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Lee-Anne A

Lee-Anne AQueensland

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My old was was great my new one is terrible


I bought one many years ago from Big W. It wore out so I through it out. Have just bought a new one online and I am so disappointed. I can not use it. The filling is different and it does not provide any support at all. I wish I could find one with the old filling which I am not sure what it was but it certainly was firm and provided great support.

Purchased in July 2020 at eBay for A$19.00.

Won’t go back into shape


I have turned it over tried to fluff it but the dints where I slept won’t come out. It was a gift I can’t tell my friend it’s dreadful shame on faulty advertising ‭tell people it’s not a shore thing honesty is the best policy. Herd of that well now you have.

Not happy with with super sleeper pro


I find that it doesn’t bounce back like they say, where I lay the dent stays there, I have turned it around and same thing, also my back is worse. I rang them and they did say to send it back, but cost so much to send, so am stuck with it. Will not recommend it at all

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Side sleeper pro pillow


I love my pillow and have not used anything else, have had it for about 4 years. Would love to be able to buy a new pillow slip for it, nice to have a spare one. My sister has one of these pillows and the zip broke, she would love buy a new pillow slip as well.

So comfortable


I've been using this pillow for 3.5 yrs. I can sleep in the same position the whole night through. I wake up extremely refreshed. I bought a second pillow last year as they tend to flatten with use, and so don't support your head and neck as when new. I have sewn more covers for it. Recently I repaired my old flat pillow by taking it out of the zip cover. I then cut 3, 5cm incisions and replenished the filling with hollow fill(from spotlight). I then hand sewed it up. The firmness has returned. Tried it last night. Just like a new one.

Can't use it!


This pillow has been in my house for over a week and I am unable to use it. The pillow has a toxic odor that has not dissipated over the past week. I tried to return it and was told I had to take it outside and let it air out for a couple days and that it would not air out in the house. I was not given the option of returning it without "letting it air-out, outdoors. I shouldn't have been allowed to return the pillow not be told I need to let it air out, outdoors.

Mixed review


I like it but I'm a terrible sleeper. I toss and turn all night so having to flip the pillow is annoying. It's very comfortable and I wish I could stay in the one position. My head and neck feel very well supported. I think it's small enough to be able to travel or take camping.

Great pillow


I love it as it's narrow design lets air move around my face and I have a comfortable place to put both arms and hands when sleeping on my side. I like it to have a 45deg side lift too for relief from heartburn. I pack it to travel

Works for me. No more neck and back pain when waking!


I had tried this pillow but wasn't convinced it was right for me so tried the Bambillo pillow and woke with neck and upper back pain and headaches at the base of my skull. I was in so much pain one day I decided to try the Side Sleeper again and definitely feel better upon waking so will stick with the Side Sleeper from now on.

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Great product


I have suffered from poor sleeping, constant neckache and headache on waking and really dodgy back. Since using Side Sleeper Pro feeling much refreshed and convinced it works. Also seem to have more energy during the day (coincidence?)
Really happy with pillow, no more headaches and backaches when waking up!!
It works. Now reasonable price through Target,
Availablility of pillow extra cases

Side Sleeper Pro Neck and back Pillow


Fantastic I have the best sleep now without snoring wake refreshed every morning.
The pillow case is easy to remove and wash doesn't take long to dry and fit's back on the pillow like a glove.
Would highly recommend to anyone with snoring and neck issues.
I have not had a headache since I have started using the pillow.
My Mother is considering buying one.

Great product, so comfortable.


Bought the Side Sleeper Pro for my wife for Christmas, and she loves it. Very comfortable and supportive. She is pregnant as well and she loves the way it supports here when sleeping on her side. The price was good, only problem is it should come with a spare pillowcase.
Price, suppport, comfortable.
No pillowcase

Masons Mumma

Masons MummaNSW, 2640

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Dissapointing: Too firm, puts pressure on jaw and face


I was excited to get this pillow for $57 at Big W, however it is different than appears on the box and TV. The pillow is much smaller, less fluffy and quite hard. The neck and spine were well aligned, but because the pillow is so firm, my face and jaw hurt the next morning. Also, if you want to turn over in your sleep, you have to turn the pillow the opposite way as its not symmetrical. The hole presumably for the ear doesn't exactly line up with the ear, and seemed to be in an odd spot. The included pillow case was scratchy cheap cotton/polyester.
my posture felt better aligned, however the cons outweight the pros
It hurt my face and jaw, expensive, scratchy material

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Very comfortable - worth every cent but needs a spare pillowcase

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Where can I buy more pillow cases for my side sleeper pro?

3 answers

When in Thailand last year I took a slip and had multiple covers made in colors of my choice.

Southern Belle
Southern Belle

There is a fantastic lady on eBay who makes really great quality covers. Lovely high thread count cotton and a lot of press studs. the seller name is what_sew-ever.

FJ Byers
FJ Byers

Thank you for the referral Southern Belle :)
In the past, I made and sold these pillowcases on ebay as what_sew_ever
These days my ebay ID is pillowcases4ssp
Also on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ColouredPillowcase4YourSideSleeperPro/
and https://www.pillowcases4sidesleeperpro.com/

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