter top unite?

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can i get a new tape for my pure water system.

2 answers
EJ Bush
EJ Bush

Not sure what you mean by 'tape' for the system. But the friendly staff are great and are willing to help any way they can just give them a call


Hi Tony
Correction: Mine is an under counter reverse osmosis system - I am also not sure what you mean by Tape ? Call Pure Water Systems I'm sure they will clarify

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