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Great price!


I am vegan and also exercise every day so adding extra protein in my diet is very crucial. I have tried many different vegan protein brands and I found this product has a very smooth consistency - much better than gritty brown rice protein powders. Price is consistently cheaper than other vegan protein powders. The flavour could be better which is why I didn’t give it 5 stars.

Love it!


As a vegan, this is a perfect way to get protein with a good nutritional profile. I drink it with cold water or in a smoothie and it's yummy once you get used to the stevia flavour. Now I have it every day.

love it!


i love it! As a vegan i need that extra protein and this is perfect!
i have one tablespoon of the chocolate flavour with one banana, frozen berries and half choc almond milk and half plain almond milk!
i find the best way to mix up the pea protein is to mix it in a separate cup with the almond milks and then pour it into my blender over the banana and frozen berries.
i have it for breakfast/lunch with some fruit and nuts and that's me full for a few hours!


MaryMarySydney, NSW

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Great Product


I tried mixing it with water and found it revolting, gritty and undrinkable. So started blending it with coconut water or a green smoothie (spinach, avocado, papaya, coconut water) and found it to be delicious. Tastes good if you blend it up, rather than mixing it in. I have been using the vanilla one. Seems to work extremely well. No complaints. It is good value too. I usually have it for breakfast.


AprilMurray Bridge

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Perfect vegan protein


This is a fantastic vegan based protein. Its filling, comes in different flavours and sizes. Great value for money. Perfect for breakfast or in between meals. Great for people with food sensitivity..



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Good source of Protein


I bought the unflavoured variety first but prefer the chocolate as it disguises the rather chalky feel in a smoothie. But for that chalky feel I would have given 5 stars because the levels of nutrients are awesome.



I don't like the taste.


I've been reading here for while. So I bought vanilla cause people said it good. I try in the morning, but I don't like it, the taste is very bad for me.



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Perfect! Love that it's low carb and low calorie


I purchased this recently as my diet has been lacking in protein and I've began to feel a lot weaker after going through pregnancy. I tried chocolate flavour. It's not too rich or sickly in flavour, had a slight malt flavour which I love. I drink it with water and it's perfect for those who have to be careful about their weight as well.


Linny25Perth, Western Australia

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Awesome can’t start my day without it


Bought the Vital vanilla flavour uh let’s see to improve the taste just add these together the amount of water required, berries can be fresh or frozen, a little bit of Greek yoghurt (vanilla), and one or two bananas depending if you want it thicker or not add two if not add one, drinking this by itself with water uh well couldn’t really drink it .. and yes I’ve felt a lot better in ages and am building my muscles in addition to exercising wonder if I should try the veggie one too hrrrm ...

Great Protien For Smoothies


Great protien powder for smoothies NOT water
Blends well makes a thick rich smoothie out of the 3 flavours I prefer vanilla but will buy natural

It is a basic protien and does the job of a meal replacement very well very lil pea taste

2 frozen bananas
1 30ml scoop VPP vanilla
1tbsp Agave/maple syrup
1tbsp.Flaxseed oil
Almond milk to cover
Blenf and serve



It used to be great before they changed the recipe!


I loved this chocolate powder for my breakfast smoothie with blueberries, maca and cacao powder and had the big 1kg tub. When I ran out recently I bought another 1 kg tub online, not knowing the recipe had changed. I wondered what was wrong with it when I tasted my first smoothie. It was sickly-sweet so I checked the ingredients and found stevia was added. WHY?? It was great as it was, now I'm stuck with a 1kg tub of it. I'm REALLY disappointed. It was sweet enough as it was now it's ruined. I tried using half quantity and added a banana and it was better but still not as good as it was.



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Good diet kick start


GP said I needed more protein but I didnt want to eat bigger meals - so opted for Pea protein - I mix with low fat milk as my morning meal - and dont feel hungry. Not the best taste but to be honest, the best things for us do not always taste nice - get over it! Can highly recommend it - GP said protein levels improving - YAY!

The best


This protein powder is great. I have had great muscle growth... and all without the bodily secretions of another animal! So much healthier than Whey protein also.

The chocolate one is good, it tastes like chocolate up&go.. I also like the vanilla one because you can add it to smoothies and pancakes.
For the people saying "it's too thick", just add more liquid.. Very easy solution! Though I haven't found it too thick at all.

I use 2 heaped tablespoons with 200ml of almond milk. Sometimes I will also blend it up with raspberries, spinach and a banana.

A truly healthy, low sugar protein powder!


I love how this protein powder has almost no sugar - most brands are very high in sugar or chemical artificial sweeteners. It takes practice to get the technique right when mixing this powder so it does not cake and the flavour may not be what you are used to if you are used to high sugar powders but this is exactly what I want in a protein powder - all natural, almost no sugar and I love the taste. In a market where most products claim to be healthy but are actually full of unhealthy sugars or chemicals this is a winner and I love it!

This is disgusting


It smells and tastes fowl. The thickness of it is revolting and I mixed it exactly how the directions said. I actually was dry reaching and am very disappointed as I need a lactose free product.

Terror of protein powder, don't buy this piece of plastic crap


This tastes plastic powers, and I really wonder what the company actually puts inside this. This also comes with very strong chemical smell. I strongly recommend not to buy this. I tasted this once and dumped it in a trash can.

Where's the Coffee flavour?


It seems that coffee has been discontinued. Can anyone confirm this? I tried the vanilla and its not good at all. Its a shame but i wont recommend or buy this product anymore if coffee is discontinued .


Sandra56South East Queensland, QLD

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Took a while to get used to the flavour, love the quantity of protein in it and the limited calories. But if you want something that tastes fabulous (and a little too much sucrose, and 60 more calories) try Genetix Salted Caramel, about same cost.

Scott Verney

Scott VerneySouth East Queensland, QLD

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Great taste good value




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New flavour terrible


I was so disappointed by the recipe change when I bought a new chocolate for my morning smoothies. Both my daughter and I threw out our drinks because they were sickly sweet and chemical tasting. We used to love starting our mornings with this product. Take out the thaumatin! One wonders if they even tasted their product before selling - the change is so horrible!

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Mixed as recommended but it came out so thick impossible to drink without gagging. Should it be like that?

No answers



Is Vital protein pea ok for kids?

1 answer

Best to check with the manufacturer as pea protein is best to control weight in adults. Children are very different and may need medical advice first.



Hi. Are the Pea
Protein powders thick and filling when mixed with let's say almond milk? Or is the protein powder quite watery still once mixed?

1 answer
Pat Drain
Pat Drain

Never tried it with almond milk. You can make it up as thick or thin as you like, just vary the amount of liquid.

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