WonderGirlHunter Region, NSW

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Beautiful, light carrier


This carrier is so easy to use, lightweight so baby doesn't sweat from body heat, and is designed with simplicity, but effectiveness in mind. Overall, one of my favourite carriers

Purchased in September 2021 at Frangipani Baby for $100.00.


TwonicksSouthwest, VIC

We love our Manduca


We love our Manduca, it's comfy for me and my bubs. I agree the shoulder straps are wide but I cross mine over and they ate perfect it's actually way more comfortable too. I also have very small babies and had no issues we used the size it for my first with my second bub I couldnt find it so just used a ribbon which worked great.
It can be a bit more fiddley than other carriers to put on but I wouldn't say it's difficult at all. The most important thing for me was that bubs hips were in a healthy position and we are both comfortable. I always recommend this carrier as I love it so much

Purchased in November 2021.



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Just OK.....


Good points - waist harness, integrated hood, can use almost from new born

maybe ok - straps seem to be suited to people with broader shoulders, it doesn't work well on me and tends to draw my shoulders forward.
Fabric - good thick cotton / hemp mix but when baby has a loo accident it takes forever to dry after washing...

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Sean R.Manduca


This carrier is exceptional




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Just love it


We tried on all the other carriers. I mean, all of them. We spent nearly 2 hours at the shop trying different carriers and ended up with this one. Most carriers have basically the same features, but somehow this one work will for us. The first test was putting baby in them and if baby did not cried that was the start, then we narrow it down to how it felt when walking around. Then, of course how easy it was to put on. We love it, but I can see that the other carrier works better for other people. I suggest try it out and see how you go.


DanaPerth, Western Australia

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Sean R.Manduca


SylviatSydney, NSW

  • 11 reviews

My most used baby items


Has been using it for 19 months, since my baby was born till now. I like that i do not need to buy any additional insert for newborn. Because there is an extra piece of cloth that you just need to button it to elevate your baby. And as my baby grows, he is also able to put his hands above and not being restricted to just the side. Also i like it that i can continue to use it till he is now a toddler. I was wearing him everyday whenever im out and I would say that this gives a very good support. I have only been wearing him on the front from birth till now.

One of our best baby buys!


We bought our Manduca for our first born and haven't looked back since. The carrier is so simple to use (even Dad can put it on by himself!) and adjusting the sizes between 2 different people is quick and easy.

We can put our little one in comfortably and carry her for fairly long periods without too much effort or strain on our part and knowing that her hips and back are well supported and resting in a natural position. It is the perfect carrier to wear for light exercise such as our weekly Kangatraining class.

We rarely leave the house without our Manduca carrier and couldn't recommend it more highly!

Perfect fanily carrier


This carrier has been amazing for our family. We were given it as a gift for our first baby 3 years ago and is just so easy to use. We are now using it with our second child which it is a shopping life saver. Best baby shower present to recieve.

Kerry m

Kerry mCairns

Essential baby item


Love this product so much,. With a large, heavy baby, i wore him everywhere. He hated lying in trolleys so wearing him was the only and best way to get it done.
Quick, easy and comfortable to wear without getting a sore back. Best money I ever spent and can't wait to use with second bub

Super comfy carrier you can rely on!


I used to use Ergo 360 but after getting Manduca my Ergo went aside. I find Manduca super comfortable, my bub is nicely snuggled in and super happy. Love the safety features this carrier has ! If you can't decide which carrier is the right one, go for Manduca! :)

Love it


I purchased my carrier for Kanga Training and didn't know much about carriers initially. I'm so glad I was recommended the Manduca for my daughter. She sleeps well in it during classes and it is very comfortable to wear. I would recommend Manduca carriers for Kanga Training and everyday wear.

Rach D

Rach DMorayfield

My biggest parenting tool yet


I wouldn’t have got through the first year without this carrier. It has made life 100 times easier from my first to now my second baby. It’s such an easy carrier to put on and take off and isn’t a problem for my husband to master either!! I have now had my manduca for 2.5 years and it has seen both my toddler and 7 month old through some of the more challenging parts of parenthood.


Mrs_NixieSunshine Coast Queensland

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Amazing support and so easy to use. Can’t fault it!


The true newborn essential!!


Our Manduca has been with us since my now 2 year old was a little Bubba. It's the only baby carrier I've found that doesn't hurt my shoulders and hips (even carryingg a 13kg toddler!). It's the #1 thing I recommend to all new Mums and is the only investment you can guarantee will get lots of use. Love love love. ❤️❤️

I can be super mum with my Manduca.


Our manduca carrier is easy to use, comfortable to wear for me and bub, not too hot as we live in the tropics, and most importantly I feel baby is safe and secure. I was able to select a neutral colour so that my husband can use it too. Now we have 2 little girls under 2 years old our Manduca carrier is such a life saver. I am able to take our toddler to playgroup while carrying our 2 month old and feel confident. I can be super mum and play, carry and keep my girls safe comfortably.

Makes me feel confident


At the start, my baby wasn't keen on the carrier but after some adjustments and a strap to bring in the bottom area, we enjoy this time now. We do shopping into it, kanga training twice a week and other jobs. He falls to sleep in it which make me feel confident wearing him. I received this carry as a gift and am very grateful for it

favourite carrier


Great product, adjusts well to smaller sized hips and shoulders


I was introduced to manduca at kangatraining. My little man is so comfy in it and is really well supported, I ended up buying my own!
Also having a slender waist (especially once my hips went back to normal size) and not a broad chest/shoulder region i found the maduca actually fitted me unlike others as i could adjust it smaller compared to other carriers which in turn meant it is comfortable on my shoulders and lower back.



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Easy to use from newborn up


I picked up one of the cotton Manducas in the Mandala print before the birth of bub. Paired with the Size It, I used the carrier from about 6 weeks onwards.

The carrier can be used without the Size It accessory, using the built in newborn seat, but I found it easier to get bub in and out with it.

Adjustments are easy to make, and hubby and I can both use the carrier with minimal fiddling to fit our respective builds comfortably. The little built in hood is also helpful to encourage bub to nap on the go.

It’s also easy to launder. I place the whole carrier in an old pillow case to protect the clasps and put it on a gentle cycle with low spin.

Very happy with this carrier.

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Questions & Answers

Rebecca D

Rebecca Dasked

How is the Manduca in Australia's 30-40 degree Summer?

1 answer
Sean R.Manduca

Sorry we took so long to answer your question Rebecca. The feedback we get indicates that Manduca works well in warm climates - obviously wearing any baby carrier will be a little warmer than normal, but Manduca is made from natural fibres (organic cotton and hemp) that are breathable and naturally promote moisture wicking. It has a hood/sunshade that will help shade your baby too - and a large hat for you also helps.
Some other commonsense ideas are to dress lightly, keep baby and yourself well hydrated and to consider cooling pads that are available for babywearing from a number of sources.



Can this be used for child facing outwards of the body?

2 answers
Sean R.Manduca

Thank you for the question. Manduca isn't designed to be able to face children forward. We believe that a baby learns most from watching their parent at very close range, and this improves their ability to read and sense emotions, and helps develop language skills. If you're interested in these thoughts, you could read our blog article here: http://www.manduca.com.au/#/babys-bq/4590158633


As Manduca official already answered...it's can't be used for facing forward baby.
If you are in Sydney...and you have Facebook account...feel free to join baby wearing group....we all talking about baby wearing alot...I guarantee that most mummies and daddies not recommended about facing forward baby.
These some reasons :
1. It's over stimulating for baby
2. We can't face the baby so we don't know what's going on to the baby
3. The more heavy the baby the more baby put pressure when you carry facing forward...it's not good for your back also for the baby

It's save facing forward it's just not recommended but Manduca definitely can't facing forward.
As I said manduca maybe not the prettiest baby carrier on the market but definitely the safest!!



Hi. My daughter has downsyndrom and her joint is hyper mobile. Do you still recommend this carrier for my daughter?

1 answer

I would check with a physiotherapist.

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