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Came broken!!


I bought the set with the bucket and mop and the mop stick came broken..... I'm a very busy person so didn't have the opportunity to take it back. Wrote in to the company they said they would only send me a new mop stick......but I still have no recieved anything. Not a happy customer.

Purchased in January 2021 for $50.00.

Estelle M.

Estelle M.Goldfields, WA

  • 5 reviews

Very good mop


I am very happy with this wring mop and bucket. I can't find any fault with it and I would probably replace it with the same one if anything ever happened to it. It's easy to use and it cleans my floors, AND walls, really well. No complaints!

Purchased in January 2021 at Bunnings Warehouse for $35.90.


TheDivineMissMPerth, WA

  • 3 reviews

Really happy


I've had this mop for a few years now.
I have two heads which I wash in the washing machine (unsure if I'm meant to do that so maybe don't do that).
I like that it can get into corners easily, it clicks in and out easily. The spinning bucket is great to get rid of excess water.

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Sasha M.

Sasha M.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 2 reviews

Great product, really happy with it!


I purchased this mop a few months ago and I felt compelled to write a positive review. It's really easy to use, cleans very well, and I love the design right down to the triangular mop head which makes it easy to clean corners. Very happy with it!

Purchased in January 2021 at Bunnings Warehouse for $49.00.

Jelena Zeljko

Jelena Zeljko

  • 4 reviews

Good mop, for people on a Budget!


I Purchased this mop when I moved into my first apartment, it works great on both vinyl floors & tiles. The wringer wrings out the water pretty well as its designed with a foot pedal to press down while the wringer spins the wet mop in a 360 degree rotating circle. Purchased mine from Coles.
Good mop for people looking not to spend too much money.

Purchased in March 2021 at Coles for $45.00.

Beverly H.

Beverly H.South East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

New design is a flop!


I had the old mop and bucket for years, the model before they added the bit in the middle of the spin to click the mop into. I’ve bought two this year and have lost the receipts and both have broken... it’s only just gone March! The pedal jammed and won’t return the spin or spin fast anymore. Both sets have failed in the same way! won’t be getting a third! Generally, I have loved all of my Vileda products but this one is a big fat fail in my book! I’ve not gone to another brand of mop for at least 12 years, but today I am. Don’t waste your money, it cost me $45 for each and they lasted about a week each and that’s it.

Purchased in February 2021 at Coles for $45.00.

Cheryl P.

Cheryl P.South East Queensland, QLD



The mop and bucket at first seem to be the ants pants but after owning it for only 6 months the bucket is now useless. The spin mechanism jams and now no longer works. Would not buy again

Purchased in September 2021 for $35.00.

No replacement parts


I loved this mop and bucket. However, in a recent move I lost the bottom part of the mop where the refill attaches to. I cannot find to buy this part anywhere. The result is that I now have to throw away the ENTIRE setup :( what a waste of money indeed!

  • Verified purchase

Worst mop I have ever used!


The mop head keeps tipping and scratching the floor despite me adapting to a figure 8 motion recommended by customer service. The centre prong also scratches the floor. I’ve never experienced anything like this and don’t understand how others love it? I’ve tried and tried to mop without it scraping on my floors. I find that the triangular plastic head is too chunky. Also the micro fibres are too short and not enough of them. The bucket is huge and heavy to lift when filled with water. It is also difficult to empty. I’ve seen online that there is a version with a hole in the bucket so you can poor the water into our the toilet. Refund!

Purchased in February 2021 at Bunnings Warehouse.

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Jessica Beckley

Jessica BeckleySouth West, WA

  • 9 reviews
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Worst mop ive ever owned


Since the day i purchased this horrible mop every time I've used it the mop head detaches so i can only mop in 1 direction and sometimes that doesnt even hold it on. I've owned this mop for almost 2 years and the whole handle snapped in half the other day. Silly me threw out the receipt and nothing can be done because the date of manufactured was over 3 years ago (shows how long coles had it on their shelf for). Wont be recommending this to anyone and definately wont be buying another one!!!

Purchased in July 2021 at Coles for $50.00.

Sherie C P

Sherie C PSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Love it but....


We are on our third set so far. The spinning pedal gets jammed after a while. Kind of frustrating! I would say that it doesn't last more then 6 months. The bucket then becomes useless aswell because you can't take out the mop tray bit to use the bucket for other purposes. Other then that, the mop heads last a long time and I just save up a few dirty ones until i have enough for a small load in the machine. Although the refill heads are pricey!

Purchased in June 2021 at Bunnings Warehouse for $40.00.


BarbSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Nice and light, but handle too short


Bought from Big W for $50 a couple of weeks ago. ( December 2022 ) First time used it today, I'm 5' 3" and the handle is way too short, have a backache now. Have to mop slowly, or mop flips. I've put the handle of my old Oates mop onto to Vileda head and it's about 6 inches longer now. I'm pretty sure it'll be good to go next time I use it :) I only bought the Vileda mop and spin bucket ( that's great ! ) as it is much lighter than the old Oates mop and bucket that I had before.

Purchased in December 2021 at Big W for $50.00.


Aamirch657Sydney, NSW

  • 8 reviews

Great customer service !!!


My mop broke due to my fault (I was trying to kill a fly) and rang Vileda customer service. I told them what happened and they sent me a replacement part free of charge.
I love this mop.

Purchased in October 2021 at Bunnings Warehouse for $49.00.

Tyneal S.

Tyneal S.Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD

Best Investment


I’ve tried many mops and buckets but nothing ever really worked for me. I eventually gave up on them until I came across this one. I thought yeah I’ll give it a go and see how it goes and I am VERY impressed! Finally something I can use! My falls are so clean I love this so much!!!!

Purchased in January 2021 at Woolworths for $50.00.

Don't use hot water


Whilst the mop is quite good the bucket rust in the spinning mechanism I've had two of these buckets and they only last for about 6 months before the spinning mechanism stops working

Purchased in June 2021 for $50.00.

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VanessaRichmond-Tweed, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Worst mop


The mop head has scratched my floors. Impossible to use without the mop head tipping. I rang vileda and they said you need to go in a figure 8 pattern. Bit hard to do that in tight places. Bucket isn't weighed properly so when you pick it up it tips. Going to buy another brand of mop as this one sucks big time. Do they people that design this crap actually use it.

Purchased in July 2021 at Caltex Woolworths for $40.00.

Easy to use


Very easy to use and put away the one flaw is the handle should be longer for tall people sore back after using it for entire house. Does a good job.

Purchased in July 2021 for $40.00.


adamWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

  • 15 reviews

The best...


When my last mop and bucket broke, I went straight into now and brought this one perfect just brilliant works much better than my last one ..anyone needing a new mop and bucket please give this one go you will live it...

Purchased in October 2021 at Big W for $38.00.


RobinSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 3 reviews
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Shocking poor service


Wish I had read the reviews before handing over my money, no mops, no money and no one will answer any emails. Never again will I use a company with such poor customer focus.

Purchased in October 2021 for $105.00.


Phillip00Hunter Region, NSW

  • 11 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Pedal action stops


Purchased mine in April 2022 from BigW and I have had problems with the pedal jamming up and sticking. I am unable to push the pedal down, or if it is stuck down, cannot get it back in the up position. I have been able to free it up with spraying the cogs and rotating shaft with WD40 until it jams up again. It might be where the shaft goes into the base of the bucket. Not too happy but got 2 years warranty which I have not taken up on as yet.

Purchased in April 2021 at Big W for $36.00.

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I would like a replacement VILEDA spin mop handle, where can this be found !

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Trevor S.

Trevor S.asked

Why does the mop head not click attach even before we have used it. We press into the red triangular receptor and no click happens and the mop head just falls out. I am an engineer and looking at the arrangement for attachment it looks pretty pathetic and puzzling to see how it could possibly work effectively. Bought this from Robert Dyas and waiting for their call back

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Where am I able to purchase the Mop Handle only and how much does it cost.

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