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FelipeSydney, NSW

Good old school water filter


This is an old school filter (my grandma had one). Works fine and it is quite reliable but it requires some work to get it going. The takes more than 4 weeks for the clay taste to clear (took around 6 for us). You need to fill it out every might and clean it completely very 3 months. Once you replace the unit (every 6 months) it will also take some time to clean the charcoal taste. Once you get it going the water tastes good and it will be saving you quite a lot on bottled water (around $750 in our case) in addition to all the plastic waste you don't produce anymore.

Purchased in February 2020 for $69.00.



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Two new pots for plants


As somebody already suggested, you can use it only as a pot, it's a piece of junk, I know several people with the same problem, the water taste and smell terrible, I did follow the instructions, changed 2 brand new filters but nothing changed. No customer service and no scientific tests or facts that this thing is actually good for you. On the website, they say the bad taste can last up to 4 weeks and they advise you to wash the inside with bleach, not vinegar but bleach! This is so insane.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

JanieneCentral Queensland, QLD

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Not sure what to do next


I was given a Stefani Terracotta water purificer for xmas I did what the booklet said to do following instructions but still has a bad smell & taste to the water as well not very enjoyable to drink I will give it one more wash out after that If that doesn't work i'm taking it back to Bunnings

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great product, outside mould an issue


My terracotta water reservoirs were lying idle for 20 years, I retrieved, and clleaned them, and am using boiled water as the feed stick. The water is great but I get white and black mould on the outside of the terracotta, I have been scrubbing, soaking in a bi-carb solution and leaving in the sun for 12 hours but the mould returns. the water still tastes great, any suggestions on how to reduce or eliminate the mould.

Date PurchasedJun 1997

Colin Hawkes

Colin HawkesSydney, NSW

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Not This One

Date PurchasedNov 2017


HaroldPerth WA

Love the stephani terracotta unit.


We have had ours for 25 years and after the taste of Perth's water we invested in our stephani terracotta. Yes it does need the outside to be cleaned plus cleaning or replacing the filters but it has been a small price to pay for good tasting healthy water. Highly recommend and if one perseveres the result is worth it.

Date PurchasedJan 1997

Great water filter!


Unit was a bit smelly at first, an eartlhy smell. It needed a few runs through before it settled down. Otherwise it is a great filter system and copes well with our very hard town water. Cartridge will need cleaning every month or so, depending on the quality of your water supply. Bunnings has the best price on the replacement filter candles.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Don't Bother


Bad taste to the water went to faq tried everything still a bad taste went to stefani contact us page 2/3 weeks ago and asked for help still waiting for a reply. Would not recommend this water purifier as you can't get after sales help. I just can't understand why it is so easy to make a dodgy product but so hard to get in contact with the buyer to help solve the problem.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


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ceramic v terracotta


I first had the terracotta unit, it continually tasted bad with the taste from the terracotta ... eventually i returned it and got a ceramic unit, this was far better, so I dont understand the preference to the terracotta one here as I found the unglazed interior to leech a bad taste ...
the ceramic one is a much better choice for me .

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Stefani Filter Candles - Were Good, Now Bad


I bought a WaterCo unit many years ago. Then they changed to Stefani. It was a great unit, but the last 2 times I replaced the filter candles the water immediately tasted like mud. At $50 per replacement (2 filter candles), this is not good. Avoid these Stefani filter candles.

Date PurchasedMay 2016


gifVictoria, 3055

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Very very bad water filter! Avoid at all cost!!! Don't waste money!


Extremely bad product 0 out of 5 stars! Lets start poor design, it is heavy, extremely slow to filler water. The water cartridges do not last very long are easily blocked. Its made of fragile breakable terracotta material, water will start to taste of clay. Prone to mold, bacteria build up inside bottom container. The unit smells real bad for some reason probably due to the paint. Avoid this garbage product as if your life depended on it. I hope this review is helpful.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Terracotta Water Filter


To clean a terracotta water filter, only clean water and a clean brush or cloth can be used, as any other product used to clean it may damage the filter since the product may get into the microporous wall and contaminate it. Frequent cleaning ensures the smooth operation of the filter to drink clean and healthy water.

same Unit...but the MOLD :(


Terrific product and the water's great


We have the 8 litre capacity No. 3 model, it's an old one with a brass tap that you turn. I was lucky enough to get it at a fete/sale for $5 eight years ago.
We use water from our small rain water tank, so are getting great water with no fluoride. The only drawback is the mould, but I find wiping it down weekly and then wiping again with lemon juice keeps it at bay a bit. Down here is Tasmania it's hard to stop it forming, but it doesn't affect the water taste. Even our cats and rabbits prefer the filtered water.
I've seen a lot of complaints that the ceramic version has plastic inside, but this one is only terracotta, so safe and environmentally friendly.
I buy my candles from bomborasupplies.com.au - $60 for 2 including postage.

Plastic compartment inside filter


Hi there
I just bought a ceramic unit thinking that ceramic is clean and neutral only to find the water sits in plastic! Im not happy because the plastic has a very strong smell and am now worried that the plastic chemicals will outweigh the benefits of the water purification. Any suggestions? Thx for reading.



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Excellent Product


I searched all types of water filters and, after reading the reviews here, I went ahead and bought a unit from Bunnings. It didn't disappoint. I let the water go through the filter a few times before I started drinking. I am a convert, the difference in taste and clarity is very obvious. It tastes like spring water, clean, clear. I am very pleased with it.
The clean, fresh taste
Absolutely nothing.



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Stefani Terracotta Great Product


Sophy Sue

Sophy SueGold Coast

Stefani - Top Draw Water Filter


I’ve used a Stefani water filter for 15 years and recently purchased one for each of our sons, however they haven't had the patience to run the water through it enough times to get rid of the clay taste it has to start with. I’ll do it for them. Filters are coal based which is what nature uses to clean water and they are easy to replace, keeps the water cool without using any power and the only real maintenance is to wash the outside down occasionally as it mildews as any damp thing will do. I am allergic to most moulds but have no trouble with this one.
Keeps water cool by absorption, coal filter is natures way and it's made of clay.
Mildrew could be a problem if not attended to as needed.

Sophy Sue
Sophy Sue

Try a paste of bicarbonate soda, it is great for removing smells in most things. I don't remember the time frame as it was so long ago. It took a while but was well worth it and I am still using it today.

Sophy Sue
Sophy Sue

I purchased a 10lt one which has 3 candles. The smaller one was the ones I purchased for our sons. I am still very happy with mine, always have cool clean water to drink. This encourages one to drink more water so it is good for the body.



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Great Unit


I purchased three of these for my accommodation business which runs off tank water. One unit however has a plastic smell and taste, has anyone else found this? I also brought a 8 lt white ceramic unit for my use and have found this one excellent with storage. I would highly recommend these units.
Terra cotta color
One had a plastic taste and smell

great unit!


To Sandra-Beach, and others.
Can't tell you how to PREVENT mould, bit if you spray the upper chamber with diluted vinegar after you've wiped it down, and leave to dry, it takes a fair bit longer for mould to start again.
This transformed our rainwater from very dodgy and variable to lovely sweet water ALL the time, as mum feeds pigeons, pigeons fertilise roof, enriching tankwater.
Wouldn't be without one, or the float valves for the candles.
simple, straightforward, easy to clean, certain of great-tasting water EVERY time.
the mould problem on the upper chamber - this improved when we put the unit into a brightly lit spot with better airflow. We built a sturdy, low box to sit it on, so we could put a jug or bottle under to fill.

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I have a Stefani 6 litre water purifier & the candle seems to give off a funny smell but it’s only 2 weeks old I’m not sure what to do.

2 answers

You can do a pot plant, that thing is a piece of junk. You will never get rid of the smell, I had the same model. I have never heard a single person happy about that rubbish. Go to Bunnings and try to ask your money back or a voucher.


I agree with Mat you wont get the smell out no matter on how many times you rinse it out I took mine back to Bunnings & got my money back. Good luck

Siti C.

Siti C.asked

There is mould in the bottom of the top part of my Stefani filter. It appears to be coming from inside the terracota (not growing on the surface ) I have tried soaking it repeatedly in vinegar but no success. Is this a health hazard?. I have had a previous Stefani model (for 13 yrs) & never had a problem with it. Whats gone wrong?

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I was given a friend's white ceramic countertop unit when they moved and bought two brand new filters for it from Bunnings. The water tastes fine straight out of the unit but if I put it on a bottle it develops a foul taste like pond water. I have tried glass and stainless steel bottles and yes thoroughly clean with dish soap and water. I have flushed it as directed. I don't understand why the taste changes?

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