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bp69melbGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 5 reviews

What the heck happened mate?


Been eating weetbix for 30 years. They are no longer edible. They don’t even soak up the milk anymore lol. The texture is different, they fall apart really easily and just doesn’t taste like a weetbix.

It’s almost like the kind of weetbix you would expect to get in a third world country. Shockingly poor quality.

Purchased in January 2021 at Coles for $2.59.

Dave Waples

Dave WaplesMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 2 reviews

Quantity of Biscuits per box


Last Fortnight I purchased a 375g box of Original Weet-Bix - I've noticed on the serving panel it states there are 12 servings (2 biscuits) per serve however inside the box there are only 22 biscuits equating to only 11 serves. Is this a blatant rip-off to the public or what....
I purchased this size box as I don't usually buy them anymore but wanted to try them again because I could.

Purchased in January 2021 at Coles.

Natalya R.

Natalya R.South East Queensland, QLD

Black Specs


I also found small black plastic specs in my weetbixs, I found 7 specs of plastic and then threw it in the trash because I was put off completely.

Purchased at Coles.

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Have they changed or just a bad batch?


These Weet Bix aren't too nice to eat anymore. The texture is way off, now they're just gritty, crumbly, and crushed bits of wheat pressed into a brick.

Purchased in January 2021 at Woolworths for $5.00.



  • 18 reviews

Cannot eat these anymore


I grew up these as a child and then as a mother, my children loved them. Every Friday night also was warm Weetbix for tea instead of takeaway. As the years have passed, none of us can eat them anymore. We all get indigestion from them. Sorry ol buddy you were our favourite cereal but somethings changed in you, we cant eat you anymore.

Russell J

Russell JFar North Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Weet Bix 1 kg Breakfast Cereal


Sanitarium- shame on you. Price up by one Dollar- no argument on the kg pack-as price held for years- problem be that Quality has dropped as well in a few aspects i have noted- 1/ Biscuits fall apart on contact 2/ Husks now in them where there were never any- and have been using them for years and lastly, 3/ Black specs in them, which never have been-never have i had to pick out a spec and examine it to see that a bug hadn't found it . Suggestion= resume the quality AND keep the accountants away from the Kitchen!

Purchased in August 2021 at Woolworths for $5.00.

JoJo Adelaide

JoJo AdelaideMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

What a shame...


I agree with the other complaints that Weet bix has become crumbly. They have become less dense & thinner and are impossible to cut now. I’ll try other product to see if better.

Purchased in June 2021 at Coles.

No more Truckies scone


Used to be able to put Jam & Cream on when out on the road but now the cheap ones keep falling apart.
Will have to try Aldi to see if they hold together

Purchased in March 2021.


PoleSouthern and Hills, SA

weetbix, forget it !


Weetbix has gone backwards because of the almighty dollar. Packaging, breaking up, thinner, and less per packet
One used to be able to butter and add vegemite. Now just falls apart.. I am now looking for a better product !

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Biscuits are crumbling in the box


I have noticed that lately the weetbix are crumbling. What is going on? First the change to an inferior packaging and now the product itself is deteriorating. I have eaten Weetbix all my life and I am now 62. Might have to try another brand. That is sad



  • 10 reviews

Why do they taste like plastic


They are absorbing the plastic and taste unbearable. I did like them but cannot anymore.
Hope the packaging changes.

Broken brekky


We travel the country in our van, bought Weet-nix in many towns. The common issue is how the bikkies are broken on opening every new box. Bikkies not holding together. Cannot use as bikkies with butter and jam. They have shrunk in size. Very disappointed with the current product but still taste good. May have to try alternatives.

adam c

adam cadelaide

  • 6 reviews

Good all day


Like to eat these with added milo or warm them up in the microwave with a bit of honey is the best.



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Great as breakfast or snack


Weetbix is high in fibre and iron so it's a healthy option as both breakfast and snack. However, this tastes bland but that's because it's mostly wheat (although there is some sugar in there but definitely not as much compared to other breakfast cereals).



  • 2 reviews

Healthy, filling


A good canvas to add whatever you want. Now, if only it wasn’t made by a Christian company it would be perfect.

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nita.arrezaSydney, NSW

  • 8 reviews

A healthy food


I like eating healthy and I eat a bowl of weetbix with milk and bluberries for breakfast. But my only worry is, I think I am not absorbing the iron in weetbix because of the milk and berries. Any better options?



  • 2 reviews

This one is really good


it is convenient to eat,save time,I always eat it in the morning when I have early class. and it have nutritions.

Perfect to end my suffering


I eat on average 40 weetbix a day, they are a perfect cereal to fill the void created by your divorce and crappy 9-5. I love sitting down at night and chowing down on some bikkies after spending 8 hours at the canning factory where i constantly want to end my suffering. Don't see a doctor, just get weetbix.

Dave MacPhail

Dave MacPhailWestern District, VIC

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Keep on moving


This great food stuff will keep you regular with its natural good taste and roughage. Difficult to beat this one.

Best food


Have 6 everyday! Great for your health and taste great! Would definitely recommend to any person that enjoys breakfast :)

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Ian R.

Ian R.asked

How much glyphosate (Round up) (herbicide)? Please in actual mg per gm or similar.
Please - Do NOT mention Australian Standards.
Should you not answer this question that will be answer enough.

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Ian R.

Ian R.asked

% of glysophate?

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Are they good for you,and how many is a healthy amount? Thank you.

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Much better for you than most other cereals. 2-3 biscuits per sedentary adult would be adequate. Perhaps even 6 or 8 for an adult with very high activity.

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