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Shaun C.

Shaun C.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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The poor man pays twice


Model MMF-017E

A milk frother is a milk frother right? That’s what I thought so against my usual judgement I purchased this from ADLI and it is rubbish. Has a massive hot spot and the milk burns on the base all the time. I’ve thrown it out (after a couple
months) and purchased another milk frother that has been flawless and easy to clean.

Purchased in December 2021 at ALDI for $30.00.


CaroleKThe Mallee, VIC

It worked once


I was mindful to follow all the instructions, and the first effort was great, milk was hot with plenty of froth. After using it was a pain to clean as Karen said previously. The second time I used this frother, it didn't heat properly, milk was only partially warm and despite filling to under the lower level, milk was spilling out from the lid, leaving me with another massive clean up. As Karen said, this unit is useless for purpose. It doesn't heat and doesn't froth and milk leaks out from the lid.

Purchased in December 2021 at ALDI for $29.00.


DeeSouth East Queensland, QLD

Good product


Initially did not froth but i changed from almond Milk to full Cream milk. Which makes sense because water would not froth so the milk had to have some substance.
Might be worth experimenting with different types of milk.

Purchased in November 2021 at ALDI for $29.99.

We have had two and they last about a year


I was given my first frother that someone never used. We had it about a year and it just stopped. We got a second and tested the new one on the old base and it worked, so the base wasn't the issue. After a year of using the new one, it quit too, same problem with the pitcher. Break once shame on you, break twice, shame on me... NOT getting a third strike

Purchased in October 2021 for $45.00.


CatherinePerth, WA

  • 2 reviews

Brought and returned the same day


Brought and returned the same day, this product should be renamed milk warmer as thats all it does, despite playing with different milk and settings it never produced any froth.

So if you like creamy cappuccinos dont waste your money or time.

Purchased in September 2021 at ALDI for $29.00.



  • 7 reviews

Coffee machine is great, frother not so much


Coffee machine is magic, the frother is hit and miss.

Even if you fill it to the line it still overflows and doesn't always get as hot as we'd like

Purchased in October 2021 at ALDI for $29.00.

Yo H.

Yo H.Sydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Cut my finger while handwashing this item.


This mill frother has stainless body and rim with very sharp edges on the rim. The build quality is sub par. I have cut my finger like a knife would just hand washing this item.

Purchased in August 2021 at ALDI for $29.00.



  • 9 reviews

No complaints


I really like this milk frother. I purchased the Kmart brand and it stopped working after about half a dozen times of using it. So far the Aldi frother has been great and I've had no issues with it. It heats the milk perfect for my liking and is very easy to clean.

Purchased in June 2021 at ALDI for $30.00.


FrothloverMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Exceptional amount of froth Simple to use!


Not sure how the people leaving bad reviews are using this but it works perfectly..maybe too much froth not enough milk.very straight forward instructions that i recommend people actually read before using..but im pretty happy with this machine so far. 3 year warranty. So ill just replace it if need be.. i am winning i think!

Purchased in August 2021 at Aldi for $29.99.

Ritz C.

Ritz C.Perth, WA

Was working well but broke within 6 months


Baught this one and it broke within 6 months. Aldi didn't wsnt to replace without reciept, which who keeps them ? Disappointed. Its clearly a brand that only aldi sells. Shame.

Purchased in November 2021 for $39.99.



  • 3 reviews
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Dont buy it


Shocking, worked great for a few weeks & it's now in the bin. I wouldn't buy another electrical product from Aldi. The coffee pods were good but weithout frofth it's useless.

Purchased in January 2021 at ALDI for $29.00.


JocelynSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Does not froth well.


I had returned my milk frothier to Aldi as it was not working well. It was replaced and at first it frothed up beautifully but after a short time it started to not froth or heat well again. I am considering buying another brand. Did any one else have this problem with the Aldi milk frothier.

Purchased in January 2021.



  • 9 reviews

Best in the market at such a good price.


Can’t live without it!!!!!! The people that are saying it only warms milk and doesn’t froth aren’t using the product correctly. You have to click the black little spinner into the milk frother jug so that it has something to froth with. It’s on the instructions!!! Once you get it I promise you will fall in love with this product! Morning coffees have never been the same.

Date PurchasedJul 2018


GlendaDepot Hill

  • 17 reviews

Perfect, can't live without it!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Did not do what it claims


Very disappointed with this product all it did was warm the milk and no froth. Tried it on both heat and cold setting but same result. Could of done the same putting milk in microwave. Have read some of the other reviews some say different milk can make a difference and some actually say that it froths great. Wish it had of worked Returned to ALDI for refund.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
Musabbir Khan

Musabbir Khan

  • 6 reviews
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Amazing value for money, use every day without issue.


This device is perfect at what it claims to do, if used according to the manual there is no issues whatsoever with the operation of this product. It has many useful features and is definitely worth the asking price.

The frothing is consistently good and it can even froth cold.

Date PurchasedJan 2018



  • 35 reviews

Good value and excellent machine


I have now owned this frother for about 4 years, it still works perfectly every time. I am very happy with it. I have recently purchased a new coffee maker, which came with a frother, it is a brand name, and is about 4 times more expensive, and it is totally worse. Yes the lid can leak, (put in less milk), and yes the milk can stick to the bottom, (clean it out, no hassle) The expensive version has all the same negatives plus some of its own. So all in all, I would choose the cheaper Aldi frother.

Date PurchasedMar 2014


ShitforbrainsSprington SA

  • 12 reviews
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Bought this milk frothing jug some months ago, I was disappointed because I prefer my milk to be “hot”.. the temperature seems too low for my taste, but the rest of my family & their kids love it! Can’t complain about the froth, it’s great!! My grandies all love hot chocolate so this particular item gets a good workout when ever they visit.

Date PurchasedOct 2017


J9Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 55 reviews

Quick and easy to use & clean

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Atticus Fetch

Atticus Fetch

  • 22 reviews

Crap, Seal Keeps Leaking


Returned the first frother due to the seal issue. Staff were great and replaced item, unfortunately that didn't fix the issue with seal equally faulty in second one.

Lid seal constantly leaks so you put less and less milk into the frother until you have to do 2-3 uses to get a normal cup of coffee.

When I actually use this item I don't use the lid, whats the point in cleaning something that doesn't do its job.

Now it sits in the garage until called up to make the occassional cappuccino.

Easy to clean though :D

Date PurchasedAug 2017

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I would like to change from lactose free milk to soy but can’t get the soy to froth. Can anyone help me

1 answer

I couldn't get soy or almond to froth either and had to switch to normal /skim milk
A review below says that the specific brand, almond breeze worked well

John G

John Gasked

What is the best way to clean this frother to get the brown gunk off.

3 answers
Shaun C.
Shaun C.

I found the best way was to throw it away and get a better frother


I took mine back. It frothed and heated OK the first time, after which it didn't froth or heat. I never had a problem with brown gunk, which I presume is burned milk solids, because mine didn't heat at all.


I find it ok to clean with some dishwashing liquid and wash as normal. I leave it to dry standing so the water doesnt get into the bottom electric part

Maria F.

Maria F.asked

Can you put it in the fridge with left over milk?

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