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Simply blown away with how good this works.


JamiePerth, WA

Dead Rat !!


Real bad smell coming from WIR, the WIR has some cable holes, so turns out a RAT fell in into brick work in roof space & died .. I removed 90% of RAT could not get to other part of RAT so smell was still there, Nilodor on a saucer in WIR topped up every day, left window open in bedroom, after 1st day can’t smell the RAT, but still topped up for a week.
anyone know who invented this product? Can only see it was available in USA since 1955, but no history on who invented ? purchased from a IGA store in Perth.

Purchased at IGA for $10.00.


Multimedia123Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Stong smell to get rid of strong smells!


This is a great little product. For such a little bottle of stuff, it packs a punch. I wear plastic gloves when using so it doesn't get on my fingers.
I don't quite like the smell it creates, but usually a whole lot better than the one you're trying to get rid of!

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Spencer Faulkner

Spencer FaulknerSouth East Queensland, QLD

My best friend couldn't get rid of a cat urine odour.. Until this product.


My best friend recently had a cat move in with a boarder. The boarder and cat are no problem except the odour of urine as the cat does not leave the owners bedroom often. Even with kitty litter and conventional odour eliminators, nothing seemed to work for my friends sensitive nose. So I suggested a product that had been highly recommended to me by a truckie friend who successfully masks the odour of cigarette smells inside the cabs and interiors of cars and trucks he drives. Also hotel and motel rooms, as his socks and shoes really stink after a full day.
After testing this product 30 minutes ago, my friend messaged me and said..

Purchased in September 2021 at Coles Supermarkets for $7.50.



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Gets rid of every pesky, unwanted scent!


This product is a lifesaver when it comes to unwanted smells in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere for that matter. I used this for a spill in the car, and it instantly took away the scent. I have also used this in a bottle cap and placed it into the fridge to get rid of mouldy/rotten smells, and added to kitchen bins when they get a bit smelly. A huge tip is that you only need a tiny drop for each situation as it can be quite overpowering if too much is used. It is a product that every household should keep in their cupboard.

Purchased at Mitre 10.


MrsThriftySouth East Queensland, QLD

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Great for freshening up kids bedrooms.


Purchased in February 2021 at Woolworths Physical store.


davidwehMedlow Bath, New South Wales

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GREAT in cat litter tray!!


I use (the concentrated drops) in the bottom tray of my two layer cat litter system .... NO CAT PEE SMELL!!

Dead smell


We bought Nilodor for our holiday home.. something died and the smell is so bad. We sprayed Nilodor everywhere and thought that would work but next day we went back and the smell is still there... This stuff does not work it will mask the smell for a while but that's about it.... not impressed. It does smell nice though



It has the worst Smell and it makes you feel sick
Top It off my partner thought it would be funny and put it on my pillow... wish they had better smelling ones

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Excellent Product.


A friend of mine who works as a cabin manager for one of our Airlines who use it between flights to freshen up the musty smell in the planes, gave me a bottle to try to get rid of rotten meat smell in my car from steaks after the bag leaked blood all over the carpet. Washing the carpet cleaned the blood but not the smell but after using a couple of drops of nilodor no more smell. I always keep a bottle handy & as a previous reviewer wrote works wonders in the toilet bowl to eliminate odor instantly.

Pamela B

Pamela BAU

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Great neutraliser.


Having people over you want the house to smell great. When you have those pesky odours that seem to linger Nilodor neutralises them. Eg kitchen bin, toilet, fridge. Excellent product.


RogerGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Excellent. Works like magic.


Got some super strong odour from the fridge that can't go away regardless whatever we use. Nilodor did a good job. Really pleased with the result. Highly recommended it !!!! !!!

I smell a rat no more!


Either a rat or mouse has died in the wall/floor cavity again. Judging by how bad it is, and the fact my neighbour told me he had a problem with a pesky rat, it could be it. Anyhow, last time, I just had to ride out the smell period (it was summer, thankfully) this time, I remembered my parents had left me a bottle of Niloder they brought over from oz for something else... a drop in each corner of the bedroom and the smell has almost vanished! Deffo need something like this here in Scotland. Nothing beats it. What will I do when it runs out?!

Great toilet deodorant


After using the toilet, and soon after flushing, I put only one drop into the toilet bowl and the odor vanishes instantly. No embarrassing smell.
Since I discovered Nilodor I don't use toilet sprays any more.


ushereHunter Region, NSW

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surprising how powerful a drop or two of this liquid is. will cover/mask the most objectional smells.
especially suited to confined spaces, such as fridge,though will work in small rooms too.
i have read that you can use it in a spray 9diluted with water), but as yet haven't tried that approach.
very happy with it.

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Smells refreshing


This product is the best for adding a wonderful fresh smell to my home and car, I add it to my water for cleaning and in to a spray bottle for eliminating smells, I have used it for many years, and always buy it for my family to use. best ever and easy to obtain in stores.



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Great product been around for years and


Nilodor can be purchased in chemist if you don't see on the shelves just ask or they maybe able to order for you Woolworths don't have it can try Coles. Best bet is the chemist.great product been around for years only just come across it on a web site by accident.



This beats anything!


The day after being sprayed by a skunk we left on vacation driving across Canada. A drop of Nilodor in the car eliminated all smells. We even used it in some off smelling hotel rooms.



job done, smell gone


there was this smell that stays with ya once ya smell it and it was putrid. it was coming from the laundry drain, i couldnt stand it ... mum gave me this stuff said this will fix it it's been around forever and its the best.. my mum is almost right all the time, i didnt doubt her at all. got home and did what she told me to do, and WOW! WOW! how can such a small amount from a small bottle do such a amazing and pretty much instant difference. a must have in household cupboard, so it was on my shopping list that week.. LOVE IT!!!!



We have a chicken coop that I clean daily and one day when I was cleaning out the poop and food remnants I left the waste in a bucket and forgot all about it. Two weeks later when I realised (it was behind the coop) it smelled absolutely putrid, disgusting. I put the waste in our council bin on bin night thinking after this we would need to get rid of the council bin too. I used two sprays and the smell was completely eradicated. Cannot recommend this product highly enough for the really bad stuff.

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Lesley L.

Lesley L.asked

Where in New Zealand can I purchase Nilodor

No answers
e a mulholland

e a mulhollandasked

will this stop a re-homed dog from peeing/marking in the house? thanks

No answers
Gerald V.

Gerald V.asked

I recently discovered a baby dead rat on top of my pollen filter that sits atop my aircon fan in my car, i dont know how long it was in my car for as it had made a nest, i only noticed it when a foul smell was emanating from the air con vents, i have removed the filter and disposed of both and i have also used 1/2 a can of deodouriser from the servo whilst the fan was running to try and get the deodouriser through the vents so it would remove the smell, i was wondering would Nilodor remove this smell for me if i was to place a few drops onto the new filter ?? If this doesnt work i will be trading my car in, please help the smell is nauseating..

2 answers

IMPORTANT! The first thing to remember when using this product is NEVER, EVER apply the product directly to anything you wish to deodorise, as it will leave its own characteristic smell, and this can be a problem. In order to absorb odours, put the Nilodor onto a saucer, or a suitable disposable item (such as a plastic bottle cap of suitable size) which can be positioned close to the source of the odour. If you intend to drive the car during the deodorising attempt, remove the saucer (or bottle cap, etc) and put it back again when the car is not in use. Alternatively, make sure the saucer or bottle cap (or whatever you decide to use) is secured in such a way that it cannot dislodge or tip over while you are driving. I'm not sure whether the Nilodor will be powerful enough for this job, but try leaving it in place for at least a few days. If you use a saucer, it can be washed clean in a dishwasher. If you clean it by hand, be careful not to get the Nilodor on your skin. If you use a disposable item, just discard it in your rubbish bin when you are finished with it. If this fails, you could consult a car air conditioning company to see if they can do anything with it. Good luck!


Yes I understand the disgusting smell you describe, it was described on line as the smell of rotting flesh, absolutely correct.
We had this smell in the kitchen, and after spending days cleaning areas that didn’t need cleaning, we discovered the source, it was a huge water rat fried in the wiring of our practically new oven so after days again of cleaning, the smell was still there, and we had used everything we could find to remove this stench with no results. I was then told of NilOdour $7.40 in Coles, and within a day we had cleared the smell, cannot recommend it enough. It comes in a spray and a drop bottle.. the only complaint with the spray it leaks down the bottle when you spray might be a faulty spray container, but still 5*

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