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Avoid at all cost!!


Just avoid at all cost pleeease! I’m saving you a lot of money from experience. Interest rate was sooo high I paid a little over double the amount back. I was sucked in to this contract as they took advantage of how desperate I was for a car.



JimSouth East Queensland, QLD

Early Termination Fee


What a rip off .... do the right thing and pay your loan on time EVERY month, then sell you car, get the payout which includes an "Early Termination Fee". Not only do they "stack the loan" their way so that the initial 2 or 3 years of payments pay off the a big chunk of the interest component first, BUT then they charge an early termination fee. Corporate GREED highlighted again.



CindyWestern Australia

  • 8 reviews



High interest rates. Poor customer service and no online or easy website to view your statements and or balance. So so mad at myself for accepting the loan from them.


Archaic Service


I do not recommend Esanda - they lack transparency and are very behind the times - offering no access to account records online making it impossible to regularly monitor and track the progress of your loan.


Paulette Batty

Paulette BattySouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

Esanda changing contract conditions


Esanda changes contract conditions when taking a car loan. Complaints to AFCA the Ombudsman is a waste of time because you cannot win as they support all the Banks against any wrong doings.

Paulette Batty
Paulette Batty

Macquarie Bank which took over some loans from ANZ is even worse! avoid them

Paulette Batty
Paulette Batty

And no help from AFCA.

Rude staff, poor service.


the most difficult company to deal with. Wait hours on the phone to be told they’re busy and to call back. Rude staff as well. Never financing with them again.



ANZ and Esanda are terrible.


Poor service, I asked for a car loan payout letter. They issued one with $2000 higher than Principal+early termination fees, called 3 times no one could explain to me why i got charged extra. I have been working with ANZ since i started my business with over a million annual turn over but they made me really disappointed. I am going to close all my accounts today and suggest that to everyone.



  • 2 reviews

A company that will give you no future


A company that does not call, SMS, email, you and they will default you without hesitation. I have a default cause of this issue and I found out by another company doing a credit check. I rather go to the big banks even though they might have a higher interest rate they keep you updated. You want kill your future then this is the company for you



  • 3 reviews



Esanda are absolutely fantastic! You speak to real people. They always answer the phone without much of a wait, they are polite & extremely helpful over the phone.



Dodgy, rude and verbally aggressive


Shocked to receive an unsolicited, unprofessional and unpleasant phone call demanding my account details with ANZ from ANZ Esanda Finance. I naturally assumed it was a scam and refused to give details as they couldn’t tell me what the call was about! Dodgy as..hope it wasn’t ANZ who gave them my name and number!!!

Vincent Fiorello

Vincent FiorelloGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Worst phone call


I received a phone call just before saying I owe $140 and was in arrears last payment was made last year we're now in June 2018 they came across it now this is a scam I'm not paying it they also charged me interest after all this time didn't receive a letter or phone call. What a bunch of thieves. Don't trust them.

Stuck in the stone ages


No information is accessible online, have to ring or write to find anything out. Have to wait 2-3 business days for them to EMAIL statements...absolutely ridiculous....get with the times Esanda.



  • 10 reviews

Esanda stuck in the dark ages


Im suprised that in this day and age they have absolutely no form of online service to customers. Perhaps its a sales stratergy to keep us from paying off that loan faster. Every time i want to check my balance I have to call up, and when i want it in writing its a locked pdf with a long winded password they only give you verbally over the phone. Sound dodgy?

Dont ever sign with esanda and if the broker says its a good deal with them then wait or renegotiate with another lender. I found out 2 days after I signed with esanda the inhouse car finance was 50.00 per month cheaper.

Unhappy Customer

Unhappy CustomerMorayfield

  • 12 reviews

One of the few companies still using paper (i.e. no online functionality)


Terrible interest rates (especially if you are going for your first car loan - Esanda tried to slug me with 14% on my first Mazda). They have zero online account functionality (all phone and paper). If you want a payout quote, expect to call them and be on hold for half an hour. And to top it off, most employees have the personality and friendliness of a wet mop. Rotten egg of a company and a perfectly good reason to dump ANZ as a bank. Note also that this company is so behind the times, that they don't even have an account on Product Review to give feedback on everyone's reviews... Esanda = Dinosaurs = Due for Extinction.



  • 2 reviews

Paid out but still no clear title 3 weeks later


We decided to purchase new Subaru, we paid out existing car loan 3 weeks earlier and made arrangements for new car delivery and trade in today, however when dealer did vehicle security check it showed it still hasn't a clear title 3 weeks after payout !!!!!
Rang esanda they said they would fast track problem by the end of business so we could collect new car, but to no avail !!!!! Thanks Esanda ..... Never again


KeepemhonestCentral Coast NSW

Refused car finance.


We have a mortgage with ANZ. 2 Previous car loans in the past paid off early with no defaults and perfect credit history. Suddenly we are refused a basic car loan? But thank you Esanda. After reading other reviews seems like we dodged a bullet.





So far i have paid 30 k for my 15 k bike.
I have had multiple payments taken at the wrong time and if the money isn't in the bank i pay extra interest and the bank charges me a dishonour fee.
Today i have a letter in the mail saying i have dishonored again, once again its happened but this time they took the payment and two days later tried to take another. Screw esanda they are scamming thieves!

Esanda is awful


I've been on hold for 3 bouts of 20 minutes just to find out how much interest I have paid on my car loan this financial year. No online access to this information. Very complicated transfer between Macquarie, ANZ and Esanda means you never quite know who to call.

ANZ? Bit of a lie there


I signed multiple loan documents from Anz. My direct debit says Anz. My loan statement from Anz was lost so I went into Anz to get another copy only to be told I don't have a car loan with Anz, never did. I have a loan with Esanda. The Anz bank said they are no longer affiliated with Esanda. My car loan is only new and not once anywhere on any of my documents does it say Esanda. I went through a broker to get the best deal possible. I don't understand how this is legal.

Ticked off

Ticked offBeechboro

total rip off


I bought a Hyundai i45 in 2012 for. $20000.00
and I will end up paying $47000.00. TOTAL RIP OFF and ya dear departed husband bought a I load van for $30000.00 but.after his death I approached them and.I still owed. $30000.00 another Rip off. I.would never ever deal with Esanda again in my.whole.life.snd.I have told numerous people about.their.horrible finance.

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