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no just no


I bought this tub as it was on special and I thought it would be nice to try something different, but it has no flavour, a very odd chocolate flavour in fact, that I did not enjoy at all. So I have wasted my money.

Purchased in July 2021 at Woolworths for $20.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Weightlifting
Weight LostNo change



  • 2 reviews

Tastes great and I am quite enjoying it


Tried chocolate only and it is delicious. Please don't ever change it. I only take it in the hope of getting extra nutrients if my food intake isn't giving me enough. I'd purchase this again for sure.

Oldfart L

Oldfart LWestern Australia

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Not the best of shakes


I am writing about the shake powder only as that is what I am using though I have tried a few different shake brands including Optifast, Optislim and Fatblaster over a number of years while either trying to lose a few kilos to maintaining lost weight (ongoing battle) this time I bought some Bodytrim from Coles and found it to be the least in palate pleasing flavour and consistency which was quite thin and had to add xanathan gum to thicken it up, so I will go back to one of the others when I have finished this tub of BodyTrim.



Easy & simple to follow. Good results!


Easy to follow with use of meal replacement shakes that kick started my weight loss. It's all online so can log in to get extra recipes and pointers for the program and a good forum that can ask other users of the program questions on so nice support and community feel. Definitely sticking with this diet as getting results! :)

It works but hard to stick to


Look the diet works if u follow it, I looked great and was lean but not sustainable..I was miserable & unhappy but looked good. It came at a cost, I did it for 2yrs. Relapsed put in weight tried again but couldn't stay on it cause I kept remembering how sad and depressed I felt..

No Customer Service


Disappointing customer service. Had some questions about the Trimsition stage, couldn't find the answers on the website so I called the ask those questions. No response after three days of calling and a promise of someone calling be back.. Really poor.
Sorry started the program and now want to send back the products I have purchased.


BirdNewcastle NSW

  • 4 reviews

It works if...


If you prepare and your head's in the right space for committing to losing weight, this will work. So will a balanced diet and exercise, but for a good kick start it's good if you can complete the first 12 days. I started off well, fell off the wagon for a week then tried to get back on. Can't log on even though my 12 week plan is still current so not happy with that. Lucky it was free and I haven't given any cr card details.

Apple n Cinnamon not bad.


After all these years at least one baked product other than cookies. Nice texture, nice flavour, no sugar, high in protein. Good job. Perfect alternarive. I will continue purchase them and the cookies too.



  • 23 reviews

Baked slice is terrible


The apple and cinnamon baked slice is tasteless, smells funny and feels like you are chewing an old sponge. For the cost of $4 for a teensy biscuit, it's a major rip off



  • 7 reviews

Does their CEO seriously like these?


Come on, get a product, get money - just don't rely on a never ending supply of first time triers. No way I'd serve these bars to my guests if I made them - it's not hard - Atkins bars are delicious. Sick of companies with no expertise looking for excuses to make money.



  • 2 reviews

Not very tasteful


Bought a bunch of these bars and they tasted pretty bad. Quite dry and dull flavour. Not the worst but there are better ones. I like their protein cookies though.



  • 2 reviews

Former buyer beware


Buyer beware, or former buyer beware - if you have given Bodytrim your bank account details at any time in the past. I have just noticed that Bodytrim has deducted a small amount of $9.96 from my bank account in recent months i.e. years since I was on the program. So small as I didn't notice. NOT impressed. Now I have to try and claw it back!

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As an update, Bodytrim have opted not to reply and not to refund. They are in clear breach of Australia's Consumer Law but know that the cost of my trying the claw back the $50 they helped themselves to is prohibitive.

Watch out for them protein shakes!


The basics of the bodytrim system is simple enough to follow so that's where the 2 stars come in.

It loses marks over the shakes. If you're sensitive to caffeine it will keep you up at night. It contains GREEN TEA extract.

I made a protein pudding out of it, as recommended by the system, and my heart was racing all night. Still racing this morning! I feel sick and nauseated this morning. Really great when you need to look after a toddler :(

Leanne Hansen

Leanne HansenBiggenden

working again!


after not taking care of my food, menopause and quitting smoking I gained 15 kilos. Now on the body trim regime again and it is working! Really sticking to it gets brilliant quick results. it's only if you don't follow it that it doesn't work, It's not that hard and I am impressed with my results, I have always found that my shape changes before the scales indicate, I see the difference and my clothes are getting loose. it works!

Re purchase what I had already bought


I decided to go and do the programme again after being slack and gaining a few kgs only to be told I had to purchase the programme AGAIN!!!! NOT Impressed!


SteveCastle Hill

Great product, pity about the forum.

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Unbelievable, the forum still isn't fixed.

Mel w

Mel wperth

Best diet to lose weight fast and keep it off


The only reason I lost forty kilos in 8 months and kept it off for 3 years is because of the simplicity and knowledge that I got from watching the DVDs.
Basic protein and carb knowledge that I was unaware of.
No I haven't stuck to the diet strictly I can eat whatever I want in moderation
I am so happy and whenever I find myself gaining too much weight I go back to this diet as it is the only one that works and is super cheap!
Not for people who hate meat Or hate cooking.
Food prep is essential to be successful in any diet



Advertising items included that weren't


Bought Bodytrim from a shop & on the box it stated there was on-line support groups & recipes included in my purchase. Tried to register for the online items & couldn't. I emailed them to find out what I was doing wrong only to be told that I had to pay another fee of $99.95 to access the online items as there was a newer version & they had changed hands. Emailed back to say it is false advertising as the box clearly stated it was included & now they are not responding to the emails. Poor customer service & feel ripped off.

Not Suitable for Everybody. Consult Your Doctor First!!!



BrookeSouth Australia

  • 17 reviews

It works


You don't need to subscribe or buy anything from them, go online stick to the rules and watch the weight literally fall off. The first three days are not great but persever and benefit with great results.

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Clyde davis.

Clyde davis.asked

Does anyone else have a problem with pains in the stomach and lots of wind taking bodytrim shakes? Curious!

1 answer

Think possibly severe pane first time I used it



I have made an online purchase but I have been charged a second time for an amount of nearly $200. How do I get this back please?

1 answer

Call the Bodytrim Customer Service team on 1800 247 757



What meals to eat on carb detox days?

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