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Very Disappointed


We have had our pool for one year. We left for a weekend and a hole appeared In the seem. Really disappointed!!! I paid $130 for my pool, I expected more than 1 year. I'll never buy an intex pool again.

Purchased in July 2021 for $130.00.



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I never got the chance to use the pool


Last summer we purchased this pool it was easy set up all was going well all part fit, all blown up really to fill and as the pool was fill decided to take a quick wall and upon re turn my new 12 wk year old pup bit little holes in the ring of the pool well there go's our new pool


ClairePerth, WA

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Great value .


We had an older 12ft model with a larger white inflatable ring around the top .
We've got 3 seasons out of it but it's now got a bit out of shape and is leaking air . Bought on sale from Kmart for about $60, This thing has been an awesome investment .
We sprung for a cover, foot bath and simple hose vacuum, it really has been very low maintenance . We only leave it up for probably 3 months of the year then clean it and pack it away in the shed .
I'm not sure what people expect for the ridiculously low cost of these things .

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If you don't want stress, avoid these pools!


My ring just blew out after a rain. No other damage any where in yard.





First find two pin holes in pool liner before set up. Had to patch before finishing set up. Then pump worked for one day. Really disappointed mine is a Intex 15×48 above ground. Sorry I bought it. So now I have to get a new pump. Read reviews ahead of time but thought they had improve product.



Intex Above ground pool 20x48

Ms. West Aussie

Ms. West AussieAustralia

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Cheap Summer fun.


(8 ft w filter). Very good. Despite size, you will need chlorine (eg. floating canister) and maintenance or pool will soon get slimey and unsanitary; there's no avoiding it. (I went to Bunnings for pool advice and products (or u can go to local pool store). Tip: for first use: air out a day or so before filling up with water for first use. (strong plastic smell permeated into water i had to drain and refill. fine now). Clean out filter with pressure from hose once a week.Great for older kids or adults.

Raft Problems


I bought a 36" round raft for my grand kids and the valve does not stay shut when I put air in it. I did not find the receipt and they do not stand behind their products. Offered me nothing. Not a good brand to buy. It's not like I was asking for a new pool just a new raft that would hold air.

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A new pool with leaks


I was very disappointed in this pool, ordered it thru amazon, my mother in law got it as a gift to us for our grandchildren, as soon as we put it up, leak #1, then after an hour of putting water in oops there comes leak #2 I was so mad, you should not put a product out there you cannot back up! I will not buy another pool from you.

Fancy Nancy

Fancy NancyMonson ma 01057

We luv the pool but the ladder rusted


My husband and myself bought the pool for our young daughter.
We luv it.
One problem, the ladder rusted so we had to buy a new ladder.
It was 200.00 dollars for the new ladder.
The pool itself is great!
It's our Hampton beach!
We luv the pool itself! Thank you!

Be careful, only buy where you can return to store, intex is terrible if pool is defective. i guess


purchased 16x42 pool, days filling water 14000+ litres, small leak around the protruding hose connection. phoned intex, i have to drain, cut the pool apart and send them the logo, the drain plug, piece of liner, piece where it leaks, at my cost. Intex not willing to do anything.

Kids love it!


I have the 8ftby30 pool and set up was pretty easy. Wish it would have came with a pump would of gave a 5 start rating but overall kids love it! Waiting to see how it will hold up over time. Great buy for the price! Would definitely recommend just have to buy your own pump. Still not a bad deal for the little ones.


JamieSouth west rocks

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Great pool but...


Great pool eg sizing ( can fit in a small flat space) for the price but it was very easily popped and so we decided to buy another one and the pump wasn't strong enough for the pool at all so didn't last long and was quite shallow we have now upgraded and regret buying this pool previously.



It's to small for my 6'8 brother who has a disorder like down syndrome and I find it so rude how you wouldn't make a cheap big pool for me. Oh and I would like it to be heated and it to have like colour lighting in it. Thank you for your time and hopefully I see an improvement.

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Waste of money - overpriced and so much trouble


Pool has leaks


This is the second year and second pool with a leak. Last summer I found a leak along a seam, I was able to get through the summer. I bought a new pool for this summer and it has a leak along a fold. I am so frustrated this should not happen. These pool are good when they work but this is unacceptable new products should not have flaws. This is brutal. I am so disappointed.

Best Pool Ever (with one qualification) - UPDATE


Cheap and beats the heat :)


For less than $100, I couldn't be happier has kept me cool on the hot days. At this price i'm happy to get a season out of it :) Any pool shop is happy to check your water, just take in a sample and they'll test and advise you on chemical use and amounts.


ADayMidwest, Western Australia

Love it! 10 years now.


My hubby and I got this 12 ft pool in Queensland - 10 years ago - and before we had children. We used it every summer, moved to Western Australia and used it again every summer since. Our children love it too now. We rinse and dry it very well before packing it away for winter. Recommend this to the extreme. Excellent pool.

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Khojaste Kianifar

Khojaste Kianifarasked

Hi, I have bought an intex pool for my little child recently. the place it has been set up is great and leveled but there is a concern; it is under direct sunlight and in summer it's really hot at noon and afternoon (around 40 c). is it safe?

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I think I already know the answer but trying to avoid draining the pool. My son ‘surprised’ me And set the pool up for me with the plugs in place and sit at the filter system. Can I add the filter system without draining the water?

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I set up my pool but it seem that my liner is to tight, why is this?

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