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Gigabyte Aero 15

Gigabyte Aero 15

4.7 from 79 reviews

Latest review: i've this pc from 1 year and it 's perfect. Superfluid with a beatiful design. i use it more for design and 3d modelling and it goes very well. the battery life is also very consistent. I suggest it

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13-inch

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13-inch · includes 9 listings

4.2 from 98 reviews

Latest review: The best laptop I've had. The materials very durable and it is still fast after 5 years. It is still looks like brand new. Does everything I do for office work or studies. The only minus that

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch · includes 9 listings

4.0 from 148 reviews

Latest review: Light, strong and sturdy-feeling, excellent trackpad and battery life, convenient size for casual browsing, decent keyboard, enough ports. Generally reliable and does not crash often, even after

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch · includes 8 listings

3.6 from 44 reviews

Latest review: Purchased this Macbook in mid 2018, only to realise a year that overtime the keys on the keyboard had damaged the screen and left permanent marks on it that cannot be wiped off. The design of the new

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go · includes 3 listings

4.1 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Required a reliable mobile tablet for work purpose for invoicing emailing and browsing tasks on the go . This was A perfect fit cheaper than ipad pro and compatible 4 G network . Easy to use as its

HP Spectre X360

HP Spectre X360

3.0 from 47 reviews

Latest review: Want the flexibility of a tablet and a laptop at the same time? Then look no further than the HP Spectre X360 2-in-1 laptop. I loved this product the moment I took it out of its packaging. Very

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) · includes 7 listings

3.3 from 26 reviews

Latest review: A touch screen tablet where the touch screen doesnt work. And Microsoft knows about it. Then send out another famous Microsoft update. Makes the thing totally useless. Get an iPad or laptop and save

Lenovo X1 Carbon

Lenovo X1 Carbon

3.8 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I have been using the X1 yoga and travelled with it. I found it reliable and the battery life has been great with quick charge times. The option to use it as a tablet is perfect and no flimsy

Dell Inspiron 15

Dell Inspiron 15 · includes 3 listings

2.4 from 103 reviews

Latest review: I've been with Asus for 6 years without any prob, laptop still working. Try upgrading with Dell, only lasted a year! Got a replacement motherboard which didn't last long

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 · includes 9 listings

2.8 from 32 reviews

Latest review: I bought this laptop a few years ago and was very excited about this. However, after paying such a high price for a top-end model of XPS 13 (9360) one would expect excellent durability and great

Infinity One

Infinity One

3.7 from 10 reviews

Latest review: I bought two of these over 12 months ago and we use them for homeschooling primary school kids. They have been excellent for my kids. They function well and run all the programs they need. We are

Apple Macbook 12-inch

Apple Macbook 12-inch · includes 3 listings

3.5 from 10 reviews

Latest review: I bought This laptop for uni. Great and compact but it does lag. I’m pretty sad that they discontinued it cause it was such a great computer. It’s lasted longer than the 2 years I expected it to

HP Pavilion x360

HP Pavilion x360

2.4 from 33 reviews

Latest review: Battery life of the laptop is extremely poor. It doesn’t last more than 1.5 hours without the charger. If the laptop is on low charge (15% or even 20%), and you shut it down, it won’t restart without

Lenovo ThinkPad T Series

Lenovo ThinkPad T Series

3.2 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Purchased x2 notebooks (laptops) in Jan 2022 and they are a piece of crap. One just completely wouldn't power up one day in November rang Lenovo to see if I could get it look at under warranty. Still

Kogan Atlas 2-in-1 Touchscreen Notebook

Kogan Atlas 2-in-1 Touchscreen Notebook

2.1 from 50 reviews

Latest review: Bought two units, one for me and one for nephew. One unit hardly used, approx 25 times. Upgraded storage to 256GB. The charger was faulty, followed by the battery. Now the unit won't charge or turn

Asus Zenbook UX305

Asus Zenbook UX305

2.7 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Owned this laptop brandnew since 2017 and still running like new. In the past my laptops start slowing down after 2 year mark but this laptop is a beast in its own right. Small storage sucks but

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2 · includes 7 listings

2.5 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Do not buy! Do not buy! Do not buy any microsoft device! Have you seen all the negative reviews? Has anyone from Microsoft replied to any of them? That is what you get when dealing with Microsoft:

Lenovo Ideapad 110

Lenovo Ideapad 110

2.7 from 14 reviews

Latest review: It's very slow at times, leaving one upset especially when you are expecting it to perform a task fast. The keyboard is amazing, though it cant is used in dark. My number keyboard is dysfunctional

Lenovo Ideapad 100S

Lenovo Ideapad 100S

2.1 from 32 reviews

Latest review: I brought this around 15 months ago. The only thing that is good (that It is lightweight). The worse is, the mouse pad is terrible and is very slow. My Acer beats its in every

Acer Aspire 3

Acer Aspire 3

2.3 from 22 reviews

Latest review: I bought it for about $650. It is light and performance is good however touch pad is really bad. After a year touchpad started having problems.Sometimes you have to press it a few times to do the

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