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  • Durability
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  • Dry Weather Handling
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Jake C.

Jake C.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 5 reviews

Good budget alternative


Had the Bridgestone potenza S001 on my Renault Megane and wore them down to the thread so needed a quick and cheap alternative to get me through to selling. The kumho tyres I bought off tyresales where nearly half the price of new Bridgestones and they gripped well in comparison. However to pin point and be a little more specific you could feel slightly more bounce and more flexibility in the side walls when taking corners faster which can then doesnt allow for a loss of traction when sometimes needed. After pushing the kumho tyres and the car around the great alpine road already it looked like they wore out quite significantly. But overall a good cheaper alternative than whats recommended.

Purchased in February 2021 at Tyresales.com.au.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 1,500 km
Car ModelRenault Sport Megane RS
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Michael L.

Michael L.

  • 6 reviews
  • 1 like

Fantastic Bang for Your Buck Tyres.


Have used KU39's on two of my cars now. My 2014 Golf GTI had Continentals on which were soft and wore out in about 10,000km. I chose KU39's to replace them and for the next 35,000km they were a dream. Firm but with great traction and excellent (low) wear. I sold the car at 45,000km And they were still good for another 10,000km at least.

so when it came time to get new tyres for my 2017 Skoda Octavia RS, these were my go-to. Have worked just as well on the Octavia. would highly recommend them to anyone.

CarMk7 Golf GTI, 2017 Skoda Octavia RS

squishypiranhaWestern Australia, 6061

  • 53 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Quiet, High Quality Tyres


The first thing we noticed is how quiet these tyres are - far more quieter than the stock ones that came new with the car.

The handling is also noticeably better - the car just grips so well to the ground in all conditions. Turning, breaking, etc. all seems improved since the change.

We also got these on a great sale price, so they were value for money for the quality tyres. We recommend these but at a sale price if you find it; we wouldn't have bought them without the discount.

CarNissan Qashqai

Immediate improvement noticed


235/45/R17 - Volvo 2012 V60
I had some Firestones on my car when i purchased it 2nd had late last year. I had the Kuhmo KU39 fitted this week after reading reviews from this site and the overall good responses. I went through Tyre Sales for the purchase.
The immediate difference with the handling, grip, tyre noise, feedback and straight line rolling has truly amazed me and the car is more of a pleasure to drive with these tires on. I'm not a tire geek and i generally don't get on the keyboard to complete feedback like this, but my first impressions of this tire are that good, i felt obliged. Time will tell with their durability / longevity.

Car2012 Volvo v60



  • 2 reviews

Very good in wet and dry. I will definitely get them again


Very good in wet and dry will definitely get them again.
Great in cornering too.
Very little road noise. They hold tight in cornering .steering is precise.
Get good ware and smooth ride. As good as any other tire on the market. Will definitely get them again. Not too expensive as other brands

CarFord g6e 2013


badabingfcCamden Park

  • 4 reviews

Great tyres, good deal


Snapped up a bargain via tyresales.com.au, great tyres by a reputable manufacturer, good grip, pretty quiet, easy to handle. looking schmick on the car. Enjoyed the free roadside assistance offer too, can see myself staying loyal to Kumho for a long time. Very good product and very happy to recommend!

CarHolden Cruze



  • 4 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Excellent grip plus great pricing


I bought 4 tyres for around $347 on Ebay and for the price I cant recommend these enough. I have done around 20000kms on my BA Falcon since I got these and tyres are well worn and about 3/4 threads still there. Grip in rainy conditions seems really good. I believe this is one of the best mid range tyres available.

CarBA Falcon



  • 2 reviews
  • 1 like

great tyres


60000km and still like new, quiet excellent grip both in the wet and dry $ 800 fitted for a set . excellent tyre for city and country driving hand downs better the than all other tyre in rating 225 r17 50. i have had Dunlop 45000km and Bridgestone 30000km.no increase in fuel usage

Carsontana nf v6

Best feet for my MINI


To all MINI drivers these are by a country mile the BEST tyres I have ever fitted to my Cooper S. So good I have just put on my second set. Very much recommend these. Great in wet. Stable at speed.I have used Yokohama Pirelli and Continentals before finding these gems.

Car2006 MINI Cooper S


  • 5 reviews

Kumho Ecsta Le Sport


have replaced my original Bridgestone Turanza with Kumho and i cant be more satisfied. Spent less than $800 for 4 tyres compared to $1,200 if I chose the original Bridgestone. Noise, handling and better traction in my opinion compared to turanza especially in the wet. The bridgestion though feels like it has longer rolling distance but i think thats also because its a little harder than the Kumho. have only had the tyre since November 2017 so can't comment on Km performance. Great buy so far, if it lasts more than 50,000km, i will rate it 5 stars


Jay S.

Jay S.Sydney

  • 2 reviews

Better than low end Pirellis of the same spec

CarHSV clubsport



  • 7 reviews

Great tyres


Got these tyres On my Ford focus titanium to replace the original Michelin Sports 3 which were noisy, these tyres are cheaper, preform as well but much quieter than the original tyres, very happy overall. Seem to be good in both wet and dry, will see how many KMS i get out them over the next few years, managed to get 35000 out of the original so hoping i get more out of these Kuhmos.

CarFord Focus Titanium 2012

Louis T

Louis TAU

  • 5 reviews
  • 1 like

Quite good tyres.


I bought two of these tyres about 11 months ago. I am very pleased with these tyres especially considering how much cheaper they are than Continental. Dry/Wet grip far exceeds the limits to which I am prepared to push my car. Noise levels are very good.

I cannot think of any negatives with these tyres. Of course I have only been running them for just nearly one year so my view is a relatively short term. Not much wear apparent as yet.They represent excellent value for money. I will definitely buy again.

Car2013 Mazda 6 Atenza



  • 10 reviews

Good bang for buck.


Using these on my FPV Typhoon and they're great. I rarely break traction when taking off from a standstill and they're pretty good in the wet too. If you flat floot it in the wet, then yes they will break traction but for everyday street driving they are excellent. Good value for money when you want decent tyres, but don't want to shell out of Potenzas, Pilot Sports or P-Zeros.

Car2005 FPV F6 Typhoon


  • 6 reviews
  • 1 like

Great value


Size 255/30/19. Bought these for a BMW for around $200 each and good value as apposed to Pirelli Pzero with are around $600 each. They are a little noisy with a constant humming sound above 80 kmph but the ride is comfortable and for the price a bargain. Now about to place another pair for the front as the rear Kumho have performed well.

CarBMW 335i Coupe
Natalie G

Natalie GAU

  • 4 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Happy with purchase


I am very happy with these tyres and have definitely noticed a difference when driving the car. The ride is much smoother. The tyres are also very good value for money and I would definitely recommend this product.
Tyres were purchased through tyres sales .com which were fantastic and very efficient.

Car2009 Mazda 6

Worst tyre ever fitted to my vehicle


I have a BMW e83 x3 M sport had 255/40/19s fitted to the rear of my vehicle and tyres went all lumpy on inner edge and through the middle .
Contacted kumho and was told that my suspension worn .
Had my suspension looked at and was told suspension was tight thats why my tyres went lumpy
In my 25 years in the motor trade i have never heard of suspension been worn because its tight
So kumho have now washed there hands with
So for this reason i will never buy these tyres again

Car09 x3 BMW



  • 4 reviews
  • 1 like

Excellent Handling


I hadn't bought Khumo's for quite some time due to a bad experience some years ago, but given the price I got them in a 245/35/19 I thought I would try them. I can't comment on the longevity as they are fitted to a Monaro which means that the rear tyres will certainly not last very long no matter what brand but I am very happy with the road holding and ride. I find them a quite adequate performance tyre at a reasonable price.

Car2002 Monaro

Big Pete

Big Pete

  • 2 reviews

Excellent noise suppression. A little hard on the ride


I have purchased two sets oh Khumo KU39 tyres for a Mazda3 and a BMW 530i. On both cars tyres perform quietly with good grip in the wet with stopping power being superior. Tyres have an excellent high speed rolling balance but tend to be hard as if over inflated resulting in a firm ride.

Car2012 Mazda 3 & 2009 BMW 530i


scottGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 14 reviews

Best value


I've had all sorts of tyres from the cheap Chinese tyre to German Continentals (very expensive). The cheap tyre don't give you the best grip and a car like mine which has a fair bit of power and is light in the rear end can actually be quite dangerous. The German tyres are very soft and while grip is decent have found that they wear too quickly and are over priced. These can be found sometimes very cheap and offer decent wear and amazing grip. Will buy again.

CarToyota Chaser

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Are these a directional tyre ?
Thank you.

No answers



Did they have any problems with the Kumho KU39 coming apart inside & blistering on the side wall? Bob Jane told me there was issues with them.

3 answers

Hi Donna, I’ve had no such problems with my set of the KU39’s . So far (5000km in) they are performing well.


No such problem Donna.. your salesman probably didn't have them, were trying to sell you something else. Other good tyres are Bridgestone, Dunlop,


I was buying the tyres brand new off my son but asked Bob Jane what they were like as I don't want sonething that doesn't have grip in the wet & dry. Bob Jane told me there was issues with them & tried selling me sonething else



Best price for these tyres in adelaide?

1 answer

You could see if Kmart tyre & auto stock them. Would be your best bet

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