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AnnieSouth East Queensland, QLD

Nice Smell


It smells really nice and I use it to deodorise my bathroom! The fragrance stays for around 2-3 hours and keeps my living room fresh. However, it lasts longer when sprayed on curtains and upholstery.



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not happy


wish this container was stronger the spray as mine broke, and when it did spray it was heavy went on the floor and was then wet, would not buy it again and had to throw mine out.



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it is a wonderful product, i love its fragrance. It smells perfect, almost makes you want to never leave the place. You can spray it on doormat and curtains also.

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Makes You Choke!


I thought I was the only one coughing from spraying airwick, until my mom almost choked herself out of control! I don't know what is in it but it is harmful to the air passages and not good to inhale. They need to work on their chemicals before someone dies!
The cover design
It made me choke really bad!



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Great product!


Now I found something I really like and will definitely buy another once like. feels fresh, a pleasant smell that you love. use it to spray on the bathroom curtains, rugs and in the kitchen? yes I use it in the kitchen (not in the kitchenware) just spray on the kitchen corners and curtains too. I have also use this in the room and it really smells good. it has a fine spray that I think that adds up, lots of available fragrances that you can choose from. great as an air freshener. recommended product!



Lovely product!


Wonderful smell, light, fresh and very very very good! Not to strong like many other air freshners perfect for bad smells and for the toliet(: I would defeinitly recommend it! Very very very good! Lasts a long time as well so your money is well spent! Good for the bathroom and boys room!
Not to Strong

Pretty good!


This product you can not fault. It's easy to use and the scents aren't overpowwerring either. I would be happ to use this product anyday rather then the other toilet smelling air fresheners. The gun action thing is also brillant! All other reviews are terrible compared to this one! this one gives it the recognition it needs!
the smell


Ben1414Melbourne, Vic

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Incredibly crisp


I bought the pink 'magnolia & cherry blossom' aqua mist to bring a fresh feel to the home. It is extremely fresh and has absolutely no weird 'fake' smell. It completely smells like a forest in spring. The fact it's clear and transparent, make it very light. The scent lingers for a good while and then a simple spray in the air and furniture brings it back
Love how the bottle is clear so you can see how water-like it looks. there is no chemical smell at all. So fresh
Not a wide range of scents


Blade0Adelaide, South Australia

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Lush fresh and light.

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This product got product of the year 2011 for a reason!


This is a great product. I like how it spray' a fine mist. It comes in a variety of fragrances such as lavender. The smells of all of them are nice, but not too over powering. A little bit goes a long way and it is fairly cost effective. It is readily available at all Major supermarkets and department stores such as Kmart. I like how they try and cater for all people with different fragrances. It is meant to be 'not as many chemicals etc etc'. I just think it smells nice and does the job. Well done air wick!
Cheap, it works
I'd like if they brought out more fragrences


gcutriVictoria, 3032

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A nice, fresh, pleasant smell that freshens up the air without being over powering. The trigger system is fairly unique but can be annoying. Can be used on a variety of surfaces. The smell is long lasting and overall, a good product.
The product has multiple different uses. The scents in the range are not over powering or invasive. The variants are all pleasant smells, the wide range makes it easier to pick something you find pleasant.
The trigger system is nice - a relatively novel addition to the airfreshing range, but has it's drawbacks - it can break or stick, making it annoying to use. The pricing could be better, it's not that cheap.


hauntedrabbitVIC, 3350

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Very pleasant smell and has multiple uses. Great as an air freshener as the small is strong but not over powering. Nice fresh scents and easy to use trigger system. Can be used on linen, bedding and couches. Curtains and blinds. School/gym bags. In the car. I have even used it to freshen inside the kids sports shoes. Product lasts and long time and the smell doesn't fade away quickly. This is a great product that i will continue to purchase.
Mulit purpose product, Great not only as an air freshener but also to freshen just about anything.



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I really like air wick. It's a reasonable price, easy to spray with one press, don't need to drown the room with the spray to get rid of unpleasant odours eg. when we clean out the cats tray. It has a pleasant scent. Bottle lasts a while compared to other air fresheners we have used. Would recommend this product.
One spray and it helps address any unpleasant odour. Doesn't make you feel like the room is full of spray or make you want to choke like other sprays do when you spray too much.
None I can think of at this stage.


jessiebelleWA, 6525

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I am impressed with this product as I had previously stopped buying air fresheners as I have cut down on my use of chemicals in the home. I can now use this confidently without undue concern. I am impressed when a product is multi-functional which I have found this to be.
The new Air Wick Aqua Mist has a subtle odour, not overpowering, very natural. It is multipurpose and ideal to use to freshen up curtains, clothes, or soft furniture. Ideal for banishing pet odours. It is chemical free. It comes in a choice of three scents.
I love the product but had a visitor who found the natural scent upset her sinus.


TracyJW.A., 6077

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I like the 'non- artificial' smell, I have 2 dogs and I sprayed thier beds to get rid of the doggy smell. I also use it in my caravan, as it gets musty in there with all us sleeping in it, but this freshens it up without choking us!!
I like the fact that it has no propellant in it. It comes in 3 scents, and they all small nice with a natural, not overpowering smell. I particularly like the lavender one. You can spray it in the air or on to upholstry etc.
can't see any cons. I liked this product.

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