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excellent product


I've been using this product for a number of years now .
I find washing the car first dry it off then apply FW1 with two separate cloths
1 to apply the other to buff off . I get about 3 months between applications.
The paint is as good as new after 6 years not bad for a car that's not garaged and Red in colour, good on all hard surfaces.

Purchased in March 2021 at promotion.



I've been using this on my Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2016 Buick Regal Turbo and Honda Civic for years and IT'S AMAZING, and does just as advertised. Just body, no glass.

Excellent Product


This product hits the nail on the head! Great choice for those looking to be environmentally friendly, especially because this product is completely waterless!! Great to help conserve water with all the fires happening now! It also leaves your car looking as sexy as possible! I only car wash once a fortnight with this! I have and will continue to recommend this product to everyone I meet. You all need this whether you know it or not.

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OllieSydney, NSW

This stuff really works


This stuff is brilliant, the fact that I don't need to use much and how good my truck and ute look afterwards I don't use anything else .
It's great on chrome also and I have plenty of that !
It is all in the way you apply it, so i've watched lots of videos, Make sure you use two cloths, one to apply it and a good Microfibre cloth to shine it up.
Apparently its sold worldwide for over 20 years and its American Made so i'm not surprised its so good.

Purchased in August 2021.

Don't waste your money!!!!


It killed the clear coat on my car and 5th wheel. I had to get the car re-painted, and traded the 5th wheel in. This product works great in the beginning, but long term expect damage.

Better than the rest!


One of the quickest and easiest products I have ever used to clean and polish a vehicle. I've tried other waterless brands without getting the same results. I don't know if there are any reverse affects from using such a product over time, but for the here and now, it's perfect!

Purchased in May 2021 at eBay for $19.00.


DevoSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Best wax for kayak polishing


This is great for polishing my kayaks, but my can is used up. More commonly available products I have used since are very poor by comparison. I will try to find a source of the FW1 product. Obviously I won't use it on TV or computer screens.

Purchased in June 2021.



This product is a gimmick.
No better than a cheap wax.
Doesn't live up to the hype that the sellers were spruiking at the service station.
I would not recommend this product to any one.

Purchased in February 2021.

"Polishing" is another way of saying rubbing compound.


I purchased this product from a promoter hanging around a gas station. It seemed to work just fine so I bought two cans after some haggling. I had recently purchased a used car with some minor sun damage. The FW1 took off the dead paint and left a beautiful shine. I can see where this works good with an older car but not with a new car finish. The glass cleaner feature is not so great as it includes wax.

Purchased in February 2021 at Private entrepeneur.

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Excellent Car Polish I have ever used!


I am using this from last 7 years on my all cars & Home Icecream Truck. It keeps away dirt for at least 6 months after applying. Rain water does not stick to surface. Brighten up old car like new. Bring the dull paint to life! Easy to use. I even use in my bathroom to clean shaving Mirror & it becomes fog free! They recommend use without water. But I recommend always wash the car with water let it dry then spray FW1 & polish off. I have purchased lots of cans in last 7 years. As per other negative reviews this is for car not for TV Screen just a common sense! Even look hundreds of reviews on Amazon US, youtube Videos for your satisfaction. Thank you.


DickoSydney, NSW

Great solution for Apartment living


I live in an apartment and I can’t use water to wash my car. Fw1 is a good option as it’s waterless plus it also protects the car. It works great for tinted windows. In the apartment I use it on my mirror wardrobes and shower screens as they are tricky to keep clean with 2 kids and they seem to stay cleaner for longer.

September 27th 2022 Update: FW1 long term use protects clear coats

I have been using FW1 on my cars for 12 years I have never had any issues with clear coat or rim issues I think you had a paint issue where they did not seal the clear coat properly. I have used it on Audi/Mercedes/Hyundai/Renault and BMW



Best glass cleaner ever used, but pricey.


This cleaner is the best thing I have ever used to clean glass windows, both car and in the home. Removes everything and leaves no streaks. Windows come up crystal clear and in showroom condition. Only tested small amount on car paint and seems to come up well. Word of caution though, keep away from plastics and rubber material as salesman warned me, which by looking at some of these reviews, was good advice. Price could be better though, hence lower rating.


robinMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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it works for me


i just saw the other negative reviews here, but it works for me. i have used 2 bottles already on my car. and it had given me decent results. its very quick and easy to apply and shine is great.
only downside is that it doesn't last very long. so only good for a quick detail and price is a little ridicules.

STOP!!! Do not use!!!!


I am writing this review from my mobile phone because this product has stripped some kind of film off my computer screen as recommended by the salesman and now it's unusable. I would not recommend this product to anyone, the salesman did make it look good so I purchased a bottle, I'm glad I didn't use it on my car first, it's a shame I never read the reviews first, I'm not surprised to see I'm not the only disgruntled customer.



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sales guy of the year Fw1

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Questions & Answers

Niquie M.

Niquie M.asked

How to use?

2 answers

I just spray it onto the bottom of my kayak hull. Wipe over with cloth. Use clean dry cloth to wipe dry & polish. Another popular cleaning wax is difficult to spread evenly, and more difficult to wipe off, leaving smudges of product unless you use lots of water. I am still waiting to find a supplier with stock!


They recommend using two cloths which I always do. One to apply it and then a microfibre to shine up . Lots of videos on their website and info on their facebook,
Also Devo, I have been buying on their website www.fw1.com.au for years . They deliver within a few days to me

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