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Ticked off

Ticked offPerth, WA

  • 2 reviews

total rip off


I bought a Hyundai i45 in 2012 for. $20000.00
and I will end up paying $47000.00. TOTAL RIP OFF and ya dear departed husband bought a I load van for $30000.00 but.after his death I approached them and.I still owed. $30000.00 another Rip off. I.would never ever deal with Esanda again in my.whole.life.snd.I have told numerous people about.their.horrible finance.


JasWestern Australia

  • 2 reviews

Rip Off!!! Scam!!!


I wish I did not ever sign up for this. I bought a car for $13000, and was paying the car dealer for more than a year already before they decided to put the car under my name. I had to put my loan into Esanda because my parents are going to buy a house. I have been paying for my car for 4 years, and it is due/supposed to be paid-off on January 2018, but when I called Esanda they told me I will still be paying them until the 2nd of April 2021!! What a total crap!!! I still owe them $11000 after 3 years of paying fortnightly. What a total crap!

Don't go with ESANDA


I had a car loan with a bank who then transferred all the car loans to ESANDA. I found I was paying 2x more and asked for a refund. They sent me a refund and apparently they've refunded me all the funds so I'm no longer ahead in my repayments. Now I'm behind and they blame me for it.

Never ever get esanda loan


Firstly it was my fault for not checking the highest interest rate, as it was my first time applying for a loan. Secondly, if i want to pay my loan amount early in full, surprisingly they charge a termination fee. Weird as if i just let wait the term out then i pay less. For Everything other company you just pay the remaining amount and end your contract but with these guys you just pay a termination fee if you want to pay in full.

I will rather wait this out and never again recommend esanda to anyone.

Turn around.. Go back now while you can


Patient Customer

Patient CustomerMelbourne

  • 12 reviews

Esanda & ANZ Criminals (rated -10)


Horrible people, don't be fooled by how nice they are on the Phone


21 years old and I was young and stupid.. Esanda ppl said they approved my loan of 33000 but didn't tell me they approved my loan for 66000 dollars!! The interest was 100% over the course of 7 years!! "Sorry it was in your contract" is all I got from them. horrible people

High interest, bad customer service and high fees


On dealing with Esanda over the last 5 years I've found them rude, unhelpful and extremely expensive.
I was young and rushed in for easy finance.
Not worth it. Find another option. Citibank....

Totally rubbish


Recently I went thru finance with this company, it was extremely annoying. the officer i was dealing with was absolutely arrogant, when i asked what will be the interest rates, & monthly payments and all of the important stuffs for me, it was just being ignored or avoided to answer directly, then he was giving out terms and conditions and told me to read, got me to sign the paperwork then went chasing for more bank statement from me as the one i gave in was not satisfied them. so people go away from this company, they are crap, i should have read all the bad reviews about them begore i dealt with them



  • 2 reviews

Dreadful, inflexible, behind the times rip off lenders - don't use.


We made the sad mistake of signing up with Esanda for a car loan. We now have the money to pay the loan off entirely but won't because the early termination fees are outrageous. We never receive statements to see how much of the loan has been paid off and there is no online options to see the balance. We can't wait to end this ridiculous loan. Whatever you do, don't sign up with Esanda. We can't stress that enough. There are better and more flexible lenders out there.



  • 5 reviews
  • Verified customer

Rip off car loan contract


the worst


Hate this place didn't even know how high the interest rate is and no statements to let you know what you've paid or how much you have left.
There's no online banking so out dated can't wait to pay this stupid car loan

They don't stop calling!


They will not stop calling me. I have paid what I need to but they must call me 9-10 times a day and it's really making me angry! Not only is this through my working times but also on the weekends at ungodly hours of the morning.
I feel ripped off as well. Can't wait to pay this stupid loan off.

Worst company, lots of hidden charges. Total lies and inefficient.


Brought a new Hyundai from Werribee Dealer, the finance guy introduced by sales person was not interested in doing business and was still in sleepy mood (probably hang over from Friday night).
No origination fee was mentioned until the day of delivery and I noticed it after signing and taking the delivery. The biggest win moment was when I asked the lady what these charges were for and she with her cunning smile replied that I was informed of these charges at the start of application. Thank you very much Esanda. RIP (Esanda team learn to be honest and be truthful and please never take advantage of people’s situation).

Rip off dogs


Don't get finance from as asanda they will rip u off they ripped off my dead mother saying she owed more than she did what a joke

Alvi Gloria

Alvi GloriaMelbourne

  • 2 reviews

Biggest Rip Off In The Business


Charge like a wounded bull. They will bite you every way they can and milk you like a cow! Never again sign up with any loan with ESANDA, Interest is too high. RIP OFF RIP OFF

The Worst!


I am not one for reviews but if I can stop just ONE person from making the contract binding mistake we did, then I've helped! Literally the worst car finance company in Australia, So rude! Unhelpful! When you ask questions about your remaining balance or about how to pay extra payments, they deter answering! Poor customer service and will do anything in their power to make you have your loan forever! Fees for this and fees for that! There should be a minus star option! Terrible, rude, sly company! Never in a million years would I recommend this company or ever seek finance through them again!



  • 7 reviews

Pathetic Company


How I wish I could give them 0 stars. Steer clear of this company. I submitted an online application and was advised I'll get a response within 3 hours. I called them 5 times over three days and was told EVERYTIME someone would call me back in 10 minutes . When I called the last time some arrogant bloke told me I was lucky they were even considering giving me finance. Needless to say, I cancelled my application immediately. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC.



  • 4 reviews

Poor customer service - totally off ANZ


loan with esanda was worst decision i could have taken to finance my car


not a person who normally writes reviews,but esanda needs one. esanda is biggest rip off i have ever came across.hidden costs, massive early payout fees, no transparency. paid 7 % of my total loan amount as early payment fees !!!.no wonder why ANZ is planning to sell out this great company whose only mission and vision is to loot their customers.

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