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cos lettuce

cos lettuceFrankston

  • 6 reviews
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Great when there is no petrol smelle


Found lawn mower easy to maneuver but not as easy as it looks. Requires some effort unlike a normal mower would push it self basically only using on small space not even 6 metre square and doesn't now down or over thicker pads of grass, gets stuck easy and potential danger when I have to remove acorn nuts from the blades that have fallen from tree, jamming in the blades. I think It would be ideal if lawn was already maintained and extremely short grass or it struggles, even with brand new blades. Handle not strong so needed securing, with tape, as bolt fell out, after three metres. Bolt not ln line with grooves and could be made with more secure handle. OK for price paid.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
Hakan S

Hakan SMelbourne

  • 4 reviews
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Don't waste your time or money


It doesn't cut the grass at all, it is almost impossible to get the right height adjustment, it probably moves after you adjust it. I have tried it tens of times and it cuts very small amount of grass every time you pass, you will have to pass the same area over 10 times. It was sitting in the garage for a while, then when I found its invoice just returned back to Bunnings. The were kind of enough to take it back.

Date PurchasedAug 2015


  • 6 reviews

Good for what its meant to be - a push mower

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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  • 8 reviews

It is cheap plastic junk


I bought it on 16/3/17 at Bunnings. I am not quite happy with the cutting results as it struggles when the lawn gets a little bit long. Also, it is not easy to maneuver due to the missing mannual. It is not easy to operate. It is hard to maintain as it becomes rusty easily. You must keep it dry and well oiled after every cut.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
J man

J man

  • 11 reviews

Great mower for Buffalo


Have this mower at home brilliant for my 10sqm Patch in the backyard,

Got it with the catcher good idea makes it effortless to mow, and easy to clean up.

Just dont let the lawn get too long as it will struggle but apart from that its a good little unit with the great bunnings warranty why would you bother paying more?

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


  • 11 reviews

a cheap and nasty grass cutter


i was thinking of buying this grass cutter,
last week i found this model by the side walk for council dumster pick up.so i happily took it home
the cutting blade axle was siezed,so i, m thinking,simple-just spray wd-40 and i got myself a cheap grass cutter
wrong,its completly rusted were both ends of the cutting rod axle attach to the wheels
so i spend a hour pulling it apart.its cheap plastic junk,made of steel that will rust asap.cannot get it to turn,so if you
buy this ozita,you must keep it dry and well oiled after every cut,otherwise once it rusts,its useless.all plastic and cheap
steel parts,if you treat it like a baby,cleaning it, washing it,then oiling after each cut,then enjoy.otherwise get something better

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Good product, cutting well,


Cutting well and worth for spend $68, love that product, I have 4M by 4M small garden, have water bufflow lawn, it's cuts perfect 30mm to 45mm, I'm recommended this product to buy as long as you maintain same hight every time, otherwise it's hard but

Nalaka Kuruppu

Date PurchasedJan 2017
MR Cooper

MR CooperBrisbane

  • 34 reviews



Well it works kind of, like you need to adjust it and oil it like 50 times a week to get it going by that time you spent enough time to cover an 8 hour shift at work and buy a real mower.
If your 65 or 80 and have very short grass it may make you look cooler though for your friends.

Date PurchasedMay 2013


very average


good to use if your lawn is perfect and without any loose particles. Things get caught in the blade very easily which makes it very frustrating to use. I will definately buy a diffrent lawn mower that is more resistant.
thank you Ozito for making my life harder in mowing lawns.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
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_Anthony_Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 12 reviews

Average quality. Only good for small lawn


After my first use a bolt had fallen off and another two were loose. This was because there were no washes included with the mower. I went to bunnings and purchased washers and these bolts didnt come loose again.

Since then a different bolt from the height adjustment part has fallen off twice. There is a rectangular oddly curved washer that was lost and this cannot be bought seperately. It costs around $20 to $25 to place a special order and get the entire part. I gave up and fabricated the washer myself.

It is okay for a very small lawn like at a unit or small townhouse. Ideally spend a bit more on something much better like a Flymo H40 and save yourself a lot of hassle.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Fantastic - Exceeded expectations!


I bought this yesterday to mow the nature strip - absolutely brilliant! Cut perfectly, very easy to push - I wish had more grass to use it on! It has done a MUCH better job than the mowing man did 2 weeks ago with a petrol mower. This little mower has far exceeded my expectations.

Does the job



  • 2 reviews

Pretty darn good


I have mowed my lawn twice with the Ozito. It works very well and does a great job of cutting the grass. I switched over to the Ozito after the second Flymo broke. I bought the first Flymo and on the 2nd cut a screw/knob broke. I got it replaced and the very same thing happened. It never cut the grass well in the first place. The Ozito definitely cuts very very well. Fingers crossed it will last.



  • 3 reviews

Great for REGULAR lawn maintenance


I recently moved into a new house with a terribly overgrown lawn. This mower was no good as the grass was far too long, so I had to use a petrol mower to cut it down. Now I just go over the lawns once every two weeks and it keeps the grass and dandelions in control. The best bit, no petrol costs and NO fumes in my face while working.



A great device, likely to work well for years

Date PurchasedNov 2013
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Find out how Ozito Push Reel Lawn Mower LMP-301 compares to other Manual Lawn Mowers

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Kody Jorgensen

Kody JorgensenSunshine Coast

Perfect for the normal family yard. Great fun too!


For a start push mowers aren't meant to cut excessively long grass, so all the people complaining shouldn't be :/ Our yard has very little sticks and stones, and we have a yard bigger than the norm. I didn't have to stop once. It did a perfect job leaving the lawn lush and smooth. Described by our neighbors as "A golf course fairway.'' Really easy to use. Im 14 and now cant wait to mow on the weekends. It slides upon a different surface. but push a little harder and she is back on track. Save money on fuel and oil and makes mowing fun! Please don't be turned off by all these negative reviews, as this mower will change your gardening experience.

It's worth the money and it works


It's a cheap hand mower! You push hard and it cuts grass. I didn't have any problems with assembly and I managed to cut a very overgrown lawn. It gets caught on sticks etc but you can just pull back and use your foot to turn back the blade wheel and clear it. It cuts really long grass if you kind of take a run up and just do a little at a time. Now that my lawn is short it works brilliantly!

No Good


Very disappointing.
Only cuts short grass.
Mangles anything longer gets stuck on thick clumps of grass blades aren't very sharp.
Waste of money.
That's is why it's 64 bucks.

My mums 40 year old push mower works better :/


Don't even bother, they don't make stuff like they used to, just cheap nasty crap :/ thanks bunnings!


docnmarjSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Lacking information


The directions for assembly of the Ozito Reel Mower should include the following;
1. Start with a lawn like a bowling green.
2. Clear intended mowing area of anything larger than a 5 cent piece.
3. If there has been an overnight dew, go and do something else. ( will not cut damp grass)
4. Adjust blade height a minimum of 6 times ( long grass, short grass, rye grass, etc.)
I keep pushung forward.
Hopefully I won't wear out before I manage to great the afore mention bowling green.
Energy efficient, and I'm getting plenty of exercise.
Will not cut close enough, despite constantly adjusting the cutting height.

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Questions & Answers

Lottie l

Lottie lasked

Where can I buy this lawnmower near crows nest

No answers
Michelle H.

Michelle H.asked

We're in brisbane can i buy parts for my lmp 301 push reel mower?

No answers
bob q.

bob q.asked

Inside your main wheels you have a yellow drive cog, which has a key way in it, can you tell me if there is a spring or anything else as my wheel fell off.and where in brisbane could i get the parts?
Thank you
Email. [email protected]

1 answer

No idea Bob, my mower was intact when I bought it 2nd hand, so cant help. However if you go onlihttp://cdn3.blocksassets.com/assets/ozito/ozito-product-manuals/evVTwSzkJ0Ipcmp/LMP-301.pdfne & download the manual there should be something in there

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