sanders10 ·  · FabricSmart IW812

looking for lint collecter

Karen · 

hello Sanders10 .. very sadly it does not have a lint filter ... all the lint goes into your wash ... that is simply another terrible design fail of this horrid washing machine !!!

howard.r.allen ·  · FabricSmart WA70T60FW1 (7kg)

Washing clothes doesn't mater how much gets put in the spin cycle gets very violent moves the washing machine across the floor. Can anyone help?

Martin · 

OK well my machine is in the front of an extension of a garage.
it is also in front of a new Mercedes Benz in this garage.
I could not risk it jumping around so the problem will be that you have not leveled the feet on your machine.
They are all adjustable and I could not risk my my machine moving with a car worth 60k near the washing machine.
You need to adjust the feet -even get a spirit level cheap to buy.
Front loaders are even worse -all machines need feet leveling to assure they do not jump about.
My machine on Hi speed does not move at all.
Can also be you are washing large items on hi spin-but I wash blankets and it still does not move.
If you cannot do this contact Fisher +Paykel.
Your feet are not level hope this helps

kevin ·  · FabricSmart WA80T65FW1 (8kg)

What does error code 112 mean

Martin · 

Kevin I am not sure what error code 112 means.
maybe go on line to Fisher and Paykel website support section.
They should send you an answer

D Francis
D Francis ·  · FabricSmart Top Loader

Do the F & P models have lint filters?

ember · 

no lint filter and very little service when things go wrong. steer clear of f &p goods it is not worth the grief.

Hoover Lover
Hoover Lover · 

No lint filter but I am thrilled with the machine.

tevita ·  · FabricSmart IW812

Fault Code 37..What it means?

Stephanie Earl
Stephanie Earl · 

I have no idea.

ianyoung77 · 

37. (00100101) Phase 1 to 6 - Pump Blocked Error (No
Change in the Water Level)
While draining, the water level reading from the pressure sensor has
not changed for over 3 minutes. There are three likely reasons for this
fault. One is that the drain hose or the pressure switch hose has been
squashed or kinked and the pump out rate has been dramatically
reduced. The second possibility is that the pump is partially or fully
blocked. The third is that the pump is not operating due to Motor
Control Module, wiring or pump failure. This fault could also appear if
the SmartDrive is pumping to an unusually high head of drain hose or
into an extended length of drain hose. The fourth possibility is a
diverter valve fault or blockage. The water level is not altering as the
diverter is stuck in the recirculation mode, giving the module the
appearance the pump is not lowering the water level.
Primary Source: Pump System.
Action: 1. Check that the drain hose has not been
2. Check the length of the drain hose and try to
reduce the length if excessively long. A 1
metre extension hose of the same diameter
fitted to the existing drain hose is the
maximum allowable length.
3. Check for open circuit windings in the pump.
(Note: Pumps are fitted with a thermal cut-out
that will reset on cooling.)
4. If the bowl is empty of water, remove the
pump from the pump housing and check that
it is not blocked. Also check the drain hose is
not blocked.
5. If the bowl contains water, then service the
pump from the top of the SmartDrive by
removing the top deck and inner bowl. Bail
out the water, remove the pump cap and hood
and clear the restriction.
Secondary Source: Wiring.
Action: 1. Check the pump harness is connected
correctly to the pump.
2. Check continuity of the pump harness.
Tertiary Source: Motor Control Module.
Action: Activate the pump by operating the SmartDrive
in spin mode. Check the pump is rotating. If it
is not operating, and Primary and Secondary
checks have been performed, then replace the
Motor Control Module.
Note: Consider fitting Pump Hood Kit (Technical
Bulletin WM013). If 5kg SmartDrive, fit splash
guard to pump.
Quaternary Source: Diverter Valve failure (Phase 5 and 6 Eco’s).
Action: Check the diverter valve, see fault code 51.

leiza ·  · FabricSmart IW812

My intuitive eco is telling me its a power cut out in the spin mode and that it will restart in 10 seconds which it does but then it goes for less that a minute and repeats the process?

Jo · 

Hi ... did you get an answer to this?? Mine is doing the same and I'm not sure what to do ... repair or buy a new machine??
Thanks, Jo

M Jacobsen
M Jacobsen ·  · FabricSmart IW812

How do i reset the system so that it defaults to wash cold/cold, it presently set on warm?

Karen · 

Hi M ... this is a copy and paste of my review of this machine ... it answers your question about wash temperature. i am currently filing a complaint with the ACCC and if i dont get a new machine that does a warm or hot wash, then i will go to the office of fair trading.

Worst appliance purchase ever !!! ... I will never buy f&p again :(

1/ extremely deceptive advertising re water temperature settings. This is the major reason why it does not wash clothing well ... See explanation below.
2/ the water level sensor is never correct ... I always have to set it manually because it underfllls .. Ie if i leave it up to the water sensor it means the water does not cover the load.
3/ no lint filter ... Clothing ends up covered in lint.
4/ the agitator is a design failure as clothing gets stuck underneath ... I have had buttons ripped off shirts and clothing caught and torn.

This model advertised @ appliances online states there are 6 water temperature settings .... But ... It fails to mention that they only come into operation for a very small time at the very beginning to dissolve your detergent... The machine fills with cold water. So basically you set your machine to warm or hot but you never get a warm or hot wash. This is why so many people are saying their clothes come out dirtier than when they put them into the washer. This machine was marketed very deceptively, it should have been sold as a cold wash only washing machine .. A cold wash machine that spurts a very minimal amount of hot or warn water at the very beginning to dissolve detergent ... It does not perform a warm or hot wash !!!

As an example my beach towels are always oily because the cold wash simply does not remove the oil. My partners house/yardwork shorts and socks are always grimey and never come clean unless i hand wash them .. Isn't that what a machine is meant to do !!!???

This machine should have been sold as a cold wash machine.

I feel like i have been diddled out of my money under false pretences as i would never buy a cold wash only machine. I will never again buy a f&p product.

Carol ·  · FabricSmart IW812

does this washing machine have a timer delay other than pause button for use in overnight washing for off peak power supply?

Jono King
Jono King · 

Yes it does have a delayed start as well as a pause

sarah ·  · FabricSmart Top Loader

F&p want to charge me 68 dollars for lint part, it should come with machine. Any other cheaper options? Had my machine 2 days.....

Reeses Mum
Reeses Mum · 

Hi Sarah,

I just make sure I don't wash anything fluffy with things I don't want linted up and that seems to work. If it looks fluffy (eg. towels, chenille, flannelette, soft dressing gowns) it will probably shed fabric bits and lint up the rest of the load. The manual actually tells you what sheds lints and what attracts lint. Good luck.

Maree Kerr
Maree Kerr ·  · FabricSmart IW812

Just brought the eco IW712 where do i down load a manuel want to put in my favourite wash and dont know how

RustyBlue911 ·

Arnos Vakalelevesi
Arnos Vakalelevesi ·  · FabricSmart IW812

What does faulty code 105 mean?

Saro · 

Hi Arnox, error code 105 means you have a communications error between the display module and the motor controller. Could be a simple loose wire or the sensor may need to be replaced.

jodi art
jodi art ·  · FabricSmart IW812

What does code 37 mean?

Saro · 

Hi jodi art, error code 37 means 'pump block' that the machine is not draining properly.

frank57 ·  · FabricSmart IW812

What does code 51 mean

Saro · 

Hi frank57, error code 51 means that the machine is loosing water while filling or washing.

josaia ·  · FabricSmart IW812

What does fault code 136 mean..????

Saro · 

Hi Josaia, error code 136 is a motor stall.

redamstaff ·  · FabricSmart IW812

Anyone know what service code 49 means??

Saro · 

Hi redamstaff, error code 49 is to do with the inlet valve. Start by checking any blockages in the hoses.

jane49 ·  · FabricSmart IW812

Where can i find a service manual with diagrams?

Kez4213 · 

No idea, google it or ring their service center sorry

Edwards27 ·  · FabricSmart IW812

I need a service "Code 37"
What does this Code mean?

Saro · 

Hi Edwards27, error code 37 error is a blocked or damaged pump. I suggest calling a tech for a quick fix. Good luck!

cjwatson ·  · FabricSmart IW812

my washing machine keeps telling me code era 130 what does that mean?

Kez4213 · 

Ive never seen that ever, you could give them a call Im sure they will tell you what it means and how to fix it ?

Saro · 

hi cjwatson Error Code 130 could be a simple loose wire harness or a damaged Rotor Position Sensor. I suggest calling a tech for this one.

Gazza13 · 

Tip the machine forward onto a padded surface.
There is a large plastic dish shaped device under the washer tub. It is held by a 16mm nut. Undo and remove the plastic plate. It is part of the motor and holds the magnets. Now undo the 4 small bolts that hold the rotor assemble in place. This is a large plastic device with copper wire wrapped around it. Carefully remove the rotor from the shaft holding it well (its heavy) and remove the three wires at the top of the rotor (keep them in their colour order) and disconnect the wire clip to the small chip assembly.
You can now remove the rotor.
The green chip assembly is just a push fit and can now be pulled out of the rotor. I mark on the rotor the colour sequence of the wires at their attachment points.A clean with a cloth and alcohol may work but if the machine is getting around 7 years of age replace the chip assembly as they do wear in use.

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